Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits: April 5, 2011

Dear Daisy,

I know the thunderstorms were pretty bad last night and frightened you. And you know that you are not allowed upstairs. As the one who has the most sympathy for you I feel the need to warn you: sneaking into the bedroom and lying at Mr. Sister's side of the bed won't score you any points.

Your human,
Mama 5th


Dear Swim Coach,

Please be advised that if a child injures himself, under your care, the parents need to be informed right away. As it was, when we picked up the Munch at 8:00pm, it was too late for Urgent Care and a late night trip to the ER was necessary.  Diagnosis: Fracture. Treatment plan: ice, pain medication, a visit to the orthopedic specialist, and limited use of right hand for the next few weeks. I will give you kudos for the marvelous splint job (the ER doctor was impressed). However, making him swim after the injury takes away any bonus points you may have earned.

In closing,
Mama Bear 5th

UPDATE: Just spoke with the coach...putting her perspective and Munchie Boy's together has allowed me to see the bigger picture. Munch did not complain of hand pain initially. The coach looked at it and there was no swelling at that time.The coach did not have him do any strokes or work his hand in any way...streamlining and kicks only. The coach made Munch stop when noticible swelling developed. The injury occurred later in practice then what we had initially thought. By the time any swelling or complaints of pain happened, Mr. Sister was on his way to pick him up. We've all learned something from this, especially the coach. I was very pleased with her phone call and assured her that I know accidents will and do happen. That is life. She made her amends and was quite contrite. I'm sure this was a difficult call for her to make. By the way...Munch is doing better this morning. The swelling is down. His ortho appointment is tomorrow afternoon (the doctor looked at the X-Ray and felt it was okay to wait a day to see him) and we will go from there. Thank you for all of your sincere concern. My bloggy buddies are the BEST!


Dear Life,

Why is it, that when I have plans in place you throw me a curve-ball? I really don't want to be batting in this ball game! Thankfully, I have the free will to choose whether to play along or not. I'll sit this inning out, thank you very much.

Player #5


Dear Spring,

Please be advised that my lawyer will be contacting you shortly with a cease and desist order. Your pollen is no longer welcome at the Sister House.

Litigiously yours,
Mr., Mrs. and the Little Sisters


Dear Ms. Jenny,

The box of sunshine arrived on our doorstep just when we needed it most! I guess when life gives us lemons, it's time to make lemonade! (and lemon curd, lemon meringue pie, lemon cake, etc...)

Your pal and biggest fan,
5th Sister


That is all for now. Happy Tuesday!


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Dear 5th Sister,

Your participation in life is mandatory and not subject to the whims of your desires.

In the future, please roll with the punches and refrain from issuing complaints, as they only make everybody miserable, which is not your job but mine.

Best regards,

(LOL! Loved this series, Polly!)

Willoughby said...

The coach made Munchie swim after he injured his hand? Okay, now I'm really mad! Good splint or not, that's just wrong!

I hope spring understands that, while the pollen is not welcome, spring herself may still stick around. I can't stand the thought of any more winter weather.

Isn't Jenny fabulous????

Anonymous said...

Dear 5th,

Can you make this Tuesday end right now? Or at least stop this headache from turning into a migraine? I'd take both. Pretty please?



Brian Miller said...

dear swim coach,

that is negligence...making swim after the injury...ugh...

dear mother nature,

keep it up i slept so good with the rain, but can we cut back on the wind a bit.

Tracy said...

The whole broken bone thing would have pissed me off.

Morgan was at cheerleading camp her freshman year and something similar happened. She already had a broken arm in a cast and her coach pushed her - as a result, she broke it in yet another spot! AND even though she was in pain and sick, the coach would not call me. She snuck away and did, we brought her home and to her doc, and sure enough, new brake! pissed me off good!

Tina said...

He broke his arm??? Swimming? HOW does one do that?? Give him my sympathy, will you?
The Girl Who Has Broken Both Wrists, one of which is now fused:
Tina @ Life is Good

Joanna Jenkins said...

That's a lot going on. Glad Munch is doing okay and sorry the dog was so afraid of the storm.
Hang in there with the pollen. I'm in the same boat.
Cheers, jj

Raoulysgirl said...

I'm so glad to hear Munch is doing okay! Poor lil' guy!!! {HUGS}

And isn't it funny how we all wished and wished for Spring...and now that it's hear, we curse the pollen!?!?! Hope your nose is faring better than mine!!! {HUGS}

☆☆Mumsy said...

I'm glad Munchie feels better! Broken bone is a nightmare for me..

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

Dear Poly
Loved this one very much!
Thanks for your genuine gift of writing, insight, and the ability of prose.
B xx


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