Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings: October 3, 2011

Dear Amy (physical therapist extraordinaire),

I think I love you. You are a miracle worker! Your practiced touch has relieved me of what was becoming a chronic pain. And, thanks to you, I was able to run The Race for the Cure pain free! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me on Friday!

A grateful 5th


Dear Race for the Cure,

What fun we had this past Saturday! The whole family enjoyed the giveaways: scarves, food, gloves, etc. The scarves and gloves were especially welcome on that cold, brisk morning! Aside from having to run uphill the last mile of the course, the run was really great.

A worn out (yet pain free) 5th


Dear Colleague,

Next time I agree to work for you, if you find someone else please just call to let me know. I would have much rather slept in Sunday morning instead of arriving to work at O: dark-thirty (only to find I was not needed).  Oh well…I used the extra time for prayer and meditation. Heaven knows I needed to!

A weary Respiratory 5th


Dear Carolina Panthers,

Next week please invite the defense to show up. Thank you very much.

A still hopeful, 5th


Dear Cable TV,

Not sure if I’m going to miss you or not, seeing how I don’t watch that much television (aside from football, an occasional food show, and my guilty pleasure, Ghost Hunters). You see, Mr. Sister has found a new hobby…redesigning how we view TV at home…it involves our own DVR system, computers, internet, and lots of magic fairy dust.  I’m sure it will mean adding a few more remote controls to our already overflowing arsenal!

An ambivalent 5th


Dear Cleaning Lady,

I fear it is time to let you go. I believe your judgment has become impaired. I am still resenting the fact that my wedding ring, the one Mr. Sister and I designed ourselves, the one containing diamonds and sapphires, went missing when you invited your daughter’s boyfriend to help you clean. I will give you one month’s notice and will still insist you come by yourself. I am sorry it has to be this way.  

A disappointed 5th


Dear Bloggers,

My blog reader has been “messed up” this past week so I have not been able to visit as I normally do. Hopefully whatever bug was in the system has been cleaned up. I will try to be a better blog friend!

Your blogging buddy 5th


Cheryl said...

Dear 5th,

Sounds like a pretty messed up week except for the family run. Hope this week improves.

A empathetic blogger.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

I'm still waiting for Ghost Hunters to come on Netflix! I miss it a lot since we got rid of cable. I started watching Breaking Bad and Mad Men, though, and those are pretty good.
Sorry about your shady housekeeper and kudos on the race.

Christine said...

I have leaving comments issues too, when that happens it seems to ruin my whole day, good for you on the run, I always admire that in people.

Brian Miller said...

oh man...that stinks on the cleaning lady...i am not sure pittsburg has a line...glad you had fun this weekend!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Oh, wow, that's awful about your ring! You are awfully generous to give her a month's notice. What a nasty situation!

Monkey Man said...

Ghost Adventures for the Monkey clan. We just love to make fun of them. That is assuming I can find the right remote in our remote basket. Yes, a basket devoted to remotes. Better than leaving them all over the house.

Willoughby said...

High five on completing your race, and doing so pain free!


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