Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: May 31, 2011

Dear Gaston,

You STOLE the show! I have a feeling you'll be going far. The Beast better watch his back!

A new fan,
Mrs. 5th


Dear Munch,

Did you have a good weekend? I know I did. I had a great time doing things with you like miniature golf, swimming at the aquatic center, going to see the school's production of Beauty and the Beast... You were a mighty fine companion. Thank you for making my 1st Memorial weekend off in ages the best!

Love you,
Mama 5th


Dear Gratitude,

Have I thanked you for coming into my life? For allowing me to see things with new found clarity? For showing me the beauty that is God's creation? No? Well then...thank you very much!

Gratefully yours, 
A thankful 5th


Dear Mr. Sister,

I think you confused Memorial Day with Labor Day.

(He's cleaning the siding above the deck...view from 2nd floor window)

Just saying, 
The Mrs. 5th


Dear Ms. Jenny (of Alphabet Thursday/Saturday Centus Fame),

You have no idea how good it was to speak with you yesterday! Be advised that the "project" is a bit tougher than anticipated. I've made a few mistakes but think they can be easily remedied. After all, my new mantra is "Progress, not perfection." I'm hoping to have it done and shipped out by the end of the week. 

Your adopted little sister 5th


Dear Garden,

We just weeded you! Cut us some slack, please.

A grubby 5th


Dear Cilantro,

Why do you hate me? What have I done to you? I feed you, I water you, I provide daily TLC ensuring your optimum growth but what do you do? Nothing. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong for I truly love you, especially in my homemade salsa.

A hungering 5th


Dear Fatigue,

I am ready to make a clean break. You've overstayed your welcome. It is time to move on. Oh and take your buddy Sloth with you on your way out the door. Thank you very much.

A perpetually exhausted 5th



Do you have a tutorial? I've lived in your neck of the woods for over 20 years now and you would think I'd know you better. Alas, I do not. And now the Munchie Boy is expressing interest in you. He is peppering me with all sorts of questions that I cannot answer. I'd have him ask his dad but he knows even less than me! (Regarding racing, that is) Oh well.

A racin' confused 5th

PS: And what's with what seems like an arbitrary points system. I just don't get it. 


Dear Kitchen,

Is there any way you could clean yourself today? I'm still in relaxation holiday mode, and do not show any signs of coming out of it anytime soon. I think another day off is in order. 

On strike,
A Chillin' 5th


Sorry for the late post today but I was lazing and chilling and before I knew it the day was half gone! I did tend the garden and dry more herbs. I did put laundry away. And now I must get to paying those dreaded bills. See you all tomorrow for Microfiction Muse! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flash Friday 55: A Moment at Work

Lungs failing
air hungering
eyes pleading
man struggling,

Monitors beeping
doctors barking
nurses hustling
around man struggling,

Voice soothing
gently whispering
words calming
that man struggling,

“Concentrate not
upon alarms
nor those surrounding you…
but on fact
we're here
to help you

Hand reaching
her cheek touching…
man mouthing
“Thank you”


I love my job and hope to never, ever, forget the man (woman or child) behind the struggle and the fear. A look, a touch, a gentle word or two does wonders. Now go click on the link above to participate!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Microfiction Muse #8: Tommy's Tantrum

She’s grabbing my hands
I’m going to catch cooties
This is so STUPID
Dumb music
Dumb costumes
Dumb girls
Are you even listening to me?


Micro-fiction Muse involves writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) based upon a photo prompt. I make it my goal to always use140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is our host for this weekly meme. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules and to visit other participants. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Truth: A Driving Lesson

In order to have the car for the day, my daughter took me to work Sunday morning. As we exited our neighborhood we discovered that the road was closed. Flashing lights, from emergency vehicles, broke the darkness of the dawn. Turning to detour we noticed a crushed car carefully being placed on the bed of a tow truck. It was obvious that a fatal accident had recently occurred.

Upon my return home that evening we passed by the scene of the accident. A large tree had been uprooted and the post and rail fence was destroyed. There were prominent skid marks, beginning several yards down the road, continuing through the field’s grassy edge, ending abruptly at the base of the downed tree. 

By Monday, the tree had been removed and a makeshift memorial had gone up. Later, a television news crew was at the site, along with a group of teenagers holding vigil. Truly a very somber moment. 

I had been trying to “google” to see what exactly happened in order to use this as a “teachable moment” for my newly driving teen. My daughter was able to find the LINK for me. I think I shall wait on the lesson to be learned and pray for this neighborhood family instead.

The world may not have come to an end for us on Saturday night, but for one family, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, it most certainly did. 

Rest in peace, Parker. 

R.I.P. Parker Bragg, You'll be missed.

Photo courtesy of Parker's memorial page on Facebook

Monday, May 23, 2011

Centus: Reflection

She wakes up late,
as usual,
unwilling to face the light
of another day.
Consciousness creeps close,
bringing with it
those terrorizing thoughts,
that threaten slumber’s false serenity.
Her eyes slowly open
to the harsh reality
of the horror
that her life has become.
She stumbles towards
her inevitable release,
the daily purge 
of emotional pain,
down the porcelain throne.
She pauses at the sink,
finally taking that hard, honest appraisal
of what her life has become.
The reflection in the mirror says it all.
Falling to her knees in prayer, she cries out,
“God, I can’t do this alone!” 

(100 words, prompt in bold green)


Jenny Matlock

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday Musings (on a Thursday Morning): May 19, 2011

Dear Summit Coffee,

It's not like I appeared on your doorstop at Oh Dark:Thirty yesterday morning. It was 8:00 a.m. and I was in dire need of my usual espresso drink. You're a coffee shop. Seriously...how could you be out of espresso?

A Sleepy Headed 5th


Dear Ultra Swim Meet,

You sure know how to treat your volunteers!

Free t-shirts.

(we match!)

Perfect view of the pool. 

Even when the view was obstructed, it was still pretty darn spectacular.

Whoa...too close!

We were treated to the latest fashion in swim-wear by fashion forward athletes.

However, getting up close and personal to Michael Phelps had to have been the highlight of the day. 

I was enjoying my volunteer station so much that Mr. Sister had to drag me away when my shift was over. Really. Just ask him.

Until next year,

A Free-Styling 5th


Dear Thrift Shop,


Need I say more?

A toe-tapping 5th

P.S. And yes, I bought them all! You're welcome.


Dear Pygmy Goats,

Where for art thou pygmy goats? You've been gone 2 weeks now. I fear you are never coming back. Oh, and your friend, the llama? Where is the llama? Come to think of it, he's been gone even longer. I do not like this one bit. I so look forward to my morning "AWWW" moments and pray that you return some day soon.

Missing you,

A Woeful 5th


The Blogspot "Blackout" has really messed with my muse. I'm hoping that the creative juices will flow again soon. In the meantime, bear with me. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Microfiction Muse #7: Oooh that Smell!

Pat was in a foul mood.
She came to the picnic
leaving Bowser at home.
Now she had no one to
blame her chronic flatulence 
upon except  herself.

Micro-fiction Muse involves writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) based upon a photo prompt. I make it my goal to always use140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is our host for this weekly meme. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules and to visit other participants. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Blogspot Blues

My blog it done left me
just woke up to the news
my blog it done and left me
now there’s no more Sister views

I got the blues…
the bloggy bottom
blogspot blues…
Wordpress come a courtin’
there’s nothin’ left to lose
I got the blues…
those bad ass bottom
Blogspot blues.

Oh yeah.


The above is to be sung in typical blues style. Just my little tribute to the problems Blogspot has been experiencing these past few days. Anyone else have trouble getting onto their blogs? I was going through quite a withdrawal there. Anyway...click on the link below to participate or read other entries to G-Man's Flash Friday meme. If he's not there it means he has a bad case of "bloggy bottom Blogspot blues" as well. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Microfiction Muse #6:

Donning patriotic garb
President Obama grabs Gibby
& a press corps minion
leading them toward
the bright light
of a brand new world
sans Osama 


I hope and pray that the world is, indeed, a safer place. However, I do not believe that the death of any human being is a cause for celebration. So it was with mixed feelings when I awoke to the news of Osama's death. Although my post pokes a little fun at the relationship between the president, Robert Gibbs, and the White House Press Corps I was proud of our president that day: for his courage to make that tough decision and to follow it through to the end. 


Micro-fiction Muse involves writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) based upon a photo prompt. I make it my goal to always use140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is our host for this weekly meme. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules and to visit other participants. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Part Two

I am presently writing about the things that make me smile while carpooling to and from the kids' school. If you missed Part One, it can be found HERE. Now on to Part Two.

This is Black Farm Road.

Black Farm Road is a very picturesque country lane that goes past equestrian stables and a dairy farm. I love how the trees canopy the road in the summer. In the fall, the riot of colors are stunning. This is one of my favorite country roads. Remember my cow photo from a previous post?


They call Black's Dairy Farm home. 

On Ramah Church Road we find Ramah Presbyterian Church. 
I love the simplicity of the architecture of this house of worship.

The original church was a log cabin built in the 1801


Across the street is the church cemetery with tombstones so old that the many of the names and dates have been weathered bare. It's a peaceful spot and I do enjoy looking at the old grave markers.  

Yesterday, I tried to photograph the pygmy goats that live down the road from our neighborhood entrance. But, alas, they were hiding from me. That windmill is pretty cool, though, don't you think? 

Here is a photo that I took a couple of years ago. So cute, don't you think? Who wouldn't smile upon those critters? I just love, love, love the pygmy goats!

And who could resist a smile as you pass the nearest roadside farmer's market?

Not I, that's for sure. So tempting they are that I had to actually stop and shop. At these roadside stands you select your produce and pay using the honor system. See that plastic container by the scale...that's where you place your money. Nothing locked. Nothing nailed down. Perfect example of faith and trust. Gotta love it. I think I'll have some fresh tomatoes with home grown basil on pasta drizzled with olive oil and a bit of minced garlic for lunch. Mmmmmmm. Can't wait. 

And at the entrance to my neighborhood, my favorite Canadian friend stands guard. Several years ago he was struck and injured by a passing motorist and lost the use of his leg. He hobbled around, as best he could, for a few days. At that point he became weak enough so that a local veterinarian was able to capture him. The vet brought the goose into his clinic and began the work of saving this creature of God. His wounds were cleaned and I'm sure antibiotics were administered to take care of any infection. This proud gander, and his bride, return every spring to nest at our entry ponds. I smile whenever I see him for his life is the result of the goodness and kindness of others who had no expectations of anything in return.  


As you can see, carpool is really a time of reflection on the beauty found in the simple things of life. I mentioned this yesterday but feel the need to repeat myself: 

Isn't it amazing, the things you see, if you but take a look?

I am grateful that I was able to pay attention to my small corner of the world, sharing my photos and thoughts with you.  Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Part One

I know I complain about carpool quite often. I haven't done it as much here as on Facebook. I need to stop that. Grumbling about something over which I have no control does me (and others) no good.

I am trying to adopt an attitude of gratitude. I am grateful that I do have a car and can still afford the gas. So instead of whining I have decided to show you (in a series of photos and posts) the things that make me smile along my drive to and from the kids’ school. Enjoy.

My stereo is preset to 91.7 WSGE: a wonderful eclectic blend of music from a local college radio station. It sure makes my carpool trek enjoyable. And to think I used to listen to loud mouthed talk radio fear mongers! What a waste of time...life's too short to live in a constant state of anxiety. 

This is whom I have dubbed "The Walking Man" of Davidson. I see this gentleman every morning. His slow, halting, yet determined gait is what has me mesmerized. For if you look closely, this man has obviously suffered a stroke: he has lost use of his left hand and walking appears difficult at best. Regardless, come rain or come shine, you can find him on his daily jaunt. He gives me inspiration and hope that, no matter how daunting one's circumstances may be, with faith, courage, persistence, and resolve, one can overcome almost any obstacle placed in our life's path.  

The quaint college town of Davidson, NC always makes me sigh as I pass through it. I love the old store fronts and re-purposed buildings. 

The old train depot, of Davidson, is now a senior center. All of the tiny towns around here have little depots. Very cute. 

And of course, you cannot leave out Davidson College. The campus is gorgeous throughout with tree-lined walkways and beautiful old architecture. I believe the college was founded in 1837.  It is always a pleasure to drive by this renowned school. We are very fortunate that Munchie's swim team practices are here, at the college pool, as it affords us more opportunities to enjoy the charming campus. 

Driving through Cornelius, NC,  this is the sight that greets daily commuters. This gentleman is known to many as simply, "The Waving Man". He never fails to put a smile on my face. He spends his mornings and afternoons, during rush hour, waving to passers by from his simple stoop. We have waved to him every single time we have had the opportunity to drive past his humble home. 

For 12 1/2 years  Munchie Boy has known this man as his "friend", for my mantra, to him, has always been "Wave to your friend!"  Munch has now been waving to this man all of his life!

The Waving Man has a sense of humor, too. At Halloween, there is a skeleton that sits along beside him, with his arm rigged, so that it, too, can wave right along.  

I finally took the opportunity, just this morning, to get out of my car and introduce myself to The Waving Man. I wanted to let him know how his simple gesture has left an indelible mark upon our lives. I can be in the foulest of moods but just an unassuming, enthusiastic wave of his hand can turn my mood 180 degrees around. We should never be afraid to let people, strangers even, know how their simple gestures truly impact our lives. 

I am so pleased that I had the courage to do this. I found out this man's name is Mike (I will not post his last name as I do not have permission to do so) and he grew up locally in the days when the area was mostly pasture and farmland. He has a vast wealth of knowledge on local history. He was very gracious and invited me to join him on his stoop. I truly wish I had the time to do so. I think I just may have to drop in for another visit when I am able sit a spell. 


Isn't it amazing, the things you see, if you but take a look?

Stay tuned for "Things that Make Me Smile: Part Two"

Friday, May 6, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Pre-Op

Whoa! I feel GOOOOOOOD!
Mom! I’m seeing in 3-D!
Mom! There are 2 Bugs Bunnies!
Mom! Why do you have 2 cameras?
Mom! There are 2 Daffy Ducks!
Mom! The TV is blowing up!
Mom! Look! I have 7 fingers.
Mom! Now I have 9 fingers.
No…make that 7 fingers.
Mom! I love you!


Munchie had a minor surgical procedure yesterday. These were the words that came from his mouth when they gave him some oral sedation. He was too cute and I am pleased to say that everything went well. I will be working the next 3 days so will not have a chance to visit other participants in Flash Friday over at G-Man's place. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Microfiction Muse #5: The Language of War

What’s that Mr. President?
It means Enemy Killed In Action
Yes sir, that IS official Navy Seal lingo
No kidding sir
“Pinky swear”


Micro-fiction Muse involves writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) based on a photo prompt. I make it my goal to always use 140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is our host. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules of the meme. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits: May 3, 2011

I'm suffering from writer's block this week. I believe much of it has to do with all the "busy"ness of late. There are so many end of school year activities, concerts, swim meets/clinics, etc. this time of year. Then there's that little thing about a 20th wedding anniversary at month's end. Mr. Sister and I are actually considering celebrating by going (gulp!) skydiving! Also, the newly planted vegetable garden needs daily tending. Additionally, we are also gearing up for a family vacation to NYC in early June. Then later, that same month, I am planning a visit to see  my family and friends with a flight to Kansas. Oh, and as an added bonus, Munchie Boy will be undergoing an Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (EGD for short) later this week (to determine causes and effects of his chronic reflux). So all in all, my writing has had to be put on the back burner for awhile. I will try to jump in when I can so please bear with me until I am able to get back on a regular blogging schedule.

So instead of the usual post I will share a few recent photographs with you.

This is my lovely Daisy. Daisy is plumb worn out. You see, Daisy loves to chase balls, her "Kong", birds, squirrels, cats, neighbor kids, etc. Mr. Sister decided to see if she would ever get enough of playing fetch. It took some time, patience, and perseverance.  I offer you photographic proof that Daisy, indeed, got enough! 


Sneak Peak:  I've ordered new glasses. Very different and very bold from my usual selection. Look closely at this 1st photograph. See the fun details? Note that the lenses that don't quite extend to the edges of the frame; the frames have a distinctive interior color; and the detail on the ear piece is really an interesting touch.

In the following photograph the temple detail is more obvious.

What do they look like on? Well, I'll let you have a small look-see:

(these are going to be so FUN!)


Does anyone else do this? 

You see, I am a very "visual" person. Due in large part to some recent personal changes, my sense of style is changing as well. I am becoming more bold when it comes to putting outfits together. However, before I try anything on, I lay them out to see if I can coordinate just the look I'm going for. 

The pink top you ask? One of my best Goodwill finds EVER: a Chico top, complete with tags, for $3. I also snatched up another one in purple as well (no tag but like new!) 

Oh, and I'm having fun with jewelry choices too!


Can't get over the size Munchie's feet are beginning to be!


Life: Better with ice cream, don't you think?


Not much else to blog about today. 
It is now time to get back to the business of the day. 
Thank you all for dropping by.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday 160: Dream #5-The Journey Begins

Hopping aboard 
slow moving train 
journeying into past 
1st stop: Highland House 
dropping off dirty laundry 
picking up key 
opening door 
to future 


My contribution to this week's Sunday 160 for the Monkey Man, loosely based on a dream of mine. What can you say in exactly 160 characters?


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