Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Haiku and Miscellaneous Musings

(Image courtesy of Google Images)

Morning's grace
upon winds of change
heron glides

Daytime storms
shelter found in faith
heron rests

Mercy reigns
refining, cleansing
heron soars


Early this morning, as I was leaving the house, our occasional visitor, a great blue heron, was gliding in the air above a nearby pond. Whenever I see him/her I am always reminded of God's majesty. Today was also host to some pretty stormy weather. These events were on my mind as I attempted to experiment with a "3-5-3" contemporary haiku format. Needs some work, although I am finding this a wonderful new writing challenge.


Guess what?!

My business cards came in. It's official. I am now a bona fide "Writer/Poet/Artist"

It must be business card says so!

My hope is to work on an inventory this winter and be able to open up an Etsy shop by spring. I've already had a couple of clients interested in some commission work. I so appreciate the validation because I have the tendency of being my own worst critic.


I'm taking another blog break over Thanksgiving week. Be on the lookout for a really cool give-away upon my return. I crazy rules or jumping through hoops. A simple, straight forward give-away. It will make a wonderful gift for someone you love or for yourself. Really. Just you'll be glad you did!


I am penning this late at night and it is past my bedtime. I require much slumber because, as you all well know, my dreams can be exhausting! Good night!


Brian Miller said...

ha hope they are good dreams business cards...and cool visit from the heron...

Sue said...

I finally had a card made, too. It took me awhile to talk myself into doing it, but the cards have been really great to have. I end up giving them out frequently, where I used to have to write my info on napkins, checkbook covers, etc.

I think you are lucky to have that heron flying around. Nice haiku.


Susan Deborah said...

Congrats on the card, Polly. Loved the seriousness of blogging! Lucky you, a blue heron is a visitor there. Wish they came here as well.

The cool, rainy day is lovely here.

Joy always,

MorningAJ said...

I wish I
could write half so well
as you do.


J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Great business cards! I can't wait to tweet your etsy products!


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