Friday, November 26, 2010

Flash Friday 55: The Addiction

Hiding in secret
Attempting to get that quick fix
That emotional release
From the pain of
Burying thoughts, words,
Fantasies, ideals, faith,
And even political beliefs
Blessed relief coming
As I step into the dark, empty bedroom
Reaching down into my bag
Pulling out my laptop
Denying no more
My addiction to blogging


Flash Friday 55 is where you must compose a poem or short story in exactly 55 words. For more information on this meme, or to participate, please go visit G-Man at Mr. Know it All.


Cheryl said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's clever. I couldn't do that so I take my hat off to you.
well done!

Purple Flowers said...

Very well done.

Tina said...

You probably know where I was going with this. Totally cool twist. Am so there myself...

forever lost said...

nice twist and a much "healthier" addiction LOL

Bubba said...

I just wonder why you're hiding it.

Interesting post.


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