Monday, October 24, 2011

5th Sister Dreaming: October 24, 2011

I am battling evil. The devil and his minions are disguised as Mafia hit men. I've been taken hostage and do my best to fight back. Every punch I throw, every uppercut I attempt, is thwarted by a force field of sorts. She laughs (yes...evil can be female), mocking me. I grab my knife and slice at her wrists...despite feeling the blade cutting through her flesh, she barely bleeds. I realize she will die a slow death. But the devil, himself, is elusive. 


The exoskeleton of some creepy crawly creature falls from his bangs. It is all very curious. Upon further inspection, the infestation is inside his head, not his hair.


I am taking the rocky path down to the water's edge. Fear grips me. The alligator is there. He has his attention solely on me. He watches my every move, poised for the attack. No one else seems concerned or even notices that he is there. 


Part 1: 39 people and 39 cats live within the house. I  have lived there forever, alone. It was nice to have company, although most of them were students from the medical center. The new owner was there inspecting the place. She wanted to restore the home to its original beauty. 

Part 2: I warn my roommates not to go into the loft. It was haunted. Of course I follow them up the steps. Several people were already there, studying. Evil enters as a storm begins to brew. Evil wants to destroy the groundbreaking work being done in the upper room. 


Does anyone else notice a theme here?


Brian Miller said...

seriously, you should write these out and sell a would blow away much of what is out ther.e..

Christine said...

At first I thought these were lines from a movie or novel, but I couldn't put a title to them, I concur with Brian on the novel idea. There is spook in the air I can feel it.

Monkey Man said...

Very sinister, Sister.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

That exoskeleton one is super creepy! Nice work, 5th sister's subconscious.

Cheryl said...

Your mind trying to make sense of your days is startlingly frightening. I agree with keeping track of them for the future should you find a way to make them all work together (for good, not evil).

G-Man said...

No More Pizza after 8 for you!!

Sue said...

Yes, I do. And I agree with Brian!


blueviolet said...

What the heck are you doing before you fall asleep? That's too much fright for one sweet girl!


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