Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: May 31, 2011

Dear Gaston,

You STOLE the show! I have a feeling you'll be going far. The Beast better watch his back!

A new fan,
Mrs. 5th


Dear Munch,

Did you have a good weekend? I know I did. I had a great time doing things with you like miniature golf, swimming at the aquatic center, going to see the school's production of Beauty and the Beast... You were a mighty fine companion. Thank you for making my 1st Memorial weekend off in ages the best!

Love you,
Mama 5th


Dear Gratitude,

Have I thanked you for coming into my life? For allowing me to see things with new found clarity? For showing me the beauty that is God's creation? No? Well then...thank you very much!

Gratefully yours, 
A thankful 5th


Dear Mr. Sister,

I think you confused Memorial Day with Labor Day.

(He's cleaning the siding above the deck...view from 2nd floor window)

Just saying, 
The Mrs. 5th


Dear Ms. Jenny (of Alphabet Thursday/Saturday Centus Fame),

You have no idea how good it was to speak with you yesterday! Be advised that the "project" is a bit tougher than anticipated. I've made a few mistakes but think they can be easily remedied. After all, my new mantra is "Progress, not perfection." I'm hoping to have it done and shipped out by the end of the week. 

Your adopted little sister 5th


Dear Garden,

We just weeded you! Cut us some slack, please.

A grubby 5th


Dear Cilantro,

Why do you hate me? What have I done to you? I feed you, I water you, I provide daily TLC ensuring your optimum growth but what do you do? Nothing. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong for I truly love you, especially in my homemade salsa.

A hungering 5th


Dear Fatigue,

I am ready to make a clean break. You've overstayed your welcome. It is time to move on. Oh and take your buddy Sloth with you on your way out the door. Thank you very much.

A perpetually exhausted 5th



Do you have a tutorial? I've lived in your neck of the woods for over 20 years now and you would think I'd know you better. Alas, I do not. And now the Munchie Boy is expressing interest in you. He is peppering me with all sorts of questions that I cannot answer. I'd have him ask his dad but he knows even less than me! (Regarding racing, that is) Oh well.

A racin' confused 5th

PS: And what's with what seems like an arbitrary points system. I just don't get it. 


Dear Kitchen,

Is there any way you could clean yourself today? I'm still in relaxation holiday mode, and do not show any signs of coming out of it anytime soon. I think another day off is in order. 

On strike,
A Chillin' 5th


Sorry for the late post today but I was lazing and chilling and before I knew it the day was half gone! I did tend the garden and dry more herbs. I did put laundry away. And now I must get to paying those dreaded bills. See you all tomorrow for Microfiction Muse! 


Brian Miller said...

smiles. glad you had a great weekend...and as you know..."no...one...burps like gaton, no one slurps like gaston..." sorry for the spontaneous song there...weeds, ack they are overtaking our flower beds as well...

Anonymous said...

Dear 5th's Kitchen:

When you're done with yourself, can you come clean my kitchen?


Willoughby said...

It sounds like you had a great day off! I can't believe how much you managed to fit into one day! I was a slacker and didn't do near as much as you did.

You've got me curious about the project with/for Jenny!

Your cilantro must know the basil I had last year. It stubbornly refused to do anything but sit in it's pot and go to seed.

Raoulysgirl said...

I cleaned my kitchen yesterday...if you had said something, I would have helped with yours!!! It would have been a long drive, though!!!!

Glad you had the weekend off...you deserve it!!!!! Hope the weather is as beautiful there as it is here now!!!!!!!

<3 ya!!!!

blueviolet said...

It took me like 10 tries to get the comment form to work!

What's with those dastardly kitchens getting all messy? And those weeds? They are immensely annoying! And then there's that cilantro? What a jerk! lol

Tracy said...

I feel the same about NASCAR, I have even been to 2 races and still can't figure it out

Kathleen said...

Perhaps Fatigue should have a little chat with Garden! If Garden and Cilantro would cooperate, it seems perhaps Fatigue wouldn't be receiving a letter.


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