Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: The Letter K

Jenny Matlock

Kiwi smothered in Ketchup
Koi stuffed with Kale
These among the dishes
that might be served in Hell.

Kabobs of Kinky Koala meat
and cubes of Kangaroo thighs
are Kindly offered patron's Kids
rejecting Kitten pies.

To drink please try the  Kool Aid
In Kegs Kept cold with beer.
I don't Know how you will feel,
but I'm not eating here!

Sensational Haiku Wednesday-Freestyle

I would like to take this moment to wish
all of my Jewish friends a very blessed Passover.
God bless!

Join the fun!

I lay down and cried
for tortured soul of a friend...
wishing tears could heal.

But the blood of Christ
surely washes pain away.
Holy Week is nigh.

Please remember this...
ultimate sacrifice made
Agape. True Love.

For more haiku hijinks,

please visit Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?
Next week's theme:  Decisions

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Truth: Catholic Enough?

A friend of mine once said to me, "You know? There are times I've been made to feel that I'm not Catholic enough."  

Bingo! She hit the proverbial nail on the head. I'll explain why in a moment.

I am involved in a home school ministry through our church. Because of this, I am acquainted with some of the most devout, wonderful, charitable, Christian, Catholic women. I admire these women and the sacrifices that they have made for themselves and family. 

I understand exactly what my dear friend was trying to say. You see, there is a small minority within our home schooling ranks that demonstrate, in my humble opinion, true unchristian behavior. They believe themselves superior because they:

Do not watch television unless it is EWTN.
Do not allow their kids to read Harry Potter.
Believe those that do are committing the most egregious sin, ever!
(and that goes double for all you Twilight fans out there)
Only read "religious" books by Catholic authors.
Do not allow their kids to play with non-Catholic children.
Believe Pokemon is of the devil.
Believe in their own sainthood and martyrdom here on earth.
Believe they know so much more than their parish priest.
Think all music, unless it's hymns, Gospel or Gregorian chant, is evil.
and on and on....

When I began home schooling it was for scholastic/academic purposes, not religious. I have given my children a firm foundation in their faith but I also hope I have taught them to respect people of all faiths, backgrounds, and stations in life. With that said, after May, I will no longer be a home schooling mom. My job is done. I've accomplished what I needed to do and both my children will be attending the same charter school. Bethany was able to begin attending the charter, this year, for 9th grade. 

Hence, the reason for today's post. I encountered one such woman, above, after Mass yesterday. She inquired about my daughter and how school was going for her. I explained she was doing very well and appears to be gifted academically. "No," she responds, "how is she REALLY doing?" Oh, okay, I'll bite. I went on to say that although some of the other students drive her nuts she has found a good, solid, core group of friends. I then stated that Bethany is learning real life lessons, since, after all, she's in the real world now. You would have thought that I had smeared her face with dog poo the way she tore into me. And I quote:

"Real world? Real world! That's not the real world! The real world work environment doesn't have gangs and violence and drugs and sex!"

I shook my head sadly and simply said, "Dear friend, I work in the real world and have done so for over 30 years. I'm sorry to report that yes, indeed, these are things you encounter every single day in the real world. I am confident, however, I have taught my children well enough to avoid being lured into the seedier side of real life." 

I then walked away, pitying her. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Musings-March 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Sister,

It takes a special sort of man to enable his wife's love affair! I will wear my new Jake Delhomme jersey with passion and pride!  

Dreaming of #17,

Mrs. 5th

PS  I realize the jersey was on the clearance rack, but still... 


Dear Tornado Warning,

Go back to Kansas, please. They do not understand you here in the Carolinas. Go away, please, to a place where you can be put in proper perspective. Besides, the thunderstorms that are tagging along are bugging Daisy to no end and her mistress would really like a good night's sleep. 

No hard feelings,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Munchie Boy,

I am so disappointed. I haven't seen you in 3 days (due to work) and you'd rather watch "Sonny With a Chance"? I see where I rate. I guess Demi Lovato is to you like Jake Delhomme is to me. I totally understand. I got your back!

Love always,

Mama 5th


To the Unknown Individual who Informed the Director of the High School Musical that I could sew,

Thank you. No seriously. Thank you so very much. It's not like I have a life or work or home school or blog or anything. 

Not happy at all,

A Grumpy Sister


Dear Secret Agent Man,

"Beware of pretty faces that you find.
A pretty face can hide an evil mind.
Oh, be careful what you say,
Or you will give yourself away.
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow."


Special Agent 5th

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Weekend Off

I am working this weekend and have been too exhausted to come up with an original idea for a post. As a result, The 5th Sister will be taking this weekend off.

If you would like to contribute and be a guest in my Sacred Sunday slot, please email me your post, in HTML format, to the email account located in my profile. My only stipulation is that it not be inflammatory in any way.

Here's hoping you all have a marvelous weekend with your loved ones. I shall return Monday with, what I hope to be, interesting "musings".

Oh, on a final note, since my Jayhawks are no longer in the March Madness hunt...I will direct any further support to the ol' purple and white...K-State Wildcats. Rowr!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flash Friday 55: Passion's Call

Passion prepares a bountiful feast,
piercing the flesh of sacrificial beast.

Sinner falters, stumbles, then falls
towards bounty’s sweet siren call.

But is this of heaven or trickery of one
who tempts the naïve, for souls to be won?

Ah, but morsels so sweet, and savory too,
can only be found in love of You.

I am participating in Flash Friday 55. This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man over at Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words. Come join us and link your 55 over in Mr. Know it All's comment section.

Alphabe-Thursday: The Letter J

Jenny Matlock

A Jug of wine and a Jigger of gin
Consoling the Joyless Jayhawk within.
For like Goliath, the mighty did fall,
Jilted and cast from March Madness' Ball.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday-Dreams

Join the fun!

Subconscious erupts.
Truth in hidden images
Dare we seek further?

Clues to the psyche.
Fears leave us immobilized.
We MUST dig deeper.

For facing these truths
may ransom our captive souls.
Freedom found in dreams.

For more haiku hijinks,
please visit Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?
Next week's theme:  Freestyle (whatever you want!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Truth: 1st Dates Gone Bad!

My friend Nicole, from Tattoos and Teething Rings has been wanting to host a writing prompt for all of us to share in. She plunged in feet first and gave us 2 interesting topics to choose from:

How I met my spouse
My worst 1st date

Since I have already told the amusing tale of how Mr. Sister and I got together (go HERE if you haven't read it), I will give you snippets of some of the more memorable crappy 1st dates I have experienced. Seeing how I didn't find Mr. Sister until my late 20's I have a plethora of examples to choose from. I will choose 5 to share.

1.  The blind date who lifted up his shirt and patted his belly after EVERY SINGLE TIME he took a bite of dinner. I found out, during the entree course, that he was (EGADS!) a male stripper! I never, ever spoke again to the friend that set us up.

2.  Leisure Suit Larry and the pool hall. I really don't want to say anymore. It was painful. "Shudder".

3.  Another blind date...we met for dinner at a very fancy restaurant on the Country Club Plaza in KC. I was taken aback when he walked up and introduced himself to me. He was much, much shorter than me and I am 5'2". I thought to myself...poor guy, I'll give him a chance. He proceeded to be the biggest jerk I have ever met...mean to the wait staff, crude, rude and just plain nasty and ill tempered. I deduced he was suffering from "short man syndrome" know the type, trying to make up for the lack of stature with their perverted view of machismo. I was appalled and let him know it. I was even more appalled that he had the nerve to ask me out on a 2nd date! I got up and left. Thank God I drove myself to the restaurant!

4.  Technically not a 1st date but a 2nd (but it is too crappy/creepy not to share) was the man who thought going to a porn flick was a great idea. Uh, no thank you, and take me home right now, please!!!

5. This next one is not a "worst" 1st date, just an odd one:  I was a student at the University of Kansas Medical Center. It was my junior year I had a dorm room on the medical campus...just a bedroom and bath. Kitchen facilities were in the basement of the student union so I went down there to prepare a snack/dinner. I met a cute doctor who was a resident at the time at the medical center. We met while I was heating up my bagel for dinner. I told him how, although I was a student in the Respiratory Therapy program, I had worked in the field for approximately 4 years already. He asked where I currently worked and I told him....Menorah Medical Center (a local Jewish hospital). He then asked me out on a date. I agreed. We went to a grill for dinner and then took in the local jazz scene. He was pretty nice, telling me all about his family and how I should meet them someday. We were having a great time until...he asked THE question. What question was that? He asked what synagogue I went to. I looked at him blankly and said, "I'm not Jewish". He then quickly paid the tab, murmured his apologies saying he was looking for a "good Jewish girl". Apparently I gave the initial impression of fitting that image. Oh well. At least he had the courtesy to take this gentile girl back to her home. 

There you have it...some pretty bad dates, huh? If you would like to read more stories, please visit Mr. McLinky over at Tattoos and Teething Rings today!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings-March 22, 2010

Dear Blogging Friends,

I have decided to open up my Sacred Sunday posts to guest hosts, from time to time. I have been blog hopping and have found the differing views of what is sacred captivating. If you are interested in becoming a guest, regardless of your denomination or origin of faith, please contact me via a comment to this post or by email (can be found on my profile page). I will reply, via email, with the specifics. Remember, I cannot contact you if you have your "no reply" enabled. 


The 5th Sister

PS:  I reserve the right to say no to anything I deem inflammatory or hostile to other faiths. 


Dear Weekend,

Bravo! Saturday was absolutely beautiful. It was lovely being out on the deck enjoying the wonderful weather! Let's do it again my next weekend off, okay?

All my best,

A sunny 5th


Dear Ms. Jenny,

I am finding "J" to be extremely difficult to work with this week. May I have another letter, please?

With hand raised,

Your humble student,

Little Miss 5th


Dear Michael Jordon and The Bobcats,

Oh wait, I really don't care. Never mind.


Mrs. Sister


Dear Jayhawks,

A friend of mine said you couldn't rebound, shoot threes, make free throws and, in general, score. Why did you have to prove that friend correct? 

....the mightier they are, the harder they fall....


Crimson and so very Blue


Last week, when I posted on Tuesday, I called it "Tuesday's Truth". I like that and think it's a keeper. Since last week was such a serious topic of "truth", I will give you some silly "truths" tomorrow by participating in Tattoo's and Teething Rings writing prompt. Please consider joining us and linking to her site. For a look at this week's prompts, please go HERE, and "Write On".

That's all for today! Take it easy and have a great day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sacred Sunday: Poetry Corner

Things I Never Knew

Whether you like opera
Or a rainy day
While riding in the car
Music or the window down
Watching Earth’s
Contoured cloth
Catching rivulets of Grace.

Or your favorite movie
While thunderstorms
Rage white and black
Through thin blinds

Turned just upward
Through which comes
Peace in crescent shadows.

Would you choose
To live this life again
An eternal recurrence
of dreamless horizons
Or dare to lift
Vinegary hyssop
To Hope’s parched lips?

The above poem was written by fellow blogger, Jim Hawley of It's This or Go Crazy. I found it an especially well written piece. Although there are many layers to this poem, for the sake of the theme of Sacred Sunday, these are the questions that came away with when I read this particular piece:

1.  Are we just passing through life living for gratification of earthly desires or are we focused on the "Rivulets of Grace"  offered before us, freely given by our Savior? 

2.  In times of suffering and chaos, do we open the gifts of the Holy Spirit to aid our needs and those of fellow man?

3.  And despite the Grace we are offered, due to our fallen nature, do we refuse to accept it by repeatedly lifting the hyssop branch up to our thirsty Lord? 

What are your thoughts?

This is but a small example of the body of work available at Jim's blog. I encourage you to go and pay a visit. I do not believe you will be disappointed. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another No Post Day!

I'm taking the day off.

Instead of blogging I will be taking my daughter, Bethany, to an audition. She will be auditioning for the opportunity to sing "The National Anthem" at a local sports venue. We will be heading, shortly, to the Charlotte Knights stadium.

Factoid:  The Charlotte Knights are a Triple AAA minor league baseball team affiliated with the Chicago White Sox.

Last year she sang several times for a local Single A team. It is her hope that this opportunity will lead her one step closer to someday singing at a Carolina Panther game (well, actually, that's Mommy's wish!). Regardless of the outcome, we all agree that the opportunity and the experience is what counts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Title Graphic

I really liked the graphic I designed for my recent Alphabe-Thursday post. 
I thought I'd play around and see if it would make a great header. 
What are your thoughts? 
Should it stay or should it go? 

(and for those who asked...yes, those are my eyes) 

Flash Friday 55: Love Letter #1

I was serious,
always serious,

...until I met you.

You were silly,
truly quite silly.

...witty and so charming.

infectious laughter,

....casting light onto darkness,
smothering darkness,

...gathered in shadows.

gentle tenderness,

...filling me with love,
immense love;

...taking me along life's journey,
an adventurous journey

...that I would do all over again.

I am participating in Flash Friday 55. This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man over at Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words. Come join us and link your 55 over in Mr. Know it All's comment section.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: The Letter I

Imagine Insanity Invading her mind...
Infused In Images of the Impressionable kind.

Intimidating, Inviting, Intoxicating and Wild.
Indifferent to the Innocent child.

Should she Indulge, Imbide, Impulsively act,
Ignoring Indignities of the resulting Impact?

Impassioned...Igniting an Insatiable desire.
Could she endure an Insufferable Ire?

Imaginary or not, It's just that way when 
Her thoughts Illuminate the struggle within.

Jenny Matlock

Sensational Haiku Wednesday-Generosity

Photo courtesy of Avondale United Methodist Church
Jacksonville, Florida

Donating freely,
Giving from one's own treasure,
Helping humankind.

Our Mother's embrace,
Tender and compassionate,
Overflows with love.

The Emmanuel:
Sacrificial Lamb of God.
The Ultimate Gift

For more haiku hijinks,
please visit Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?
Next week's theme: Dreams

Join the fun!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Truth

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Then let give you my particular view.

This is how I look most days. Minimal make up, turtle neck or long sleeved "T", and some sort of scarf around my neck because, as most of you know, I am almost always cold. This picture was taken after I had shopped around, for several days, for new eyeglass frames. I found and purchased these frames at Sally's Optical Secrets and brought them to my optometrist's office for new lenses. You all are receiving a sneak peak. I just adore the detail along the side, don't you?

As I look at this photo, I see how fatigued I am and am making a mental note to at least wear some lipstick when I venture out! However, upon closer inspection I was taken aback by my particular body image. You see, I have been feeling quite pudgy lately as I have not been running or working out as I should. I blame the cold weather and this chronic sinus congestion for the lack of energy and motivation. And, if truth be told, I have gained some weight since September.

What I'm about to tell you is the god's honest truth: The reason this photo is a reality check for me is that, normally, when I look at myself in a mirror, I see inflated tummy, bulging thighs and the onset of a double chin. I also see wrinkles and frizzy hair with a lack of finesse or style. I focus on what I deem to be imperfections (skin, teeth, hair, weight, etc). When I dressed on this particular morning I felt as if my clothes were too snug. But now, in truly attempting to see what others see, I notice that my clothes are literally "hanging" off of me. I just asked my this how I always look? She said yes. I'm stunned.

The reason this is upsetting is that, long ago, I battled a severe eating disorder. In college, I was anorexic and my weight was down to 90 lbs. I lived on cigarettes, coffee and beer. When I quit smoking and started to gain weight, I was appalled. That is when bulimic behavior entered into my life and I began to purge. Not by throwing up but through the heavy use of laxatives and excessive working out: I'd run in the morning, take an afternoon aerobics class, then run again in the evening. I would then abuse laxatives before going to bed. A vicious cycle developed that I was powerless to stop.

My wake up call was when I attempted to receive some help at the local eating disorder clinic. They wanted to admit me right away. Uh, no...I was single, supporting myself, and couldn't afford to miss work and be hospitalized for 2-4 weeks. It was quite a struggle but I took matters into my own hands. It took several years but during that time I found God and both my spiritual journey and journey to recovery began.

I can see now, through the new lenses of reality, that this eating disorder has a way of rearing it's ugliness and lies back into one's life. All it takes is a skewed body image and an unrealistic view of  "perfection".

Please note: I am not currently demonstrating any anorexic or bulimic behavior. Just the skewed body image that can trigger the disorder to take hold.  I also realize this post just touched the surface of  the insidiousness of this disorder and maybe, someday, I'll be brave enough or comfortable enough to share on a deeper level.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings - March 15, 2010

Dear Cleveland Browns,

Is it true? Did you just sign my beloved Jake Delhomme? I hope he's a great fit for your team and that you all grow to love him as much as I have! Go Browns!

Jake's #1 fan,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Employer,

Will I receive time and a half pay for cramming 18 hours of work into a 12 hour shift?

Just curious,

Respiratory 5th


Dear Bethany,

Great guest blog post, sweetie! You really came through in a pinch. Well done!

Love always,

Mama 5th


Dear March Madness,

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, K.U.!

With anticipation of  being in the Final Four,

A Proud University of Kansas Alumna


Dear Subconscious State of Mind,

Enough with the crazy dreams, please! The "math" dream was bad enough. Over the past few nights you've had me

1.  running across a field of dirt at dusk, with legs like rubber, attempting to avoid fire ants...
2.  aghast as the growling bear in the hatch back escapes and attacks the minister...
3.  being mesmerized by the slew of tornadoes heading our way...
4.  driving down the old country road, near the lake, dodging possum, potholes, wild dogs and cow dung...
5.  being debilitated by a bad case of cellulitis in my left leg.
6.  and changing my name to Elizabeth when Johnny Depp falls in love with me!

Okay, I'm liking #6 and will remember it fondly. But the rest? Keep 'em. I'm too tired to even try to make sense of them. Although, these are strange enough to merit a trip over to that dream interpretation site Jephy's Mom suggested in Saturday's commentary.

Regardless...please settle down before tonight's attempt at slumber. I'd appreciate it.

Tired and exhausted,

A Sleepy 5th


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sacred Sunday - Religious Education

It's a very busy weekend at the hospital. My sweet Bethany has agreed to post this week's Sacred Sunday blog post while I attempt to recover the craziness that is the nature of Respiratory Therapy. I present to you Bethany's blog post on her experiences teaching Religious Education.

Since my mom is very busy, and Daylights Savings doesn’t help anything, she has asked me to do Sacred Sunday for this week. 

When I found out that I needed 40 Service Hours to graduate 9
th grade, I was frantically searching for hours (even though it was August). A friend of mine mentioned teaching Religious Education, and I thought that I could possibly be good for a teaching position. So, I talked to the Director of Religious Education after Mass one day, and got a teaching position for 5th grade. 

During the first class, half of the students were out with Swine Flu, so we combined classes. It ended up working well, and we still have the classes combined today. There were originally four teachers, but later on in the year, one had to drop out due to family issues. The adult I was paired up with originally creates the best lesson plans, and interacts with these kids better than many people could. I mainly just add my thoughts on what she’s teaching. And the other adult from makes sure everyone is behaving, although they are some of the best-behaved 5
th graders I have ever met. They ask very good, relative questions, and actually want to learn. For the first test, they were the class with the highest score.

You may be wondering how this ties in at all with Sacred Sunday. Well, teaching these kids has changed me. I’m ashamed to say that, at first, I was doing this only for Service Hours, but now I find myself going there because I
want to. I want to see these kids understanding this beautiful faith that they were blessed with. I want to see them each week.

You know how they say you learn more through teaching? Well, it’s completely true. Before I was just loaded with these facts about The Faith, and didn’t put them to any use. The other teachers call me the Catholic Encyclopedia, because I’m always throwing out facts, they swear I’m not disrupting the class, though. But as I throw out these facts, I begin connecting all these things I know to real life, and I begin realizing how these can be applied to real life. 

Looking back, I realize how much of a blessing God gave me by letting me work with these amazing kids. I can see how much I’ve changed in just this year, and how much of that change has come through teaching. I can only hope that I’ve helped them, even just a bit, like they’ve helped me.

I Don't Feel Like It.

That's correct.

I do not feel like blogging today.

It's 5:45 am.

Although I went to bed early last night, sleep was elusive for me.

And when I finally fell asleep I had the strangest dreams:

Mr. Sister and I were performing experiments on teeny tiny flies, moths and butterflies, using complicated mathematic equations that involved X and Y axis and physics to determine velocity rates of drop and bounce. I know, it didn't make sense to me either.

So, in essence, all that math has muddied my mind this morning. Subsequently, I cannot think of a thing to write about.

Oh well, I must get ready to go into work anyway.

Make it a great day, everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flash Friday 55: Childish Pain?

The sudden, searing pain made her gasp...falter...

        taking her by complete surprise.


This isn't what she bargained for.
          She's not ready. 
                    She can't be forced to do it this way.

Emotions boil to the surface  
                         spewing forth in streams of curses; hateful words.

She had but one demand:

"I want that epidural NOW!"

Courtesy of Getty Images

I am participating in Flash Friday 55. This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man over at Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words. Come join us and link your 55 over in Mr. Know it All's comment section.

Alphabe-Thursday: The Letter H

Jenny Matlock


Hapless, Hopeless, Hindered
is my state of mind.
Finding decent H words
Has put me in a bind.

It began with Helga the Hippo,
who was Hankering for some Hay.
But How the Heck was Humperdink
(a Humpback) going to save the day?

 I thought "Hyacinth the Heifer"
were a better choice of words,
that is until I stepped into
Her Hefty Heap of turds!

I imagined Hunky Heathcliff,
Head of a band that rocks,
Who could look mighty Handsome
in His leather socks!

Or should I mention Hermione
and Harry's Heroic ride
upon the back of the Hippogriff
that saves Sirius' Hide.

Now Hubby is Having a Hissy-fit*,
at least, that is my Hunch.
Or could it be His tummy's Howling,
Hoping for some lunch?

A lot of Hoopla and Heartache,
Has gone into this post.
I Hope my Hand at Humor
was enjoyable to most!

*Please note: purely artistic license. 
There were no "hissy fits" thrown about! 
And Mr. Sister is quite capable of fixing his own lunch!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis, 1997
Wheel-thrown and modified vessel
by The 5th Sister

Wedged, formed and molded...
clay upon the potter's wheel...
Glazed; refined by fire.

Beginning as mud,
the Creator makes his mark.

For more haiku hijinks,
please visit Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?
Next week's theme: Generosity

Join the fun!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings-March 8, 2010

Dear Jake Delhomme (former QB of the Carolina Panthers),

You are such a class act. I am so sorry that the powers that be felt the need to cut you from the team completely rather than give you the opportunity as back up QB. You've handled this turn of events with grace and style. I do hope that one day you'll be back with the Panthers (maybe as QB coach?). Thank you for all you've done! You'll be sorely missed.

Forever and always your #1 fan,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Julius Peppers (former Panthers Defensive End)

Good riddance. You only played well only when it suited you, not the team. I wish Chicago the best with their choice but have a feeling they'll be disappointed as well.

Not surprised,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Carolina Panthers,

I wish you would have rethought your decision on Jake, but regardless, after reading how you handled it (see HERE) I am impressed by your integrity.

Respectfully yours,

Section 205/Row 8/Seat 5

PS  Good move on your decision regarding Peppers


Our Daily Bread

I had fun with a recipe on one of the blogs I follow. I decided to make garlic rolls from The Domestic Mama. (recipe can be found HERE)

Michelle is a good friend of mine from the days when her blog was in its infancy. Now she's pretty famous and has been featured on several foodie sites. I told her, oh so long ago, there would be a day when I would be able to say "I knew her when...." I think that day is fast approaching (I only hope she remembers me!)

Regardless, I had always used my bread machine in the past but now that Black Beauty has arrived I decided to put her to work. I proofed my own yeast (as per Mama's directions). I had never done this before and what a delight to watch those little buggers transform the starter into a foamy, frothy magical solution! I then followed her recipe to a "T". Poor Black Beauty...the dough was too stiff for her liking and we had to add an additional 3/4 cup of milk. That was the only change I made. And what were my results? Here, have a look:

The prayer group I recently joined was serving a meal at the local Hospice and these were for them. Fortunately, I had enough dough leftover for a small loaf of bread and let me tell was very, very, good.

You may have asked why the dough was "stiff" at first. Mama and I had a good laugh over that. You see, she lives in southern Florida where it's quite humid. She needed quite a bit of flour so her dough wasn't too sticky. Where I live, I didn't need quite so much. But it all worked in the end!


I'd Like to Thank the Academy....

It's Monday so it's awards time again. Both Mummy from I'm a Full Time Mummy and Shakira from You Are Never Alone gave me the Happy 101: Sweet Friends and Beautiful Blogger award. Please go visit both of them. They are absolutely delightful blogs. 

I am now convinced that I must be a very beautiful blog because I have received this nod from several blog friends. There are rules associated with these that involve telling some things about yourself. I think I'm suppose to give you 10 for the BB and 7 for the Happy. I'll give you whatever I can come up with that you may not already know: (fortunately, I just played a similar game on All Recipes)

1.  I played a pretty mean clarinet in my youth and was 1st chair all the way through high school.
2.  I could also belch the alphabet.
3.  I was in a beauty pageant when I was 17. (no, the belching wasn't my talent, the clarinet was!)
4.  When I got married I really didn't know how to cook. Having kids forced me to learn.
5.  I suffered an eating disorder in my 20's. I may blog about that sometime.
6.  I can pick stuff up with my feet.
7.  I can't sing.
8.  I was originally a biology major in college before I switched to Respiratory Therapy.
9.  I've always worked in a hospital: when I was 16 I got a job in the hospital kitchen and worked my way up        to the snack bar.
10. I will no longer be home schooling after this year.

I guess I will follow the rules and choose a few of you to pass these along to. This is always difficult because I adore all the blogs I follow. But in no particular order, I choose:

Shakira also bestowed upon me the following, unique award:

Isn't it delightfully cute? This will go to the men I follow:

(Okay, Christi is not a man but she's got bigger cojones than most)

And my final award from sweet Shakira (you really need to go visit her's pretty amazing)

And since I only follow the best....this is for ALL OF YOU!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sacred Sunday-March 7, 2010

Due to a very rare weekend off, the 5th Sister will be spending her Sunday with her family. Sacred Sunday will return to it's regular time slot next week. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gas Pump Wars

The above image obtained from Google Images

Has anyone else noticed how long it takes to pump gas these days?

It's not the gas itself but rather the hoops you have to jump through in order to just get your gas.

For example, this past evening I was running on fumes and headed into my nearest Gas Mart. I pull up and hop out, credit card in hand. The following ensued:

The seemingly polite Gas Pump welcomed me nicely and asked how I would like to handle this evening's transaction. I dutifully selected the "Pay at the Pump" option.

Next, it wanted to know "Debit or Credit". Oh that's easy. I select Credit.

What? You now want my Zip Code? Since when has that been a requirement? Oh well, okay. I guess you, Mr. Gas Pump, are just protecting my credit, making sure I am who I say I am. I'll accept that.

So I attempt to punch in (that's what they do to buttons in the South...punch or mash, never press) my Zip Code but my gloved hands (it was COLD out) couldn't stay on the tiny push buttons so the wrong Zip Code was accidentally punched in.

Oh no...Mr. GP says I'm a no good credit card pilferer! I mash CANCEL trying to get out of this mess. Well let me tell you, it took a good 5 minutes to get back to the opening greeting and I go through all of the above all over again, only this time, removing my gloves to mash in my Zip Code. Accepted. Score!

Now the ads begin....I am being told of the fresh pizza and hot dogs they have to offer and the sodas that are on sale. I impatiently wait for the gas screen to come back up.

After what seems like eons, a new screen eventually pops up, only this time asking me if I would like a car wash...very... slowly... by... using... a... new... screen... for... each... of... the... following... words: YES?... OR...........NO? I mashed the "NO" a little harder than I probably should have because the screen then taunts me: "Are you sure?" Then it tries to bribe me telling me about the amazing discounted car wash I could have if I just fill up my tank. I only need to succumb to it's wily ways and say "YES".  I'm now yelling at the pump "NO" like it could hear me or something. Other patrons of Gas Mart are beginning to stare. Deep cleansing breath...okay, better. I politely told the Pump,"No, thank you, not tonight, I have a headache."

Now I feel as if I hit pay dirt because Mr. Gas Pump tells me that I have finally earned the right to lift the nozzle and select the grade of gas I would like pump into my RAV4. This part was fun because I always choose the "CHEAPEST" of the bunch. I felt just a wee tinge of sorrow for PREMIUM, which is most certainly not receiving as much attention in these crazy economic times.

Did I mention that it was cold outside? It was. My gloveless fingers were numb and my Raynaud's was beginning to flare. I wait out the pumping within the toasty confines of the car. Yes, I am one of those. I refused to turn off the ignition. I'm sure I angered the "Green Police" out there but when the cold affects me such as it does I will not apologize. But I digress.

The familiar "thunk" of the nozzle shutting off brought me out my comfortable cocoon. I proceeded to place the nozzle back on the pump only to be bombarded with another question: Receipt....Yes?.....Or.....No?

Aaargghh!  A living nightmare I tell you!

What should have been a 5 minute quick stop felt like an eternity!

So tell me, am I overreacting?


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