Monday, March 28, 2011

Microfiction Monday and other Musings

crying out in vain
 “Oh please
just sit upon my lap,
twirl me about.
I promise you
the warmth of my love
& the beauty
of this world”


Isn't that just like life? As we age there is the possibility for some to head towards that place of self pity, of doubt: where one may easily feel "worn out" and unappreciated. But God knows that by turning this mindset around to one not of "what's in it for me" but to one of "how can I be of service to others" our lives can be so enriched indeed.  

Thank you Grandma Goulash for keeping this meme alive!


Dear Jayhawks,

You were just like the ugly stepsisters who show up to the ball only to be upstaged and stunned by the mesmerizing beautiful young Cinderella (VCU Rams) and the way she waltzed through the big dance that is March Madness. 

Stunned as well,
1984 KU Alum aka 5th


Dear Spring,

Thank you for making an appearance last week and showing us the promise of the season to come. But why did you have to leave so soon? Was it something we said or did? Please come back at your earliest convenience. You are missed.

A chilly 5th


Dear Laundry,

Is there any possible way you could fold yourself today? I'd really appreciate it.

A slothful 5th


I will be at Starbucks this evening between 6:45 ad 8:15. If any of my Facebook friends are out there and would like to play, let's plan on getting together and writing another FB tale for Tuesday. Always a good time. Now I am off to go think of a prompt. Make it a great day. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday/Flash Friday 55: The Letter X

exposing heart
love’s elixir
extinguishing thirst…

unexpectedly intoxicated
exquisite desire…

extending hand,
transfixed by touch,

long exiled

breath catches,
excitement builds
explosive passion…

detoxing in matrix
of exceptional love;

without words
to express,  
to examine
the inexplicable…

this complex
caught within
paradoxical vortex.


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tale: Facebook Story #2

Polly: Today's story brings us a fantastical adventure that happens to Albert, a simple and humble man, on his way to work as a ferry boat captain.

Prompt:  Dear Journal,
Today, something quite odd occurred as I made my way towards the crowd huddled by the ferry gate.

Keri: The first thing I noticed was the unusual blank look on the faces of the people in the crowd.

Willoughby:  I searched for a face that I recognized, but found none.

Luis:  Usually people are excited to be around the ferry, to be around the water but for some reason, this was a bit off.

Polly: They all appeared to be mesmerized by something from the sky. Voices? Visions? My curiosity was piqued.

Luis: I looked up. At first, I couldn't believe it. Was this for real?

Keri: Red! It was RED!!! No, the sky wasn't red. IT was red!

Joe: The crowd. They were not Alive!

Willoughby: I had never seen such a brilliant red. I squinted against the brightness.

Polly: What could it be? Is that the thing that made the crowd appear lifeless?

Joe: They are zombies! Brain-eating zombies!

Polly: ‎(now Joe...we want the story to continue on to a fantastical adventure...) 

Side note: Joe is also known as Mr. Sister. And yes, I just chastised him. It's my job! 

Keri: That was when I noticed the dolphins.

Luis: Once, I must have been about 15, I thought I saw one. Everyone mocked me, said it couldn't have been. Maybe I didn't see one that day, but there was no mistaking this time. There would be no mocking me this time.

Polly: and now the dolphins were back... manipulating that brilliant red orb in the morning sky. No...the people weren't zombies, although they began to move towards town in a lurching, maniacal they passed my brain was left intact.

Keri: The dolphins manipulated the orb out over the bay, beckoning me to follow.

Luis: I'd dropped my backpack. I didn't realize it until I tripped over it. I fell, but my gaze was transfixed at the sky. I wasn't about to lose sight of this.

Polly: I felt something approach me from behind...then something wet upon my back. Reaching back, while still gazing at the orb, I felt a fin....a wet fin...the dolphins were marching in line behind me!

Willoughby: Could I be dreaming? It didn't seem likely.

Luis: It was then that I realized I was in the water. I tripped and fell, right into the water. What was a dreams and and what was reality suddenly became blurry.

Willoughby: I struggled to keep my head above water, all the while gasping for air.

Polly: The orb had dropped to the water as well...once submerged I found I could breathe freely.

Luis: But this couldn't be happening - *shouldnt* be happening. How could I explain this? Who would believe me now?

Tammy: I closed my eyes - allowing myself to experience the freedom of the water. I turned a slow somersault and one of the dolphins joined me - clearly assuming I had initiated a game with him. Her? How can one be sure with dolphins?

Willoughby: We seemed to be communicating, the dolphins and I. How was this possible? What secrets did the red orb contain?

Tammy: If I was understanding the dolphins correctly - and I couldn't be, right? - but if I was, they didn't know any more about the orb than I did - only that they followed it and that they were happy.

Polly: As I looked around, I found that those that I knew, from the ferry, were frolicking about at the depths of the sound. Everyone oblivious to pain, trouble and fear.

Tammy: Their eyes no longer seemed lifeless to me - they seemed - blissful.

Keri: The dolphins circled me until my disorientation cleared, then led the way out into open water.

Polly: the orb followed...once out upon the open sea the red glow began to flicker.  an opening appeared....

Willoughby:  Dramatic pause...... (the story stalled for several minutes)

Polly: we all stared...waiting...anticipating...

Keri: Suddenly a blue light shone from the interior of the red orb and the most beautiful voice I have ever heard said...

Polly: And is where it gets really interesting... (again, story stalled for several minutes)

Polly: ‎(Beuhler? Anyone?)

Willoughby: The voice said "Follow me"

Polly: As we walked toward the orb, the color changed from brilliant red to a subdued blue

Willoughby: And we were all apparently speechless, once again.

Tammy:  It shimmered under the water and the effect was mesmerizing.

Polly: and then a figure emerged from the opening...human like, with a silverish hue to her skin...much like the dolphin...

Willoughby: A feeling of immense joy spread over the crowd as we stood in awe of this creature. (Wait, weren't we just in the water a few minutes ago?)

Keri: The creature said, 'I am an ambassador from the depths of the sea. I have been sent to plead for your assistance. Our Mother Ocean is dying and she needs your help!' ‎(and now I have to leave the story, cuz it's time to go home from work...can't wait to see how y'all end it when I check in tomorrow!!)

Polly: ‎(ooh...a twist! Green is always good!) Thanks for your participation Keril...I'll try to have it on my blog sometime tomorrow! "The ocean is dying, the earth is angry and brittle, and its inhabitants frightened"

Donna: ‎"You and your kind have destroyed the earth and the sea. Now you must repair it or suffer the consequences."

Polly: We all shouted, in our minds, "We want to help but how...we are but simple people without political power or clout" (welcome Donna!) ‎" know what to do...remember when I visited you before?" the creature replied.

Donna: I was confused for a moment. ‎"You mean that wasn't a dream??"

Polly: ‎"People wouldn't believe me!" I shouted back!

Donna: The Creature of the Red Orb replied, "Moses had a lot of excuses too, but he got the job done."

Polly: I had thought it had to be a dream but now, now I knew this was real. The ambassador was real, these people were real, the dolphins were real...but how to help? I was confused. I am a simple man of humble means.

Donna: I decided to consult Stephen Hawking to see if he had any ideas.

Polly: but I thought against it for this was a very spiritual moment for me and sometimes science is just not adept at explaining the spiritual. I asked the ambassador, again, what could we do.

Donna: She replied, "Repent of your evil ways and do no more." She continued, "Although our generation may not be saved, perhaps future generations can be if we stop this madness now." Red Orb rose again into the sky, and I felt a sense of hope.

Polly: I couldn't help but agree with her. We shall lead by example and maybe, just maybe, we'll make an impact. At that thought I was suddenly transported back to my ferry, along with all the passengers. We all were quite bewildered and will remember this day forever.



I'd like to thank the following blogging friends for participating in this week's story. They are as follows:

Luis from The Muddy Runner
Willoughby from This Stop Willoughby
Tammy from Keep in Touch with Mommakin

And thank you to my other friends Donna and Keri for their valuable input. You all did a fantastic job!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Microfiction Monday #73: Photo Session

I have a feeling this may be the last of Micro-fiction Monday. According to the host, her blog may be on "life support" now. Since I've had this in the wings for a couple of weeks I will go ahead and post it now. I may even consider taking over hosting this event if anyone else is game to participate. Let me know. 


Emerson was just about to mention the smell

prior to the flash going off

 but then he remembered that age old adage:

He who smelt it dealt it.


What can you say, using this photo prompt, in 140 characters (spaces included) or less?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday 160: Dream #3 - The Drive

Driving on foreign land
rescuer at my side
rounding a bend
stunned to see
the giant with a dagger
realizing only then
my passenger
was no hero
villain instead


I enjoy participating in this weekly meme, where one must write a prose, a story, in EXACTLY 160 characters (spaces included). I am finding that this format works perfectly with my dreams. Please be sure to visit Monkey Man and read other entries. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Spring Awakening

Afterlife on the Ipod
deer frolicking in the glade
songbirds serenade morning sun
as fog begins to fade

trees dress in finest glory
of colorful buds so awesome
heralding spring that’s coming
as new life begins to blossom

sunlight dapples dewy trails
tickling the runner’s cheeks
she pauses to behold beauty
of nature’s glorious mystique


I penned the above quite quickly, before the feelings subsided. For these were the sounds and images that greeted me as I began this most amazing day. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: W is for Water's Wrath

Although words cannot describe accurately the emotions we all feel, I did my best to pen a tribute to all those who feel helpless by this week's tsunami devastation in Japan. My hope is that its subtle, counter meaning (for those dealing with the havoc wreaked by addiction) comes through as well. I'm not sure if I was successful or not but do know that this is from the heart. (I may end up tweaking it later but will publish for now as Thursday is a work day for me.) 

Additionally, for a 1st hand account from a fellow blogger on the front-lines, please visit Jen at Hamster Central. Thank you.


waltzing past weeping willows
beyond the wailing wall
worn bare by wayward winds
whispering wanton call
towards the water’s edge
where ocean wanes then rise
wandering through the wreckage
wary, watchful, and wise
witness to those who wallow
in their own despair and woe
wishing for a wand to wield
to ease the wretched flow
turning westward, homeward bound
no longer able to withstand
for watermark still surges
laying waste an eastern land


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tale: Facebook Story #1

Last evening, while awaiting to pick up my daughter from rehearsal I decided to have a little fun on Facebook. I wrote a prompt and then invited my friends to participate in a story game…where each posting becomes a part of a (hopefully) coherent story. This was last night’s result.

(Polly’s prompt) The dark haired beauty pressed her face against the window with both longing and dread.

(James) The landscape cascaded by like a silent film. The bleakness of her prospects was reflected in the giant cracks of dried earth which she viewed as like canyons from the air rather than the ancient train in which she sat.

(Patti) Longing for the future of what is to be and dreading the past that could change that future. How much longer could she sit here knowing that her life could change in such a way?

(Donna) The monotony of the view from her window was punctuated only by the repetitious clatter of the tracks. As much as she tried to think of something else, all she could think about was the dread she felt. The unending rhythm of the tracks only increased her tension. There seemed to be no route for escape.   

(Polly) But then again, the conflicting emotions come back and there is that part of her ready for the change to come.

(Donna) She smiled to herself faintly as a dark form advanced toward her from the back of the train, and she suddenly thought about the machete she had hidden in her satchel.

(James) Weapons. Why always weapon.

(Donna) It COULD be a TOOL!!!!! An extra large letter opener, for example.

(James) The shadowy figure lingered.

(Donna) as she thought about the many uses she had put her trusty machete/office implement in her former position as Chief of Staff to the CEO.

(James) She heard the familiar click, memories flashed like lightening.

(Donna) The shadowy figure drew back for a moment, as if sensing the nature of her thoughts.

(Dena) she hesitated, should she grab her satchel now? Or wait... no... she slowly reached under her seat and put it carefully in her lap, when the train lurched and screeched a horrid ear piercing squeal....she looked up just in time to see....

(Donna) her extra large letter opener going to town, even though there were no letters in sight.

(Dena) ?? What now she asked ? Did anyone see her act in this crazy way? Other than the shadowy figure? Where did he go?

(Donna) After a few minutes, when she realized that she was no longer at her old office, she stopped swinging her machete/letter opener wildly about the train. He said, with irritation, "Lady. That's what I have a hole punch for. Please leave the ticket punching to the professionals." Her cheeks aflame, she sat down and began to ponder her fate again.  

(James) Damn, she thought. Once. Is that too much to ask?

(Donna) The train ground its way back into motion.

(Polly) She guarded herself so as not to be so hypnotized by the rhythm of the tracks.

(Donna) But the more she tried to ignore the sound, the more the tracks seemed to be taunting her. "Who do you think you are?" they clicked. "why do you think things will be different this time?" they clacked.  

(Dena) 'It is because I am better', yes... I am better and getting better every day... it will be different, it has to be...

(Donna) "That's what you said LAST time," she heard a voice mocking her. Where was the voice coming from? It no longer seemed to be the tracks talking to her.

(Dena) was it in her head?! No! NO! Not again!! Please, oh please.. I am better, I know I am!! I worked so hard...she silently sobbed...

(Donna) The tears traced a path down her cheeks. As she tried to get a grip on her emotions, she heard yet another voice. 

(Dena)It was gruff...eerily familiar..

(Donna)  Could this be her future talking to her?

(Dena) Or was it her past?

(Donna) Alas, it occurred to her that her past would also be her future, and for the first time, her heart felt as bleak as the arid scene outside her window.

(Dena) she sighed a deep sigh... there is no hope at all, her eyes closed as she was getting so tired, she nodded off to sleep with the humming and rhythm of the train lulling her to dreamland...

(Donna) The end???


I don't know...should I do this again? Maybe I could do a weekly meme where I post an original   prompt on my blog and see how the story progresses within the comments. What do you all think? Or is this just a lazy way of having other people write my blog for me? :o)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 160: Recovery

The recovery center was palatial

It was just where I needed to be

I only wished 
my top secret super power


was useful at the steps 
of the palace gates


Another dream that lent itself to 160 characters. 
For more monkey business 
and other 160's, 
please go visit 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday/Flash Friday 55: V is for Vulnerable

Vulnerable to the Vodka
sitting upon the shelf
and to vintner’s special vintage
a carafe all to myself

Vermouth of particular value
for daddy taught me right
mix with gin; add olive
to serve him every night

Vespers from a bottle
vanishing beneath its veil
ever vowing every morning
in vain attempts to become well


This verse is in honor of those I know personally as they find validation for their truths in their valiant efforts to remove the chains of addiction. I admire their vigilance.


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Cost a Pretty Penny

I’m not having a very good week. Monday began with a blown tire. When I got to the tire store it was discovered that the treads on all tires were worn necessitating the purchase of 4 brand new ones. Afterwards, when I returned home, my washer decided to go on the blitz. Unfortunately, it is a brand that repairmen run in holy terror from. I finally found someone to come out on Tuesday. During the disassembly of the washer my laundry room flooded. Excuse me, Mr. Repairman…why didn’t you drain the tub first? After all, the problem with the washer was that it wouldn't spin or drain. Can I hear a "Duh"? Once that mess was cleaned up the culprit was found: a penny in the pump, of all things!

So if I seem cranky, it’s because I am.

Oh…by the way, would you like to see what a $115.00 penny looks like? 

Not really pretty, now, is it?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Centus: Opportunity

I have not participated in Ms. Jenny's Centus in a couple of weeks so I am bending the rules and using last week's prompt (in green) and this week's prompt (in blue) together! I hope it works. Below is my story in exactly 100 words, prompts included. 


Everything depended upon this single card:  
her key to a whole new life, 
her passport to great adventure.  
She hadn’t planned on leaving so soon, but it was time. 
Opportunity had knocked and she is 
poised to open that door, 
ready to grab its hand, 
never to look back on her life 
with the regret of “what if”.  
Removing her shackles of fear, 
she slides the card in place, 
punching in her password. 
The ATM machine began dispensing twenties.  
Her savings now depleted, 
she steps up to the counter 
and purchases that one way ticket 
to her life’s dream destination. 


Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: U is for a New Understanding

Bolts of Fabric @ Fashion District, NYC, November 2010
Photo courtesy of Daniel X. O’Neil

unlocking the door
to the upper room
she enters unto
an unimaginable sight…

she uncovers
an unending stockpile...

bolt upon bolt
of unique upholsteries,
spool after spool
of unusual threads…

what she must do,
her passion’s unleashed…

she unfolds,
and weaves
these treasures
into an
unveiling the truths
that is her life...

uncertainty vanquished,
she's finds home 


The above poem is based on a dream I had when I was at the very beginning of my personal journey towards healing and wholeness. It is my hope that the metaphors make sense. As always, it is such a pleasure to participate in Ms. Jenny's weekly meme. 

Jenny Matlock


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