Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday 160: Kansas Dreaming

Fluffy tufts of cottonwood trees
on gentle breezes flew

joins soft scent of prairie grass
wet with morning dew

add memory of meadowlark’s song
is when I dream of you


Kansas has been on my mind of late. It is where I grew up. I often long for those days long past. The simple beauty of the prairie tugs at my heartstrings. The strength of its people give me hope. However, my memories will always remain with me. 

ad astra per aspera
To the stars with difficulty

This motto refers not only to the pioneering spirit of the early settlers, but also the difficult times Kansas went through before becoming a state. I embrace this motto for myself. For if it were not for those "difficult" times, I would not be who I am today. I am a Kansas girl, through and through.


I frequently participate in Monkey Man's Sunday 160 where the only rule is to write a short story or poem in 160 characters total. It is a fun challenge and really stretches the mind of a would be writer. To read other entries or to participate, please go to his site


All images above came from Google Images. 


Erin said...

Beautiful job, Kansas girl! Lovely images, too!

Willoughby said...

Kansas is truly a beautiful place. My brother in law and his wife live in Manhattan and my niece lives in Kansas City. It's been far too long since we've visited.

The last time we were there, we had a trip to Dodge City planned, but my sister in law said it was far too touristy to bother. I still wish we had gone, touristy or not. Have you been there?

Monkey Man said...

You really brought me to Kansas emotionally. Great Sunday 160 and thanks for playing today.

Jingle said...

this is blissful flow.
the images are divine.

Brian Miller said...

wow that was beautiful polly....a breathe of fresh air...

Cheryl said...

I could feel your love and yearning.

Mama Zen said...


moondustwriter said...

How thoughtfully composed - mine was about home too!

The pics inviting me to romp in the fields of your home

Smiles for your week

Alice Audrey said...

That barn shot is lovely.

I understand the draw of home, even though Kansas isn't my thing. I'll stick with Montana.

Oh, and that picture on my post today? I took it off a bridge about eight blocks from my place. I've taken a lot of really great pictures there.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

These photos and thoughts are beyond beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing.

B xx

J. Kwiatkowski said...

I had forgotten you were from Kansas. Those pictures are lovely. I'd always imagined it to be frighteningly flat.

The Muse said...

a lovely call to the land of your heart, Ms Polly :)

yes, most lovely :)

gautami tripathy said...

Lovely pictures!

Here is my Sunday 160: wire mesh


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