Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flash Friday 55: This Tiny Twig

this tiny twig,
a sliver,
if you will,
or so it seemed,
from middle
of my palm
into budding branch…
appalled, yet curious,
I slowly pull,
for roots run deeply
surely leaving scars…
upon closer inspection,
sprigs, offshoots,
are forming elsewhere
upon this hand…
I’m persistently pruning…
tender flesh beware


Another poem from a dream. I see some symbolism here so it makes a bit of sense to me. Even if it makes no sense to you, I do hope you enjoy my effort. For more "flashes" of inspiration, please visit Mr. Know It All at the link below:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Microfiction Wednesday: April 27, 2011

Poor Maude
Lately, she was becoming forgetful
Like now,
having no idea where she was,
she thought it the perfect time
to don her thinking cap


Micro-fiction, at least the one I participate in, is writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) to a photo prompt. I make it my goal to always use 140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is the new host and furnishes us with really dynamic photos to use. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules of the meme. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Met the Pope: Dream Poetry

I met the pope aboard
a sailing ship from sea
docked along a busy street
in waters rough and deep

He greets me in his glory
his vestments gold and red
I kneeled, receiving blessing
and ate the sacred bread

When stepping off the vessel
tides rose then raged and roiled
The ocean on city boulevard
in turbulent state embroiled

I turn to run but stop
willing to be catechized
even though that hallowed yacht
has been broken; now capsized. 

I watch the boat as it sinks
survivors are but a few
the Pontiff is not one of them
just members of loyal crew

In spite of what just happened
I continue this life’s sojourn
I gather belongings slowly
allowing time to mourn

I decide to leave my baggage
as offering, paying homage
before I journey onward
grateful for release of bondage


This poem is based on a dream I had Sunday night (Easter). It is very personal, filled with symbols profound and deeply meaningful. I hope you enjoy and that possibly some of the metaphors will be relevant for you as well. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings: April 25, 2011

Dear Munchie-Boy,

You have spent the entire week camping out on the back deck. Daisy was delighted to share that special bonding time with you. Unfortunately spring break is over and you must sleep in your own bed now.

Mama 5th


Dear Department Manager,

Thank you for the new schedule beginning July. My family and I look forward to spending more time together on the weekends. And my body thanks you for the end of my 3 12's in a row. You're the best!

5th Sister, RRT


Dear God,

It was humbling to see your angels at work over Easter weekend...calling home those suffering souls in time to see the resurrected Christ.

A prayerful 5th


Dear child of mine (who shall not be named),

You've had your license for 2 months. I really don't want to have to take you for remedial driving lessons, but that just might be the case. At least the right rear fender now matches the left. Sigh.

Mama 5th


Dear Hospital Administration,

The Easter candy was so thoughtful! Thank you for thinking of those of us working this most sacred of holidays. I especially enjoyed the Reese's eggs and the Smarties!

A Chocoholic 5th


Dear Medical Bills,

It's really okay with me should you decide to make a clean break and not appear unexpectedly in my mailbox anymore. Just when I think we're at the point where we can say our goodbyes, you show up, unannounced. Please, let's be amicable about this and call it quits. I promise you I won't take it hard. I will not be staying up late at night shedding tears, nor will I be crying over the Due Upon Receipt letters that, hopefully, stop showing up. It's best this way. Really.

A financially strapped 5th


Dear Songbirds,

Welcome home!

A delighted 5th


Dear Carpool,

Here we go again.

A peeved and annoyed 5th


It is now time to begin the day...and it appears it will be a beautiful day indeed, for the sun is shining and the birds are singing. The pollen even appears to be abating. All causes for a joy filled heart. May your week be a special one. is all in how you look at life: an attitude of gratitude. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flash Friday 55: School Lunch

Mama fried bologna
served it hot from the pan
between mustard glazed
slices of Wonder

We sipped Tang
from recycled Jelly Jars
w/Flinstone characters
in leaded paint

Watching  Little Rascals
on the Black and White
laughing, loving
Alfalfa and Buckwheat

This was lunch
in grammar school days
before school cafeterias
and No Child Left Behind


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Affects of Addiction

Anger lies beneath
surface of conscious thought
first strike

Apathy wraps around
compassionate spirit
authentic will

Ambivalence invades
plundering faith
spiritual truths

Ardor misappropriates
selfless love into
by misusing
life once worth living


Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Microfiction Wednesday: April 20, 2011

patiently plotting revenge
upon rule breakers
cutting in carpool line:
privileged brats
enabled by a wannabe
wearing yellow vest & silver whistle


Dianne Estrella has been so kind to volunteer to host this meme vacated by Susan of Stony River. Please go visit Dianne's blog, That's What I'm Here Forfor complete rules and to read other entries in this weekly challenge. 

The above photo is copyrighted by Ashley Sisk and is used with permission for this meme. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday Musings (on a Tuesday Morning): April 19, 2011

Dear Dreams,

I truly treasure the fact that you believe I am capable of participating in a beauty pageant with the likes of Britney Spears and my lovely daughter. However, if I am going to compete, I’d appreciate it if you supply me with the appropriate accouterments’:  evening gown, swim suit, and talent. Oh, and a copy of the rules, too, would have been nice. Who would have thought that my marriage disqualified me for competition?

A disappointed (but secretly relieved) 5th


Dear God,

Thank you for the manifestation of your love, mercy, and omnipotence these past few weeks. May I always remember this moment in time should I ever experience doubt or self pity again.

A humble and contrite 5th


Dear Allergies,

It’s just not working out for me. I do believe that it would be best if we part ways. I wish I could tell you that I would miss the way you make my eyes itch and tear, or the way my nose would drip at the most inopportune times, or even those sudden sneezes that would catch me off guard and startle the dog...but that would not be true. I also wish I could tell you that it’s “me and not you”, that this is harder for me than you, or that someday, maybe, we can work things out...but I’d be lying.  I even wish I could tell you that I will miss you. Unfortunately, both you and I know that won’t be the case. A clean break is best.

You may keep the tissues.

Formerly yours,

A soupy, sniffling, and snotty 5th


Dear Mourning Doves,

I respectively ask you to cease and desist in your taunting of the dog, especially during the early morning hours.

A sleepy 5th


Dear Munch,

Sleeping out on the deck 2 nights in a row? Is this how you plan on spending your Spring Break? You must be staying up really late at night and be extra exhausted if you can sleep through Daisy’s barking at taunting birds. Oh, and you’re going to have to get up pretty soon and do your chores if you want to see that movie this afternoon. Up and at’em!

Your mean Mama 5th


Have a happy Easter/Passover break, Everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday 160: Dream #4


Smoked Lace?

a) Name of feral cat I took care of in a dream (in order to earn college credit)
b) A tasty new treat
c) What I did just prior to going to bed


Some of you, who know me on Facebook, are privy to random postings containing snippets of various dreams I have. Based on the sheer craziness of many of these dreams, I would not put it past these friends to choose C.  The correct answer, however, is A. 

I love my dreams.They are quite entertaining and many give subtle, and not so subtle, clues to the subconscious. The following, a dream which occurred just last night, is a really good example:

I found myself a 2nd job at another local hospital. Part of my duties entailed participating in an afternoon cooking contest using a mystery ingredient. I was literally “floored” to find out my mystery ingredient was a carpet remnant.

So I did what any clever cook would do. I first roasted the remnant to bring out its natural savory goodness. I then trimmed and deep fried the carpet threads until nice and perfectly crispy. After which I ground them into a fine powder and added it to a mix and made churros. Unfortunately, I woke up before judging was completed. 


The purpose of Sunday 160 is to write a story or prose in EXACTLY 160 characters. Please go visit host extraordinaire, Monkey Man, to play along or read other offerings. I hope you enjoyed my little contribution. 


Friday, April 15, 2011

Flash Friday 55: The Crosses We Bear

Like solid rock on shifting sand
faith is tested
demons wrested
we protested
hanging on to selfishness

Worldly things cause our
ego thrusting
instead of trusting
and readjusting
attitudes toward higher will

Maybe the moral of this
simple story
is take inventory
and behold the Glory
God has in store

“Thy will, not mine, anymore”


Time got away from me this week...many activities gearing up for Spring Break and Easter. I wish I had time to spend on this more but it is what it is and is my free flow verse (with a bit of rhyme) for the day. Have a great Friday!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesday's Topic: Pop Quiz

What is wrong with this X-Ray?

a) Fractured proximal right middle phalange over the growth plate, a result of a freak accident.
b) Munchie, using his middle digit,  is pointing the way to San Jose.

Identify what this woman is saying:

a) "Turn your head and cough"
b) "Take a deep breath" 
c) "This won't hurt a bit"
d) All of the above

Using visual clues, identify the food within this container:

a) The makings of the WORST free meal...ever!
b) Trick question...nothing remotely resembling food is presented here. 

What do the following photos represent?

(photos from Google Images)

a) Wonder diapers, on sale now, for that incontinent pet of yours!
b) A visual representation of the confusion created in a recent corroboration story amongst Facebook friends;  specifically, when one author wrote of Mr. Frisker's "short pants". Other contributers took it literal as in "garment of clothing". The writer's original intent was to mean brief bursts of breath (i.e. panting). Much hilarity ensued.

Interpret the following photo:

(photo from Google Images)

a) Nothing to interpret...literally a badger terrorizing a dear friend
b) A metaphor for what it feels like to get up at 4:30 am
c) The mental state when one is deprived of caffeine and/or chocolate for a day

Who are these people and what are they up to?

a) They are devoted, disgruntled, and disgraced Carolina Panther fans attempting to hide their true identities. 
b) They are super top secret agents discussing their super top secret mission in a super top secret location

Munchie's girth is caused by:

a) Too many Pop Tarts
b) Attempting to warm up over a heater vent

Mr. Sister is:

a) Overjoyed about opening day at the local ice cream shop
b) Testing his Brain Freeze Theory which states that the degree of brain freeze is directly proportional to the size of one's cone.

Identify the event:

a) A local school carpool line moving very slowly due to the inept man in the yellow vest
b) The great American "Idle"

Attach the appropriate phrase to the following photo:

a) "Happy cows" aren't just from California
b) Party's over...the cows came home.

Describe, in one sentence, what is happening this picture:

a) The Dementors are testing their new high tech soul removal device on an unsuspecting muggle
b) A very thrifty woman cashing in her Groupon for a teeth brightening service

What just happened ?

a) Munchie, demonstrating his amazing prowess with the "claw" machine.
b) Munchie, adding to the already booming stuffed menagerie population at the Sister House.
c) A gambling habit emerging: being encouraged and developed by consistent winnings at the hand of the claw.
d) All of the above. 


All photos, unless otherwise noted, are copyright of The 5th Sister.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday/Flash Friday 55: Z is Not the End

our journey has unfolded
from alpha through to zed
our story isn’t ending…
barely beginning instead
this zenith; this vantage point
gives clue to roads ahead
it’s time to make choices;
which paths we choose to tread
trusting insights we’ve gleaned
through joys and tears we’ve shed
weaving our life’s tapestry
from many different threads


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits: April 5, 2011

Dear Daisy,

I know the thunderstorms were pretty bad last night and frightened you. And you know that you are not allowed upstairs. As the one who has the most sympathy for you I feel the need to warn you: sneaking into the bedroom and lying at Mr. Sister's side of the bed won't score you any points.

Your human,
Mama 5th


Dear Swim Coach,

Please be advised that if a child injures himself, under your care, the parents need to be informed right away. As it was, when we picked up the Munch at 8:00pm, it was too late for Urgent Care and a late night trip to the ER was necessary.  Diagnosis: Fracture. Treatment plan: ice, pain medication, a visit to the orthopedic specialist, and limited use of right hand for the next few weeks. I will give you kudos for the marvelous splint job (the ER doctor was impressed). However, making him swim after the injury takes away any bonus points you may have earned.

In closing,
Mama Bear 5th

UPDATE: Just spoke with the coach...putting her perspective and Munchie Boy's together has allowed me to see the bigger picture. Munch did not complain of hand pain initially. The coach looked at it and there was no swelling at that time.The coach did not have him do any strokes or work his hand in any way...streamlining and kicks only. The coach made Munch stop when noticible swelling developed. The injury occurred later in practice then what we had initially thought. By the time any swelling or complaints of pain happened, Mr. Sister was on his way to pick him up. We've all learned something from this, especially the coach. I was very pleased with her phone call and assured her that I know accidents will and do happen. That is life. She made her amends and was quite contrite. I'm sure this was a difficult call for her to make. By the way...Munch is doing better this morning. The swelling is down. His ortho appointment is tomorrow afternoon (the doctor looked at the X-Ray and felt it was okay to wait a day to see him) and we will go from there. Thank you for all of your sincere concern. My bloggy buddies are the BEST!


Dear Life,

Why is it, that when I have plans in place you throw me a curve-ball? I really don't want to be batting in this ball game! Thankfully, I have the free will to choose whether to play along or not. I'll sit this inning out, thank you very much.

Player #5


Dear Spring,

Please be advised that my lawyer will be contacting you shortly with a cease and desist order. Your pollen is no longer welcome at the Sister House.

Litigiously yours,
Mr., Mrs. and the Little Sisters


Dear Ms. Jenny,

The box of sunshine arrived on our doorstep just when we needed it most! I guess when life gives us lemons, it's time to make lemonade! (and lemon curd, lemon meringue pie, lemon cake, etc...)

Your pal and biggest fan,
5th Sister


That is all for now. Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Centus: Exit 181

It's that time again...another story, 100 words or less, based upon a single prompt. This week's prompt is in green.


The sign caught her off guard: Exit 181, ½ mile ahead. She veers off and pulls into the Quick Stop, finding an inconspicuous parking spot near the back of the station.  Panic begins to set in. What, in heaven’s name, is she doing here?  Could she really go through with this? She thought of her family back home:  the kids depending upon her, the husband supporting her. Deep down she knew what was right. With determination, a silent prayer, and a heavy sigh she pulls out, continuing her journey towards recovery, ever grateful for the intervention of the previous night. 


Jenny Matlock

Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash Friday 55: A Very Lame, Late Post

"55 is the limit!"
so sayeth G, the Man,
challenging our synapses
just to see if we can
write a short story,
a poetic stanza or two
what words do we choose?
which simply won't do?
begin with a topic
an idea - fresh and unique
"write, parse, edit...repeat"
becomes our mantra, each and every week!


Y is for Saying Yes

I’ve cried yes to childhood dreams
to hopes, desires, promises implied
only to capture, cage, stifle them
by burying deep inside

I’ve shouted yes to magic spells
enchantments invoked, conjured, cast
captivating, bewitching me;
part of wizarding man’s craft

I’ve whispered yes to forbidden fruit
harvested, fermented from vintner’s vine
a potion to numb my fears;
courage from bottled wine

Yearning to find a way out
of messes my yesses have wrought
gathering tools, weapons, skills
as internal battle is fought

I’ve learned the only yes that counts
is to Spirit, Father, and Son
for all that’s truly necessary
is Their will, not mine, be done


I found "Y" to be particularly difficult this go round. I struggled to come up with enough words beginning with Y to make write a prose of any sense. So instead, I'm offering something a little different from my usual alliterative "alphabet style". I based a poem around one word. I'm not sure if it's successful or not, but it is what it is. Enjoy. 


Jenny Matlock


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