Monday, October 31, 2011

Microfiction Monday: Eerie

Pablo whines to Tex 
“I don’t care! 
Even if you triple dog dare me 
I’m not going to eat this pumpkin pie! 
Eso es muy raro! No soy un canibal!

(140 characters total)

(translation: that is too creepy! I’m no cannibal!)


Thanks to Grandma Goulash for the photo prompt 
and theme for this weeks micro-fiction.


anthonynorth said...

Yep, best not to be a cannibal. Nice one.

Sue said...

Yep, ya gotta leave the fellow squash-heads alone!


Grandma's Goulash said...

This ss so funny. It has left me with visions of cannibal pumpkins dancing around a steaming pot! Perfect for the day.

blueviolet said...

Ya gotta respect his stance!

Pat said...

Easy for him so say...since his mouth can't open! :D

Brian Miller said...

haha...hope he does not get smashed tonight...smiles....canibal...ha

Jim said...

Hi Sister Polly ~~ It's been a while since I've visited you here.

My commnet is that this really hurts me. Pumpkin pie is my favorite vegetable and now ...
Will I think of these guys every time pumpkin pie is being served?

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Just watched "It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," and this reminds me of the scene at the beginning when Lucy takes a pumpkin from the patch and cuts it open to carve it--and Linus screams "I didn't know you were going to kill it!"

Jenny said...

But see. If it was someone in a pumpkin costume that would be like being a cannibal.




I hate when something sounds so much better inside my head.

But I'm gonna leave it anyway.

Because I have no pride.

And because I'm too lazy to delete it all.


Christine said...

nice, and guess what, we totally forgot to carve a pumpkin this year, but did spend 2 hours, part of it in the rain, trickortreating

Cheryl said...

You are such a goof! Love this.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Oh, gosh, and who can blame him? Even creepy pumpkinheads have to draw the line somewhere! LOL


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