Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday 160: Dream #4


Smoked Lace?

a) Name of feral cat I took care of in a dream (in order to earn college credit)
b) A tasty new treat
c) What I did just prior to going to bed


Some of you, who know me on Facebook, are privy to random postings containing snippets of various dreams I have. Based on the sheer craziness of many of these dreams, I would not put it past these friends to choose C.  The correct answer, however, is A. 

I love my dreams.They are quite entertaining and many give subtle, and not so subtle, clues to the subconscious. The following, a dream which occurred just last night, is a really good example:

I found myself a 2nd job at another local hospital. Part of my duties entailed participating in an afternoon cooking contest using a mystery ingredient. I was literally “floored” to find out my mystery ingredient was a carpet remnant.

So I did what any clever cook would do. I first roasted the remnant to bring out its natural savory goodness. I then trimmed and deep fried the carpet threads until nice and perfectly crispy. After which I ground them into a fine powder and added it to a mix and made churros. Unfortunately, I woke up before judging was completed. 


The purpose of Sunday 160 is to write a story or prose in EXACTLY 160 characters. Please go visit host extraordinaire, Monkey Man, to play along or read other offerings. I hope you enjoyed my little contribution. 



Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I'm so envious. I have trouble remembering my dreams. I retain snippets, but not the details that stick with you. What's your secret?

(I have paper and pen on the bedside table to write my dreams down as soon as I wake up, even if it is in the middle of the night. Still no consistency with remembering.)

G-Man said...

As long as they are good dreams it's cool...

Brian Miller said...

so you call it smoking lace? the thing you do before going to bed? hehe....

you have the most amazing dreams

Monkey Man said...

How fun. Won't tell you which one I would have picked. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160.

Olivia said...

My dreams are pre-cognitive most of the times! I never ignore any; however subtle or ugly it maybe. Often it tells me what is to come next!

Smoked Lace.. I love cats btw!
Awesome 160.. :D

Sunday Hugs xx

gayle said...

That is a very strange dream! I love to dream!

Jannie Funster said...

You're the second blogger I've read today of weird dreams.

All my dreams get sucked from my brain out my window by passing ghouls just before I awaken. I have some crazy-a$$ dreams, tho. Like... ones about me smoking lace and riding on cats backs while while dipping my toes into arctic lake water, at sunset, always at sunset.


gautami tripathy said...

Love the title!

"more" me


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