Friday, April 15, 2011

Flash Friday 55: The Crosses We Bear

Like solid rock on shifting sand
faith is tested
demons wrested
we protested
hanging on to selfishness

Worldly things cause our
ego thrusting
instead of trusting
and readjusting
attitudes toward higher will

Maybe the moral of this
simple story
is take inventory
and behold the Glory
God has in store

“Thy will, not mine, anymore”


Time got away from me this week...many activities gearing up for Spring Break and Easter. I wish I had time to spend on this more but it is what it is and is my free flow verse (with a bit of rhyme) for the day. Have a great Friday!


dustus said...

"ego thrusting
instead of trusting"

5 words that speak volumes—within a 55 that expresses so much. Great work.

Brian Miller said...

love this one...has great flow and strikes a cord...nicely done...

Unknown said...

A simple message lyrically told. Nicely done.

- Alice

Olivia said...

Infact, it later turns out to be the best option possible!


Weekend Hugs xx

Monkey Man said...

Dustus pointed right at the meat of your 55. Perfect.

G-Man said...

The most spiritual and uplifting week in Our Faith is coming up this week. Palm Sunday..Good Friday55..Easter Sunday..Eat Everything in sight that you gave up!
You know you really choked me up a bit today with this Friday Flash 55.
And you know why...Thanks.
Loved your 55
have a Kick Ass Week-End

Steve Isaak said...

Excellent work.


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