Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary...5 Days Late!

I just realized I had an anniversary.
5 days ago.
It completely slipped my mind!
I guess I've been too involved
and occupied with certain endeavors.
I cannot believe it went by unnoticed.

What anniversary you ask?
Well, you see, it was 2 years ago,
November 25,
that this blog was born.
It started simply and humbly.
It is my fervent hope that it has stayed as such.

Blogging has opened a whole new world unto me.
I have grown, matured and have been
inspired by the many friends I have made
along the way.

My faith is stronger.
My mind has been opened.
I've even participated in a good healthy debate,
a time or two, when opinions differed.
But never have they ended with grudges and hurt feelings
as it sometimes does in "real life".

My capacity to love has grown immensely.
I've developed a unique style of writing.
I've even found my humor as well...
With thanks to all of you.
For if it were not for you,
for your encouragement,
I'm not so sure I would have ever found my voice.

Although painful at times,
this metamorphosis, if you will
has been a necessary process for me.
As a dear friend so aptly put it,
"It's either this or go crazy!"

I've grown to love and care for so many of you.
And I have felt that love returned 100 fold.
Thank you for joining me
along this journey towards self discovery.

Beats a mid-life crisis any day!

God bless you all!

Addendum: I would like to take a moment to offer a silent prayer for my brother Mark and my brother-in-law Larry. Both of whom were born on this day and both of whom who were taken from us too early. May they eternally rest in Christ's peace.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Microfiction Monday #59: The Misunderstanding

No, King Charles,
you misunderstand.
The fair maiden Heather is NOT for sale.
What I asked was, 
“How much are you willing to spend
per HEIFER?”


Micro-fiction Monday is a fun, weekly meme hosted by Susan over at Stony RiverShe provides the photo prompt and we provide the "micro-fiction", which is limited to 140 characters total. Please check out the link for some truly phenomenal stories and prose. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday 160: Home Again

(photo from last Christmas)

Ah, to be home again
Visiting family is fun
But there is something to be said
About sleeping in your own bed
Hanging out in jammies
and watching your own shows on TV


To participate in this weekly meme (where you have a total of 160 characters to write your prose or thoughts) or to read some really fantastic entries, please go visit my friend the Monkey Man. You won’t be sorry!

Saturday Centus: Virgo

(image from Google Images and Gemharmony.com)

Your imagination might conjure stories or pictures that you want to memorialize through writing or painting, but a lack of self-confidence might discourage you. However, it's probably a good idea to do it anyway. These ideas come from deep inside you. Giving them shape could represent a release from old traumas. Keep your work hidden in a drawer if you don't like it.


“HA!” she thought to herself, “My stories all seem to go to that deep, dark place. Why dredge up the old pain of festering wounds and long forgotten memories of horrors unimaginable?”  

But where had that gotten her so far? Her fears kept her from pursuing her dreams and talents all for the sake of appeasing others. She had put her true self on the back burner so long ago. You see, that was her escape…for if she hid her true nature, maybe, just maybe, she would find the acceptance, love, and happiness that have eluded her all these years. 


Jenny threw us another loop this week! We were to use our daily horoscope as our prompt to write our 100 word essay around. What a fun change up! Thanks, Jenny for always keeping it interesting. To see the fantastic stories of other bloggers, please click on the link below. 

Jenny Matlock

Horoscope from www.horoscope.com

Friday, November 26, 2010

Flash Friday 55: The Addiction

Hiding in secret
Attempting to get that quick fix
That emotional release
From the pain of
Burying thoughts, words,
Fantasies, ideals, faith,
And even political beliefs
Blessed relief coming
As I step into the dark, empty bedroom
Reaching down into my bag
Pulling out my laptop
Denying no more
My addiction to blogging


Flash Friday 55 is where you must compose a poem or short story in exactly 55 words. For more information on this meme, or to participate, please go visit G-Man at Mr. Know it All.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: Thankfulness Through the Alphabet

Anchovies for my pizza,
Artists for their Art
Bethany, my daughter,
Books that make me smart

Carols at Christmas time,
Cabins far from city lights
Daisy, my silly dog,
Dreams within deepest nights

Epiphanies that startle me,
Earthworms in the dirt
Friends that I’m fond of,
And comfy flannel shirts

Goofy grins from giggling girls,
God’s grace from prayers I’ve said
Heating pads that keep me warm
And the hair upon my head

Incandescent light bulbs,
Imaginative prose I’ve read
Jokes that make me laugh out loud
The jammies I wear to bed

Kansas trips in springtime,
Kisses from my kids
Lemon drops and lollipops,
Love’s lingering, seductive bid

Mr. Sister and Munchie-Boy,
The men I love the most
Noodles and noontime naps,
The North Carolina coast

Otters, opera and ottomans
Olives of all types
That perfect parking spot
And purple plums so ripe

Quirky humor, quality time,
Quiet moments with my quill
Radios, red robins,
And rubies that are real

Soft, snug sweaters, sisters, 
Sunsets at the beach
Thrift shops, trail mix and
Tea within my reach

Umbrellas, ukuleles,
Utensils for my food
Vacuums, my right to vote,
Vacations to change my mood

Waterfalls and written words,
Wandering walks within the wood
X, the cross of Christ’s crucifixion
and the one I carry, for my own good

Yardsticks to measure with,
Yeast for the bread I slice
Zippers to keep my pants in place
And my new found zest for life.

So many things to be grateful for
I’ve saved the best for last
For I am thankful for all of you
Who read these rhymes I draft!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jenny Matlock

Monday, November 22, 2010

Microfiction Monday #58: Fall Festival Bloopers

Bubba asked Junior, “How much corn could you shuck?”
Junior thought he heard, “What would you do for a buck?”
His suspension ends in 2 weeks. 


Micro-fiction Monday is a fun, weekly meme hosted by Susan over at Stony RiverShe provides the photo prompt and we provide the "micro-fiction", which is limited to 140 characters total. Please check out the link for some truly phenomenal stories and prose. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday 160: Her Mission

Fuzzy remnants of sleep cling
to the edges of consciousness
as she arises to make a difference
and save the world
(her tiny part of it, anyway) 


Happy Respiratory Care Week (1 month late-oops!)


To participate in this weekly meme (where you have a total of 160 characters to write your prose or thoughts) or to read some really fantastic entries, please go visit my friend the Monkey Man. You won’t be sorry!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alphabet-Thursday/Flash Friday 55: I is for Inebriation

Insecurity the cause
Isolation the means
Insanity the result

Irrational excuses
Insidious disease
Inescapable grasp

Internal battle
Incapacitated will
Inevitable the injuries

Infidelity in
this worshipping
of false idols
discovered in dregs,
of indulgent, insatiable,
impulsive imbibing.

God’s insistent, indeed.
Incredibly forgiving.
He alone ignites the initiative...
insight, necessary to face those
inconvenient, important


Jenny Matlock


Flash Friday 55 is where you must compose a poem or short story in exactly 55 words. For more information on this meme, or to participate, please go visit G-Man at Mr. Know it All. 


Image above courtesy of TLC and Google Images

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday: Accidents

Accidental frost…
Unexpected winter’s breath…
Braving season’s chill

Colorful parkas,
Mittens, scarves flowing freely;
Surfing wintertide.


Join the fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Microfiction Monday #57: La Picazón

So happy was Pablo
when Señor Gonzalez made his departure
and he could FINALLY relieve
(under his blessed poncho)
that most embarrassing itch


The title of this piece,  La Picazón, means "The Itch" in Spanish.

Micro-fiction Monday is a fun, weekly meme hosted by Susan over at Stony RiverShe provides the photo prompt and we provide the "micro-fiction", which is limited to 140 characters total. Please check out the link for some truly phenomenal stories and prose. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday 160: In the Way of Progress

A massacre of sorts is happening in town
A senseless slaughter and
indiscriminate death to those unfortunate ones
in the way of progress:
the widening of Highway 23


True story. What we loved about our town when we moved here (it's quaint and unique character, the tree lined streets and smaller size) is quickly changing. Now our population has doubled, an asphalt jungle has risen in the name of shopping convenience, traffic is a nightmare and the beautiful, old, majestic trees are being bulldozed to make room for the widening of Highway 23, a main corridor through our community. I realize the necessity but it doesn't make it any less sad. In any case, is this really progress and at what expense?

I really wish I had thought of taking before and after photos. Quite a difference for sure.


To participate in this weekly themed writing, or to read other contributions, please go visit Monkey Man.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Centus: Coming Home

The early November sunshine cast golden rays through the slits of the shabby shutters. Arising, throwing open the sash; she is greeted by majestic beauty. This is her place, her sanctuary.  

The metaphor is not lost upon her.

Similarly when emotions and memories of her past became overwhelming, she, like this old mountain cabin, would shut herself off from the outside world, securely lashing those shutters, fending off those wicked, winter winds that came in the form of nocturnal nightmares.  

But now that she has come home, she’s open and ready to embrace life’s splendid design; the divine plan God has for her. And it is pleasing. 


Jenny Matlock

I am participating in Ms. Jenny's Saturday Centus. This is where she provides a prompt and you only have up to 100 additional words to design a story or prose. This week's prompt is golden yellow in the story above. 

Please consider heading over to Jenny's blog to join in on the fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flash Friday 55: No Time to Write

Finding it extremely difficult to compose
For there is a dog demanding attention
A family needing tending
An art project underway
Errands to be run
And chores to be begun.
When I asked my daughter to give me a topic
All she said to me was,
“I don’t know.
How about no time to write?”


To join the fun and to read some really terrific short stories, please go visit the G-Man at Mr. Know it All. 


Well, tonight's the big night. Munchie Boy, as part of the student council, has been busy decorating and selling tickets to the middle school dance. This is the most talked about and must attend event of the year! And it happens tonight! And for those familiar with my blog, you know how Munchie LOVES to dance. Don't believe me? If you haven't already, check him out HERE


I have an art project underway. I hope it turns out as I envision. I'm not sure about my color combinations and I have a few more "layers" to go before I decide if the color choices are working. I thought I might provide you all with a sneak peek and give you a pictorial view of the evolution thus far. 


Well, that is all for today....must get back to the tasks at hand.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

H is for Hungering Hope

Hungering for a hint of hope
He falls upon his knees
Praying to his God above
“Hey You! A little help here, please.”

“I know I haven’t made the time
To have you in my life…
You think that is maybe why
It’s been filled with strife?”

“I come before you, humbly now,
Heart hardened by hurtful past
Honestly seeking heaven’s hand
From this hell to be cast.”

“I thank you, God, for hearing me
As I hunch before thy throne.
Ready to heed thy holy word
And dwell within thy home." 


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits: November 9, 2010

Dear Munchie Boy,

I think you are finding your niche quite nicely. Your latest YouTube video shows flashes of brilliance, although I think it ended a bit too abruptly. Regardless, it made me laugh and 99Maddrummer is the perfect foil to you,  the Untoasted Waffle extraordinaire!

Hmmmm. I don't know which event is my favorite. The dance contest and the sleeping competition were particularly compelling and are probably my personal faves!

A still chuckling Mama 5th


Dear 6 Point Buck,

You are going to get seriously hurt or seriously hurt someone if you insist on running into rush hour traffic at break neck speed! Regardless of the initial fright you gave us it was really quite a treat to see you up close and personal like that.

A nature lovin' 5th


Dear Mr. Sister,

I realize work has been extremely stressful for you lately. That, coupled with the stresses I've been dealing with makes for a potentially volatile combination. I tell you what...since we are both off work on Thursday, let's do something fun, 'kay? So, what would you like to do? 

A stressing about stressing 5th


Dear Family,

When a crisis of sorts happens on the home front and I am at work, I am sorry to be the one to tell you this: there is truly nothing I can do about it. At least not until I return home after my 12 hour shift. I have faith that you all can handle it. Really.You can.

Your hardworking 5th


Dear Daisy,

Seriously? You killed 2 cardinals while I was at work? A mama bird AND a papa one, too? I know it's in your nature to be a bird dog but what has gotten into you? I just finished bragging about you to all my cyber friends and you go and pull a stunt like this. Daisy, leave the birds alone. Now squirrels, on the other hand, are fair game.

A Songbird lovin' 5th


Dear Carolina Panthers,

Um, well, I hate to admit this (and believe me, I don't go around using the language I'm about to) but since I am one of your most ardent fans I think I should be the one to tell you that YOU REALLY SUCK! I know, I know. Facing the truth about oneself can be quite difficult. And facing the truth about a team you dearly love hurts. It hurts bad.

A frustrated 5th


Dear Dreams,

At least you've been entertaining of late. Dreaming about having dreadlocks was certainly interesting and who knew I could rock that look. Maybe I should book an appointment at the nearest reggae salon. Or better yet, have Mr. Sister book a flight to Jamaica!

A future dread-headed 5th


My Tuesday is the busiest day of the week and I will be out and about all day. I hope your Tuesday is kind to you. Have a great day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Microfiction Monday #56: New Beginnings

After years of hiding
behind murky memories
& within distant dreamscapes
She, the inner child,
decided it was time for her
to forge her own path.


This is a fun, weekly meme hosted by Susan over at Stony River.
She provides the photo prompt and we provide the "micro-fiction"
which is limited to 140 characters total.

Sunday 160: Ode to Daisy

She greets me every morning with
Unconditional love,
And anticipation of
1st touch.

What shall it be?
Belly rubs?
Neck hugs?
Muzzle nuzzles?

She requires all 3!


To participate or read other samples of this new genre of fiction, 
please visit Monkey ManThe idea behind Sunday 160 
is to write a short piece in exactly160 characters, 
spaces included. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flash Friday 55: Child's Nightmare

Nightmares haunted her…
She needed a trusted adult,
Unfortunately, those in her life were anything but.
What about others?
The lifeguard?  Too busy working her whistle.
The friendly old lady next door?  Hard of hearing.
The babysitter retaliated,
imprisoning her within confines
of a grubby, grimy playpen.
She vowed then, someday, somehow, she would escape. 


I am participating in Flash Friday 55, a meme hosted by our very own Mr. Know it All (aka G-Man). The purpose is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words, no more, no less. Care to join the fun? Just link up in G-Man's comment section.

G is for the Goose and the Gander

The Goose gazed at the Gander
In all his feathered glory
Giggling at his silly jokes
Laughing at his stories

The Gander gazed right back at her
She gentle and fair of face
He pondered at her gaiety
And her manner, filled with grace

The Goose, all giddy with delight,
Kindly gave the gander her wing
When upon bended knee he dropped
He grasped it, offering a ring

The Gander gallantly promised
A gilded life of love, of glee
If she would but grant his wish…
The Goose accepted, graciously

But life is not a fairytale
With happily ever-afters
Sometimes tears of grief are shed
In place of joyful laughter.

In those moments, the Goose sought God
And prayed for guidance from He
She offered prayers for Gander, too
For he was as wounded as she.

By doing so the goose had gleaned,
Through prayers to her God above
By grappling with the gritty truth,
Their souls are girded with love. 

All will be well, all will be good
There is a destiny to fulfill
Ridding selfishness and greediness
Guided by God’s mercy and will. 


Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday: Directions

The trail splinters off
She chooses the way of Truth
Chaos left behind

Following the lead
Of others who've forged the way
Destination: Hope


Join the fun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On This Day in 1959

...a baby boy was born 
in the frozen tundra of Northern Ohio, 
along the shores of Lake Erie. 
That boy grew up to be the man I married. 
Happy birthday Mr. Sister! 

For your entertainment, here are other 1959 classics:

All "Classic" images courtesy of Google Images

Monday, November 1, 2010

Microfiction Monday, Halloween Pictorial, and Musings

The wolf made such a lasting impression
on Little Red Riding Hood
that right then and there
(being true to herself)
she let her inner witch out

For details on the "rules" of participation, please visit Susan over at Stony River.


Our Halloween Pictorial

Four Gourds Gutted

Here is what became of them.
The "Apple", carved by Bethany,
was the hit of the night 
and frightened many a PC user. 

Hello. My name is Minerva McGonnigal,
Headmistress of Gryffindor House. 

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite student,
Harry Potter.
(yes, I know Munch was Harry last year
but he really liked his costume)

Grayback showed up in our kitchen
in search of his prey, the young Potter boy. 

Harry, being the masterful wizard he is,
subdues Grayback, with the help of his Godfather,
Sirius Black (in animagus form).

Bethany was going to a party at the Church.
She is St. Felicity, a slave of St. Perpetua
in the 3rd century AD. 
She was martyred for her faith 
shortly after giving birth to her baby. 

Good friends and neighbors 
ready for All Hallow's Eve.


It's just too painful to talk about the Carolina Panthers so I won't. 


Before I close I must tell you a story:  Mr. Sister and I attended a Halloween costume party Friday night. A woman, scantily clad as a firefighter, came up to my husband and said, "Did you come alone, because you certainly are the pick of the litter!"  Apparently I was near but I did not hear this. It gave me a good chuckle when Mr. Sister relayed the pick up line to me. I believe he was quite flattered. I know I was because I certainly do have "the pick of the litter"!


That's it for today. Make it a great week, my friends and enjoy this beautiful autumn weather. 


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