Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prairie Bound

I shall return after the 29th. Maybe there'll be an occasional blog post or two, time permitting, but I make no promises. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Closet Revisited

Revisiting closet
inspecting closely
apparel hiding
behind turtlenecks,
tees, denim
finding dress
you know
the one
THAT one
never worn
boldly crimson
once intimidating
now enticing
tags snipped
garment released
from threat
of possible
probable return
had not
internal battle
been waged
and won
slipping on
fitting perfectly
feeling sexy
wearing truth
of authentic self

Copyright 2011

Back in April of 2010 I wrote an original 55 word poem regarding choosing between wearing a hot, spicy red dress or something comfortable, familiar, with the least risk. In that poem, the subject chose, most likely out of fear of the unknown, what she always wore. Fast forward and you presently find our subject stepping out from her old ways into the bright, bold, woman she was always meant to be.


Two, two...two memes in one!
It's an "Alphabe-Thursday-Friday-55" mash up!

Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Haiku and Miscellaneous Musings

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

Morning's grace
upon winds of change
heron glides

Daytime storms
shelter found in faith
heron rests

Mercy reigns
refining, cleansing
heron soars


Early this morning, as I was leaving the house, our occasional visitor, a great blue heron, was gliding in the air above a nearby pond. Whenever I see him/her I am always reminded of God's majesty. Today was also host to some pretty stormy weather. These events were on my mind as I attempted to experiment with a "3-5-3" contemporary haiku format. Needs some work, although I am finding this a wonderful new writing challenge.


Guess what?!

My business cards came in. It's official. I am now a bona fide "Writer/Poet/Artist"

It must be business card says so!

My hope is to work on an inventory this winter and be able to open up an Etsy shop by spring. I've already had a couple of clients interested in some commission work. I so appreciate the validation because I have the tendency of being my own worst critic.


I'm taking another blog break over Thanksgiving week. Be on the lookout for a really cool give-away upon my return. I crazy rules or jumping through hoops. A simple, straight forward give-away. It will make a wonderful gift for someone you love or for yourself. Really. Just you'll be glad you did!


I am penning this late at night and it is past my bedtime. I require much slumber because, as you all well know, my dreams can be exhausting! Good night!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday 160: Wayward Strays

strands of hair
growing ‘neath my tongue
unnoticed ‘til now

plucking is impossible
roots buried deep
acceptance only choice

I braid to keep
stray strands in check


My contribution to Monkey Man's Sunday 160.
where one writes a story in 160 characters total (including spaces). 
The strange poem above is based upon last night's dream. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yes...that's me!

Missing in action.

I've been taking care of a little "wheezer" these past few days. Poor Munchie Boy...he doesn't even have asthma! And he's now on prednisone and 'round the clock breathing treatments. Fortunately, he knows what to. After all, he's grown up in his sister's asthmatic shadow these so many years.

Anyway...bear with me and my blog.

I'll be back.


Hopefully soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Sexual Assault

In one hour of prime time television I was assaulted with: 

exploits of getting laid,
indiscriminate sex,
“vagina beds”,  
learning all about a roommate’s penis,
and the 10 year search for a gal in a “slutty” pumpkin costume.

Is this what network TV has become?

Makes the political campaign season seem clean by comparison.


A is for Avenue

The Avenue

White clapboard house, nightlight burning: 
elder couple stockpiling canned goods 
for impending wars, real or imagined, 
disappearing behind drawn curtains, hiding from hope

Brick bungalow, green tiled roof 
ghostly visitations, nightly apparitions 
appearing in twisted dreams of tormented child 
when Ouija board is played

Single story house, yard of dirt
filled muddied toddlers, urine soaked diapers
young mother earning wages
providing day care by television

Brick house, occupied by “Born Again” fanatics 
preaching “Good News” to all passers by... 
children know different, seeing Devilish signs
in dark marks upon the young one’s flesh 

Three story green house, full of secrets
where big dogs roam and shit throughout
yard too small, family too big, ignoring crap 
what is not seen, or discussed, is simply not there

Yellow house with stone porch
Grandpa enjoys walking around in underwear
calling out to children at play to come play games 
while Grandma’s away (shhhh, don't tell)

Red house, large back yard with climbing tree
Little old ladies, within, caring for the neighborhood
providing pink candies and respite
for those hiding from demons

Beige house, a porch swing to share
while the wise witch whispers gently
healing spells of love and kindness
for lost little girl visiting daily

Copyright 2011-all rights reserved


Jenny Matlock


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