Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings: April 25, 2011

Dear Munchie-Boy,

You have spent the entire week camping out on the back deck. Daisy was delighted to share that special bonding time with you. Unfortunately spring break is over and you must sleep in your own bed now.

Mama 5th


Dear Department Manager,

Thank you for the new schedule beginning July. My family and I look forward to spending more time together on the weekends. And my body thanks you for the end of my 3 12's in a row. You're the best!

5th Sister, RRT


Dear God,

It was humbling to see your angels at work over Easter weekend...calling home those suffering souls in time to see the resurrected Christ.

A prayerful 5th


Dear child of mine (who shall not be named),

You've had your license for 2 months. I really don't want to have to take you for remedial driving lessons, but that just might be the case. At least the right rear fender now matches the left. Sigh.

Mama 5th


Dear Hospital Administration,

The Easter candy was so thoughtful! Thank you for thinking of those of us working this most sacred of holidays. I especially enjoyed the Reese's eggs and the Smarties!

A Chocoholic 5th


Dear Medical Bills,

It's really okay with me should you decide to make a clean break and not appear unexpectedly in my mailbox anymore. Just when I think we're at the point where we can say our goodbyes, you show up, unannounced. Please, let's be amicable about this and call it quits. I promise you I won't take it hard. I will not be staying up late at night shedding tears, nor will I be crying over the Due Upon Receipt letters that, hopefully, stop showing up. It's best this way. Really.

A financially strapped 5th


Dear Songbirds,

Welcome home!

A delighted 5th


Dear Carpool,

Here we go again.

A peeved and annoyed 5th


It is now time to begin the day...and it appears it will be a beautiful day indeed, for the sun is shining and the birds are singing. The pollen even appears to be abating. All causes for a joy filled heart. May your week be a special one. is all in how you look at life: an attitude of gratitude. 


Brian Miller said...

ouch on the fenders matching...3 12s...ugh...easter was nice...hope you have a marvelous monday polly

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Oh man, dented fenders. I'm not looking forward to sweet sixteen here.

drollgirl said...

remedial driving lessons?! lol! i have known more than a few people that had to take their driving test REPEATEDLY. multiple times. and those people are STILL CRAP DRIVERS! yeesh. some folks should just use public transportation. and i am not saying a certain someone is in this bracket!

Nessa said...

I remember those beginning driver times. Very stressful.

Raoulysgirl said...

Oh! I hope sweet unnamed child is okay!!!

Joshua said...

Back in the day, a friend on mine pestered and pestered her dad to take her out driving for practice leading up to the test. First time out: she hit a mailbox. Person was okay with it, as they showed they had a new mailbox they were being lazy about putting up. No harm done. A week later: Pester, pester, drive, hit newly-installed mailbox.

I never got in the car if she was driving.


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