Monday, May 9, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Part One

I know I complain about carpool quite often. I haven't done it as much here as on Facebook. I need to stop that. Grumbling about something over which I have no control does me (and others) no good.

I am trying to adopt an attitude of gratitude. I am grateful that I do have a car and can still afford the gas. So instead of whining I have decided to show you (in a series of photos and posts) the things that make me smile along my drive to and from the kids’ school. Enjoy.

My stereo is preset to 91.7 WSGE: a wonderful eclectic blend of music from a local college radio station. It sure makes my carpool trek enjoyable. And to think I used to listen to loud mouthed talk radio fear mongers! What a waste of's too short to live in a constant state of anxiety. 

This is whom I have dubbed "The Walking Man" of Davidson. I see this gentleman every morning. His slow, halting, yet determined gait is what has me mesmerized. For if you look closely, this man has obviously suffered a stroke: he has lost use of his left hand and walking appears difficult at best. Regardless, come rain or come shine, you can find him on his daily jaunt. He gives me inspiration and hope that, no matter how daunting one's circumstances may be, with faith, courage, persistence, and resolve, one can overcome almost any obstacle placed in our life's path.  

The quaint college town of Davidson, NC always makes me sigh as I pass through it. I love the old store fronts and re-purposed buildings. 

The old train depot, of Davidson, is now a senior center. All of the tiny towns around here have little depots. Very cute. 

And of course, you cannot leave out Davidson College. The campus is gorgeous throughout with tree-lined walkways and beautiful old architecture. I believe the college was founded in 1837.  It is always a pleasure to drive by this renowned school. We are very fortunate that Munchie's swim team practices are here, at the college pool, as it affords us more opportunities to enjoy the charming campus. 

Driving through Cornelius, NC,  this is the sight that greets daily commuters. This gentleman is known to many as simply, "The Waving Man". He never fails to put a smile on my face. He spends his mornings and afternoons, during rush hour, waving to passers by from his simple stoop. We have waved to him every single time we have had the opportunity to drive past his humble home. 

For 12 1/2 years  Munchie Boy has known this man as his "friend", for my mantra, to him, has always been "Wave to your friend!"  Munch has now been waving to this man all of his life!

The Waving Man has a sense of humor, too. At Halloween, there is a skeleton that sits along beside him, with his arm rigged, so that it, too, can wave right along.  

I finally took the opportunity, just this morning, to get out of my car and introduce myself to The Waving Man. I wanted to let him know how his simple gesture has left an indelible mark upon our lives. I can be in the foulest of moods but just an unassuming, enthusiastic wave of his hand can turn my mood 180 degrees around. We should never be afraid to let people, strangers even, know how their simple gestures truly impact our lives. 

I am so pleased that I had the courage to do this. I found out this man's name is Mike (I will not post his last name as I do not have permission to do so) and he grew up locally in the days when the area was mostly pasture and farmland. He has a vast wealth of knowledge on local history. He was very gracious and invited me to join him on his stoop. I truly wish I had the time to do so. I think I just may have to drop in for another visit when I am able sit a spell. 


Isn't it amazing, the things you see, if you but take a look?

Stay tuned for "Things that Make Me Smile: Part Two"


Brian Miller said...

how cool of you to get out and meet the waving man! i love meeting new people...and smiling at your visual my tunes...

Susan Deborah said...

Davidson College has many connections to the College I went to. Early every year, a batch of students from Davidson spend a semester in our College.

This post was refreshing in a way that it linked many beautiful thoughts and memories. And, I'm glad you chose to stop and talk to the man. I do that sometimes.

Joy always and a great day to you.


Tracy said...

Love this post, it reminds me much of the drive to the high school where my husband works. I never drove the kids in the morning because husband did, but still the drive through our rural area is just like this, including a waving man.

What major city is Davidson near? I haven't heard of it, and I feel pretty familar with the higher education system in NC and this is one I have missed.

blueviolet said...

I'm quite liking the charm and character of your area and the people. I want to take a drive through there!

The gas prices are killing me. I just try to stay home!

☆☆Mumsy said...

Love this post, Polly! Looks and sounds like a beautiful quiet area to live in.


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