Monday, October 31, 2011

Microfiction Monday: Eerie

Pablo whines to Tex 
“I don’t care! 
Even if you triple dog dare me 
I’m not going to eat this pumpkin pie! 
Eso es muy raro! No soy un canibal!

(140 characters total)

(translation: that is too creepy! I’m no cannibal!)


Thanks to Grandma Goulash for the photo prompt 
and theme for this weeks micro-fiction.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Census: A Study in Black

Ms. Jenny has played a trick on us...but unbeknownst to her, it's a treat for me! Micro-fiction (25 words) using a photo prompt! Right up my alley! Then I saw the photo. Ooooh, she's a tricky one, that Ms. Jenny. 


Dreams fade
to black


road  to abyss
of self pity
struggling against
bondage of self
held captive
by chains
of choice

Copyright 2011


Written in honor of a dear friend struggling against her slavery
to an addiction that shows no mercy. 


Jenny Matlock

Monday, October 24, 2011

5th Sister Dreaming: October 24, 2011

I am battling evil. The devil and his minions are disguised as Mafia hit men. I've been taken hostage and do my best to fight back. Every punch I throw, every uppercut I attempt, is thwarted by a force field of sorts. She laughs (yes...evil can be female), mocking me. I grab my knife and slice at her wrists...despite feeling the blade cutting through her flesh, she barely bleeds. I realize she will die a slow death. But the devil, himself, is elusive. 


The exoskeleton of some creepy crawly creature falls from his bangs. It is all very curious. Upon further inspection, the infestation is inside his head, not his hair.


I am taking the rocky path down to the water's edge. Fear grips me. The alligator is there. He has his attention solely on me. He watches my every move, poised for the attack. No one else seems concerned or even notices that he is there. 


Part 1: 39 people and 39 cats live within the house. I  have lived there forever, alone. It was nice to have company, although most of them were students from the medical center. The new owner was there inspecting the place. She wanted to restore the home to its original beauty. 

Part 2: I warn my roommates not to go into the loft. It was haunted. Of course I follow them up the steps. Several people were already there, studying. Evil enters as a storm begins to brew. Evil wants to destroy the groundbreaking work being done in the upper room. 


Does anyone else notice a theme here?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Planking

(I'm heading off to work in a few's a quickie for you!)

Planking is so passé they say
fading fad from yesterday

Not so to Munchie Boy, my son,
another challenge overcome

With courage, strength, and will to boot
he found this dare quite a hoot

Onto pool’s ladder he did climb
carefully, taking his sweet time

Into position, body in air
Perfect planking upon a dare


Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: October 18, 2011

Take two colleagues.
Add in a double dose of perfectionism.
Divide by one blank plywood canvas.

The result? One nifty graphic: our department's contribution to the mural surrounding new construction at the hospital. This is how my dear co-worker (Helena) and I spent our weekend. We made quite a team and had a good time as well.


Public Service Announcement

Mothers, please be mindful that excessive hugging may lead to a child's eyeballs popping out of their sockets. Remember...gentle hugs are safe hugs.

This PSA brought to you by the Society for Safe Squeezing campaign. 


Special Alert!

Anyone having information that could lead to the whereabouts and arrest of the perpetrator responsible for this mysterious homicide are asked to call their local Crime Stoppers unit. 


Dear Carolina Panthers,

Oh, I'm sorry...was there a game this weekend? It appears that it was fortunate that I was too busy to give you 3 hours of my undivided attention. But then again, I would have been  upset to discover my 3 hours of viewing time would be wasted in the 4th quarter. 

A disappointed 5th

PS...despite the disappointing loss, I still see flashes of greatness. Maybe not this year but soon (I pray), real soon. 


Dear Art,

Oh how I've missed you. Welcome back! I do have a question, it really possible that this will ever come together, forming something half recognizable? I certainly hope so after spending several hours over the course of several days planning and designing. I have high expectations, you know.

Your collaborating 5th


Friday, October 14, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Did You Know?

Did you know that…

…it always rains on the day you mop?
…dogs track in mud on rainy days?
… muddy dog paws are hard to clean?
…muddy pawed dogs will follow you throughout the house?
…Clorox Oxy Magic, and a good scrub brush, works wonders on muddy carpet stains?
…dogs snicker behind your back?


Clorox Oxy Magic did not pay or provide product for the endorsement included in my Flash 55 above. It's effectiveness on stubborn muddy paw prints, embedded in carpet fibers, is from experience and is my opinion only. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just Write: Tantrum

Temper builds 
deep within 
unknown place 
breaking chains 
with rage 
uncontrolled fury

“where in the hell 
did that come from?”

too late to 
reign control 
now cleaning 
mess from 
of petulant storm


Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings: October 3, 2011

Dear Amy (physical therapist extraordinaire),

I think I love you. You are a miracle worker! Your practiced touch has relieved me of what was becoming a chronic pain. And, thanks to you, I was able to run The Race for the Cure pain free! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me on Friday!

A grateful 5th


Dear Race for the Cure,

What fun we had this past Saturday! The whole family enjoyed the giveaways: scarves, food, gloves, etc. The scarves and gloves were especially welcome on that cold, brisk morning! Aside from having to run uphill the last mile of the course, the run was really great.

A worn out (yet pain free) 5th


Dear Colleague,

Next time I agree to work for you, if you find someone else please just call to let me know. I would have much rather slept in Sunday morning instead of arriving to work at O: dark-thirty (only to find I was not needed).  Oh well…I used the extra time for prayer and meditation. Heaven knows I needed to!

A weary Respiratory 5th


Dear Carolina Panthers,

Next week please invite the defense to show up. Thank you very much.

A still hopeful, 5th


Dear Cable TV,

Not sure if I’m going to miss you or not, seeing how I don’t watch that much television (aside from football, an occasional food show, and my guilty pleasure, Ghost Hunters). You see, Mr. Sister has found a new hobby…redesigning how we view TV at home…it involves our own DVR system, computers, internet, and lots of magic fairy dust.  I’m sure it will mean adding a few more remote controls to our already overflowing arsenal!

An ambivalent 5th


Dear Cleaning Lady,

I fear it is time to let you go. I believe your judgment has become impaired. I am still resenting the fact that my wedding ring, the one Mr. Sister and I designed ourselves, the one containing diamonds and sapphires, went missing when you invited your daughter’s boyfriend to help you clean. I will give you one month’s notice and will still insist you come by yourself. I am sorry it has to be this way.  

A disappointed 5th


Dear Bloggers,

My blog reader has been “messed up” this past week so I have not been able to visit as I normally do. Hopefully whatever bug was in the system has been cleaned up. I will try to be a better blog friend!

Your blogging buddy 5th


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