Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday Musings (on a Thursday Morning): May 19, 2011

Dear Summit Coffee,

It's not like I appeared on your doorstop at Oh Dark:Thirty yesterday morning. It was 8:00 a.m. and I was in dire need of my usual espresso drink. You're a coffee shop. could you be out of espresso?

A Sleepy Headed 5th


Dear Ultra Swim Meet,

You sure know how to treat your volunteers!

Free t-shirts.

(we match!)

Perfect view of the pool. 

Even when the view was obstructed, it was still pretty darn spectacular.

Whoa...too close!

We were treated to the latest fashion in swim-wear by fashion forward athletes.

However, getting up close and personal to Michael Phelps had to have been the highlight of the day. 

I was enjoying my volunteer station so much that Mr. Sister had to drag me away when my shift was over. Really. Just ask him.

Until next year,

A Free-Styling 5th


Dear Thrift Shop,


Need I say more?

A toe-tapping 5th

P.S. And yes, I bought them all! You're welcome.


Dear Pygmy Goats,

Where for art thou pygmy goats? You've been gone 2 weeks now. I fear you are never coming back. Oh, and your friend, the llama? Where is the llama? Come to think of it, he's been gone even longer. I do not like this one bit. I so look forward to my morning "AWWW" moments and pray that you return some day soon.

Missing you,

A Woeful 5th


The Blogspot "Blackout" has really messed with my muse. I'm hoping that the creative juices will flow again soon. In the meantime, bear with me. 


Tina said...

I want the shoes. You might as well just hand them over now. NOW. I loved being a sport parent. It was over waaay too soon.
Tina @ Life is Good

MorningAJ said...

It's a real shame that some of those photos aren't working for me.... The captions are fascinating but I can't see the images!

Seriously... no espresso? How?

Brian Miller said...

pygmy goats and llamas? out of expresso? have you started writing horror stories? smiles.

all it needed were pool pics...smiles.

glnroz said...

yes, coffee is my inspiration,,,shoes? not so much. I have boots older than my children and they are all grown. lol

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Fancy feet! Nice.
You should get yourself one of those super fancy rigs that grinds and makes your coffee right when you wake up, and put it on your nightstand!

Willoughby said...

No espresso? That should be illegal. Shame on them!

Love the shoes! My daughter needed shoes for "Old Fashioned School Day" (they dress like Laura Ingalls and have class in the one room school house in town). We got her a pair at the thrift store. They're not entirely accurate to the period, but they worked out. While we were there, I got a new pair of boots (short, black with moderate heel) and my husband and son got dress shoes. All four pairs look brand new and the grand total was around $30. Can't beat that!

I can't see your pics! I hope they show up soon!

Pelican Joe said...

Was that the Pygmy Goats that were next to the Exotic Meat butcher shop? Hmm, wonder where they went?

L.B. said...

Volunteering rules! It's always a bit strange for me to see famous people that close.

I gotta have Mrs. LB visit the thrift store. She's always looking for new shoes, you know, because she only has 138 pairs...

gayle said...

Wow those pictures were "close"!! Hope you are doing well!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Michael Phelps! Oh la la!!! He's pretty darn cute.

You scored on some pretty darn nice shoes. High Five!

Happy weekend, xo jj

Tracy said...

Again, I can never say how much your posts make me chuckle, especially the form they are written in! I am working on my creative juices as well.

Christine said...

I can relate to the block out that messes up the creative energy. I tried to just use a pen and paper which is good, but it was missing all the prompts that irritated me.
How could you be so close to a bum like that and not slap it. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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