Friday, October 14, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Did You Know?

Did you know that…

…it always rains on the day you mop?
…dogs track in mud on rainy days?
… muddy dog paws are hard to clean?
…muddy pawed dogs will follow you throughout the house?
…Clorox Oxy Magic, and a good scrub brush, works wonders on muddy carpet stains?
…dogs snicker behind your back?


Clorox Oxy Magic did not pay or provide product for the endorsement included in my Flash 55 above. It's effectiveness on stubborn muddy paw prints, embedded in carpet fibers, is from experience and is my opinion only. 



Brian Miller said...

i can hear the dog laughing...smiles. havea great weekend polly

Christine said...

and a washed dog will run into the dirtiest ditch near your house within an hour of his last bath...

anthonynorth said...

True on all counts :-)

You'll find mine here.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Here's a muddy-paw tip for you from a fellow dog owner...

Keep an old towel and water (an old margarine tub works well) by the door that your dogs use.

When they come in with muddy paws, stick them in the water and rub off the mud, then dry them.

It's easier than trying to wipe off the mud, and beats cleaning floors and carpet!

hedgewitch said...

Did you know, dogs who wallow in mud then sneak in to drink out of your toilet leave muddy graffiti on the seat? They are devious devils, these canines. Loved your 55, and I can so relate.

Monkey Man said...

We keep "dog towels" by our doors for this very reason....wet and muddy dog prints. I find dog prints appear even in the driest of days. Those rascals.

Dulce said...

The rain is so often, except!

great 55er!

G-Man said...

Dogs are funny bastards aren't they?
They are smarter than they seem.
Loved your canine janitorial 55 Pollyanna.
You Rock The Carolinas and parts of Georgia!!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Mama Zen said...

They do! They do snicker behind your back!

Weezer said...

My goodness, how I've missed your sense of the important....Everytime I drive over to see my folks (where I am right now), and see the 5 sisters thrift store, I think of you. Honestly. I've neglected my blog for long enough and I'm trying to catchup.
Hope you've been well.

Cheryl said...

Love that last line!


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