Friday, October 21, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Planking

(I'm heading off to work in a few's a quickie for you!)

Planking is so passé they say
fading fad from yesterday

Not so to Munchie Boy, my son,
another challenge overcome

With courage, strength, and will to boot
he found this dare quite a hoot

Onto pool’s ladder he did climb
carefully, taking his sweet time

Into position, body in air
Perfect planking upon a dare



Brian Miller said...

hey he did well with it...doesnt that hurt his throat?

Monkey Man said...

Very nice...both planking and poem.

Christine said...

I don't get the whole planing thing, but if it means they are doing some kind of fascist yoga, instead of vandalizing street corners, more power to them.

Cheryl said...

Great shot and neat poem.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Good for him! I sure couldn't do that.

Sue said...

At church the other day, one of our young adults all of a sudden decided to "plank" on the podium. It really looked funny.



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