Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Centus: Dichotomy

That Ms. Jenny certainly keeps on our toes. This week's Centus adventure has us exploring the genre of science fiction. The following is my 100 word essay (minus the prompt in GREEN). Science fiction or reality? You decide. 


Inter-Galactic Star Date 2758.122

We arrived on this alien planet
in the name of peace.
In order to keep accord,
armed forces were dispatched
to occupy this foreign land.

Their primitive society
and governments
did not conform to
standards as set forth
by the Articles of the
United Federation of Planets.
It was deemed necessary
to instill puppet regimes
on sovereign soil
to make way for progress.

Technological medical advances
were introduced
to this strange world.
These were no help
to the many natives
who succumbed to diseases
in which they had
no natural immunity.

“Beam me up, Scottie.
My work here is done.”


Jenny Matlock


Terra said...

as always, simply brilliant - this is a story waiting to be written! Loved it

Susan Anderson said...

Wow. This one rocks.


Judie said...

Yeow, Polly! This is eerily familiar. It could reall be us!! Have you read Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake"? Great take on the prompt!!

Bookie said...

This reminds me of a futurist version of America's Manifest Destiny.

Viki said...

I can just imagine this being Earth some day. It wouldn't surprise me in the least, ha. Great job.

~Lissa said...

I LOVE this. Very well done, thought provoking, and true.

CB said...

Nicely done! I wanted to know more details!
I like the way you craft the look of your writing on the blog too.

JJ said...

I don't want to be a spoiler for your readers, but little did they know the Arcons were pulling the strings!

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, no fair. that was too good.

Kat said...

Really well done. Thought provoking - sounds eerily familiar to our taking of America, doesn't it? Bravo! Kat

RockiBottom said...

Wow! very, very thought provoking piece here!

Tgoette said...

Really great job! Very thoughtful and poignant look at how destructive and ignorant mankind is. Excellent!

Nessa said...

I see we have not learned from our past. Excellent piece.

Cheryl said...

Rings mighty true.

21 Wits said...

Such a very stunning story...nicely stated! said...

You're a natural with this genre, and all others it seems.
It had an authentically sci-fi feel to it. Great piece.

Ames said...

Puppet regime. That explains a lot! Very Sci-Fi take! Very good!~Ames

Nancy Jane said...

You've held up a mirror for us. Dare we look? Probably the best Sci-Fi story this week!

Unknown said...

Truly well we have with earth we just might do it with our planets if we ever achieve the capability to navigate the stars.

Jenny said...

Ummm.... genius, genius, genius.

This is really amazing Miss P.

I like the whole tone you wrote this in and the angle you approached it from is absolutely amazing.

OK, I already used that word, I know...

I'll just end by saying... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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