Sunday, January 30, 2011


breathe in
breathe out
calm my mind
quell my thoughts

another breath in
another breath out
assuage my fears
ease my doubt

in through nose
out through same
found a lump
play waiting game


I attempted to write a post for Monkey Man's 160 (story/prose in 160 characters). This is the poem that wanted to be written. It's a tad over 160...174 to be exact. What triggered this topic? Well, it is that time for my annual mammogram and for some reason I always stress about it. Also, I recently received a packet for Avon's Walk for the Cure (a 2 day, 26 mile walk). I am seriously considering participating this year. 

I must be off to work now. Please allow me to thank you, in advance for dropping by. Unfortunately, on my work weekends, I do not have the luxury of visiting you or personally replying to your comments. Have a great Sunday!


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Flash Friday 55: The Dance

Plan in place:
give her roses,
ask for dance.
Simple, right?
Easy? Not so much.
Courage finally summoned
towards night’s end.
“These are for you”
he awkwardly mumbles.
Speechless, taken by surprise,
she smiles,
giving hug in return.
He stumbles back
in shy retreat
only then realizing
he had forgotten
to ask for that dance. 


My 55 word treatise was based on a true story.
(Sorry G-Man...I know you prefer this to be fiction 
but I did take some liberties with the loose facts)
No names were used to protect the innocently awkward.

Now, honestly, who could be afraid of her?

I wish you all a marvelous weekend. 
Please think of me as I begin my usual work weekend of 3 12's. 
If you don't here back from me, you'll know why. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: P is for It's Personal

Princess ponders her pea
such a puny, plucky thing
purchasing prestige through pain
procuring royal ring

Parson preaches from pulpit
pleas with piety
praying, pardoning, purging

Paramour provokes passion,
pleasure in lover’s embrace
promising perpetual affection
time pauses, hearts race

Pen belongs to poet
painting portraits with words
in polished, pleasing phrases
perceptively pondered

People, perhaps, are prey to "P"
personal, private and yet
P's pervasive,penetrating push
pierces psyche’s net


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Truth: Hiding (and other Tidbits)

I thought I would try something different today. I learned a new form of poetry from my friend, Eric Alder, (aka "Bubba"), called a rictameter. This form of poetry begins with a 2 syllable line. With each subsequent line one adds 2 more up until you reach 10 syllables. Then you work backwards and end the prose by repeating your 1st line. You all probably already knew this but it was new to me!  

Anyway, I've been thinking (and literally dreaming) about my hair quite a bit lately. I am nearing 50 and it seems society frowns upon long haired "seniors". I have never liked how I looked with short hair. Subsequently, I've been hanging onto my length for as long as I can remember. But why should I abide by the dictates of society? Or is there another reason for hanging onto my hair? Regardless, I plan to keep my long locks.

Feel free to critique and/or tell my your personal opinions on the topic. 


beneath her hair

looking out upon the world

through long strands of wind blown tresses

what was once vanity became her veil

femininity’s auburn badge

masked truth…false strength…feigned charm

tousled tendrils



Things I've learned recently:

1.  A little added weight hides the wrinkles. Since my weight loss and attempts to gain some of it back I've been taken aback by the number of laugh lines I can suddenly call my own!

2. My daughter has grown into a beautiful, intelligent, honorable young lady. It baffles me that she can't see both her inner and outer beauty, but then I remember back to that age. I believe insecurity must be one of those stages of youth. Too bad some never manage to overcome it. 

3.  My dreams are not "normal". I've been Facebooking dream snippets here and there and am really surprised at the responses I receive. I can only gather most people either a) do not recall their dreams, b) are afraid to face their dreams or c) are simply sane. 

4.  I am stronger than I realized.

5.  The "Battle of the Gray" is never ending. 

6.  I'm not as busy as I think I am.

7.  Daily prayer and meditation keeps me centered, grounded.

8.  Although easy and convenient, crock-pot food all tastes the same.

9.  My spinach and cheese ravioli with creamy sun-dried tomato basil sauce is a hit at the local pot luck circuit. My goat cheese quesadillas are not. 

10. I have a tendency to talk too much, to ramble, to carry on, to banter, blather and chatter... oh well, you get the picture. 


I must take my leave now and go about my day. I have lots to do but you know something? It'll all get done. Take care my friends!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Microfiction Monday #67: Memories

light the corners of my mind
misty watercolor memories

Egads Babs!
Must you sing that blasted song
each time we visit The Way We Were?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Centus: Dichotomy

That Ms. Jenny certainly keeps on our toes. This week's Centus adventure has us exploring the genre of science fiction. The following is my 100 word essay (minus the prompt in GREEN). Science fiction or reality? You decide. 


Inter-Galactic Star Date 2758.122

We arrived on this alien planet
in the name of peace.
In order to keep accord,
armed forces were dispatched
to occupy this foreign land.

Their primitive society
and governments
did not conform to
standards as set forth
by the Articles of the
United Federation of Planets.
It was deemed necessary
to instill puppet regimes
on sovereign soil
to make way for progress.

Technological medical advances
were introduced
to this strange world.
These were no help
to the many natives
who succumbed to diseases
in which they had
no natural immunity.

“Beam me up, Scottie.
My work here is done.”


Jenny Matlock

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday/Flash Friday: O is for Ordinary

ordinary were days
of ordinary life

obliging, obedient
was ordinary wife

What really happened
within orderly house

overwhelmed by demands
of obstinate spouse

tears shed, not one, not once
no tantrums, no fits…

seeking solace instead
in obscure stash of opiates


Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sensational Haiku Wednesday: Deception

secrets burrowing…
mind deaf to truth’s silent shouts…
memories altered

secrets burrowing…
beguiling, bewitching, bold
binding battered soul

secrets burrowing…
sneaky,  sleazy,  nesting near
Ever present threat

Soul’s awakening...
divine intervention lifts
fog from hazy mind

soul’s awakening...
seeking vision’s clarity
to lies’ deception

soul’s  awakening...
breaking free from captive’s chains
one link at a time

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Monday, January 17, 2011

Catch Up Time: Saturday Centus, Sunday 160, Micro-fiction Monday

I have been busy working at my "real job" the past several days and have had absolutely no time to keep up with my blog. This morning I arose before daybreak to play a little catching up with my favorite memes!

First shall be Ms. Jenny's Saturday Centus, combined with Susan's Micro-Fiction Monday

Susan, from Stony River, leaves us a unique, unusual picture each and every week for us to design a 140 character story (spaces included). It is definitely a challenging exercise in brevity and one I've come to really enjoy.

Normally, Ms. Jenny gives us a 100 word essay limit for her weekly Centus. But not this week. Never to be one to do the same ol' same ol', our dear Jenny decided to mix things up a bit abbreviated and limit our essay to a minuscule, measly, 25 word flash fiction using a word prompt. (Her prompt will be in red in the story to follow)

140 characters usually approximate 25 words. What better way to challenge myself than to use both as prompts. Right? Well, you all be the judge of that. 

I shall be your escort
as you redeem the lottery ticket.

Never mind that, Tamotsu-San.
Go fill my parasol, to the brim,
At Benihana’s.

Note: Koeru means to “grow fat” and Tamotsu means “defender, protector” in Japenese


Next shall be Monkey Man's Sunday 160. Since I am still recovering from a crazy busy work weekend this is a short piece belaboring an unfortunate truth about hospital work.   

Hot soaks,
Nor even a brand new pair 
Of top of the line work shoes
Will prevent foot pain
Or leg cramps
When one is on their feet
For over 36 hours!


Jenny Matlock

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: Nighthawks and Nightingales

Nightmare is the nighthawk,
nefarious, nesting near
gnawing at necrotic flesh
from heart immobile with fear

Nightingale, nature’s love song
whose nuanced notes shall heal
nursing neglected wounds
narcotic for memories revealed

The nemesis that is Nighthawk
is necessary, though painful he can be
nibbling away those damaged parts
is necessity to becoming free

Way made clear for Nightingale
 nurturing numb-struck soul
nimbly mending a once tattered life
a novel mosaic: uniquely, newly whole


Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



It appears it will be another day trapped in the old homestead. 

Our only means of escape has been rendered useless 
by several inches of snow and ice.

The driveway is nothing but a sheet of ice.

As are the streets.

Good thing I stocked up on plenty of milk, bread, and toilet paper.

It appears that we may be homebound for awhile.

The natives already grow restless. 

Send help. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Microfiction Monday #65:

Fly me to the moon
sweet Silver
she softly sighs

My dear Blue
 light-though tempting
is my demise

they murmur
reluctant goodbyes


Micro-fiction Monday is the brainchild of Susan, over at Stony River
You have up to 140 characters (spaces included) 
to pen your story to go with the photo prompt.

Today's attempt used 134 characters total.
Want to give it a try? 
Click on the link below to read other stories and to get started. 

Sunday 160: Kansas Dreaming

Fluffy tufts of cottonwood trees
on gentle breezes flew

joins soft scent of prairie grass
wet with morning dew

add memory of meadowlark’s song
is when I dream of you


Kansas has been on my mind of late. It is where I grew up. I often long for those days long past. The simple beauty of the prairie tugs at my heartstrings. The strength of its people give me hope. However, my memories will always remain with me. 

ad astra per aspera
To the stars with difficulty

This motto refers not only to the pioneering spirit of the early settlers, but also the difficult times Kansas went through before becoming a state. I embrace this motto for myself. For if it were not for those "difficult" times, I would not be who I am today. I am a Kansas girl, through and through.


I frequently participate in Monkey Man's Sunday 160 where the only rule is to write a short story or poem in 160 characters total. It is a fun challenge and really stretches the mind of a would be writer. To read other entries or to participate, please go to his site


All images above came from Google Images. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Centus: Mama

The miracle happened on a cold, dark January morning.
You see, Mama left Daddy an eternity ago.
The cold Nor’easters of the New England coast never
agreed with her native Floridian blood.
That was her excuse.
My best guess is Daddy’s cold hearted affections,
his stormy temper,
left an unbearable, icy chill upon her soul.
Not long after, she died
from a cancer kept hidden from us.
I had planted the orange sapling
as a symbolic gesture
near her headstone the day she was buried.
I never considered it would actually grow,
let alone bear fruit.
Mysterious are God’s ways.



This week Ms. Jenny changed things up and hit us with a photo prompt, instead of a word phrase, for our 100 word essay. She's a sly one, that Jenny! I had an inkling of an idea before I left for the morning's responsibilities.That inkling developed into the story above. If I had more words, maybe I could have woven a more complete tale. But for now, this will have to suffice. 

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flash Friday 55: The Road

Wheels spinning
wildly out of control
digging deeper
ever deeper
into self made pit
of despair

Waving white cloth
to hidden truth
haphazardly evaded
until now

Gratefully grasping
knowing hands
reaching out
offering peace
handing out hope
pulling me back on track

Now trudging
road towards
destiny of
God’s will...
not mine 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: M is for Moonlit Madness

Madness in the Mangrove swamp
greets our maiden fair
within the mystical marsh
meandering into minstrel’s lair

Mellifluous melodies
erupt from mandolin strings
a mesmerizing minuet                                  
mindful of her misgivings

Mimicking the mantis
praying meditative chants
Keeping time with meter
of mayflies’ buzzing rants

Hypnotic strains masquerade
as medication for tortured soul
intoxicated by maestro’s medley
she loses self control

Musing on how it happened
in middle of moonlit moor
the night she became mistress
to minstrel’s musical score.


Jenny Matlock

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Microfiction Monday #64: Lubricante

SeƱorita need help?
Allow Pablo to assist, por favor.
For beautiful lady I require only 
bulging muscle & small can of lubricante
No service fee
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this was a wee bit naughty. 
All who know me know that this is completely out of character for me. 
I don't know what's come over me!
I have no excuses.
 I will try to behave better next time. 

For other takes on the prompt, 
please visit Susan at Stony River

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Centus: Unresolved Resolution

(This week's prompt is in yellow)

Sirens broke the silence of the night in the sleepy little suburb. Police scoured the subdivision in search of the suspect.

Meanwhile, prying her crumpled up list of resolutions from the cold, lifeless fingers that held them, the detectives carefully unfold the wadded parchment in search of clues. Words, penned with crayon in a childish scrawl, are what they read:

Maybe if I am good he won’t hurt me anymore.
Just in case I resolve to find a better hiding spot.

She never had a chance. The following day the coroner placed her time of death to have occurred at approximately 1:00 a.m. January 1, 2011. 


I have not written much these past few weeks due to the hectic pace and general all around "busy-ness" of the holidays. So what better way is there to begin anew then participating in my favorite lady's weekly meme. I know it's rough but be's a new year and a new start! 

Jenny Matlock


I would like to wish each and every one of you a New Year's filled with peace and joy! You all have been such a blessing to me as I struggle to find my true voice in these loud and raucous times in which we live. I pray that God deliver you all abundant blessings as you, too, find your own unique way in life's grand journey. Thank you and God bless you! 


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