Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tale: Facebook Story #2

Polly: Today's story brings us a fantastical adventure that happens to Albert, a simple and humble man, on his way to work as a ferry boat captain.

Prompt:  Dear Journal,
Today, something quite odd occurred as I made my way towards the crowd huddled by the ferry gate.

Keri: The first thing I noticed was the unusual blank look on the faces of the people in the crowd.

Willoughby:  I searched for a face that I recognized, but found none.

Luis:  Usually people are excited to be around the ferry, to be around the water but for some reason, this was a bit off.

Polly: They all appeared to be mesmerized by something from the sky. Voices? Visions? My curiosity was piqued.

Luis: I looked up. At first, I couldn't believe it. Was this for real?

Keri: Red! It was RED!!! No, the sky wasn't red. IT was red!

Joe: The crowd. They were not Alive!

Willoughby: I had never seen such a brilliant red. I squinted against the brightness.

Polly: What could it be? Is that the thing that made the crowd appear lifeless?

Joe: They are zombies! Brain-eating zombies!

Polly: ‎(now Joe...we want the story to continue on to a fantastical adventure...) 

Side note: Joe is also known as Mr. Sister. And yes, I just chastised him. It's my job! 

Keri: That was when I noticed the dolphins.

Luis: Once, I must have been about 15, I thought I saw one. Everyone mocked me, said it couldn't have been. Maybe I didn't see one that day, but there was no mistaking this time. There would be no mocking me this time.

Polly: and now the dolphins were back... manipulating that brilliant red orb in the morning sky. No...the people weren't zombies, although they began to move towards town in a lurching, maniacal matter...as they passed my brain was left intact.

Keri: The dolphins manipulated the orb out over the bay, beckoning me to follow.

Luis: I'd dropped my backpack. I didn't realize it until I tripped over it. I fell, but my gaze was transfixed at the sky. I wasn't about to lose sight of this.

Polly: I felt something approach me from behind...then something wet upon my back. Reaching back, while still gazing at the orb, I felt a fin....a wet fin...the dolphins were marching in line behind me!

Willoughby: Could I be dreaming? It didn't seem likely.

Luis: It was then that I realized I was in the water. I tripped and fell, right into the water. What was a dreams and and what was reality suddenly became blurry.

Willoughby: I struggled to keep my head above water, all the while gasping for air.

Polly: The orb had dropped to the water as well...once submerged I found I could breathe freely.

Luis: But this couldn't be happening - *shouldnt* be happening. How could I explain this? Who would believe me now?

Tammy: I closed my eyes - allowing myself to experience the freedom of the water. I turned a slow somersault and one of the dolphins joined me - clearly assuming I had initiated a game with him. Her? How can one be sure with dolphins?

Willoughby: We seemed to be communicating, the dolphins and I. How was this possible? What secrets did the red orb contain?

Tammy: If I was understanding the dolphins correctly - and I couldn't be, right? - but if I was, they didn't know any more about the orb than I did - only that they followed it and that they were happy.

Polly: As I looked around, I found that those that I knew, from the ferry, were frolicking about at the depths of the sound. Everyone oblivious to pain, trouble and fear.

Tammy: Their eyes no longer seemed lifeless to me - they seemed - blissful.

Keri: The dolphins circled me until my disorientation cleared, then led the way out into open water.

Polly: the orb followed...once out upon the open sea the red glow began to flicker.  an opening appeared....

Willoughby:  Dramatic pause...... (the story stalled for several minutes)

Polly: we all stared...waiting...anticipating...

Keri: Suddenly a blue light shone from the interior of the red orb and the most beautiful voice I have ever heard said...

Polly: And Journal...here is where it gets really interesting... (again, story stalled for several minutes)

Polly: ‎(Beuhler? Anyone?)

Willoughby: The voice said "Follow me"

Polly: As we walked toward the orb, the color changed from brilliant red to a subdued blue

Willoughby: And we were all apparently speechless, once again.

Tammy:  It shimmered under the water and the effect was mesmerizing.

Polly: and then a figure emerged from the opening...human like, with a silverish hue to her skin...much like the dolphin...

Willoughby: A feeling of immense joy spread over the crowd as we stood in awe of this creature. (Wait, weren't we just in the water a few minutes ago?)

Keri: The creature said, 'I am an ambassador from the depths of the sea. I have been sent to plead for your assistance. Our Mother Ocean is dying and she needs your help!' ‎(and now I have to leave the story, cuz it's time to go home from work...can't wait to see how y'all end it when I check in tomorrow!!)

Polly: ‎(ooh...a twist! Green is always good!) Thanks for your participation Keril...I'll try to have it on my blog sometime tomorrow! "The ocean is dying, the earth is angry and brittle, and its inhabitants frightened"

Donna: ‎"You and your kind have destroyed the earth and the sea. Now you must repair it or suffer the consequences."

Polly: We all shouted, in our minds, "We want to help but how...we are but simple people without political power or clout" (welcome Donna!) ‎"Albert...you know what to do...remember when I visited you before?" the creature replied.

Donna: I was confused for a moment. ‎"You mean that wasn't a dream??"

Polly: ‎"People wouldn't believe me!" I shouted back!

Donna: The Creature of the Red Orb replied, "Moses had a lot of excuses too, but he got the job done."

Polly: I had thought it had to be a dream but now, now I knew this was real. The ambassador was real, these people were real, the dolphins were real...but how to help? I was confused. I am a simple man of humble means.

Donna: I decided to consult Stephen Hawking to see if he had any ideas.

Polly: but I thought against it for this was a very spiritual moment for me and sometimes science is just not adept at explaining the spiritual. I asked the ambassador, again, what could we do.

Donna: She replied, "Repent of your evil ways and do no more." She continued, "Although our generation may not be saved, perhaps future generations can be if we stop this madness now." Red Orb rose again into the sky, and I felt a sense of hope.

Polly: I couldn't help but agree with her. We shall lead by example and maybe, just maybe, we'll make an impact. At that thought I was suddenly transported back to my ferry, along with all the passengers. We all were quite bewildered and will remember this day forever.



I'd like to thank the following blogging friends for participating in this week's story. They are as follows:

Luis from The Muddy Runner
Willoughby from This Stop Willoughby
Tammy from Keep in Touch with Mommakin

And thank you to my other friends Donna and Keri for their valuable input. You all did a fantastic job!



Willoughby said...

That was fun! Can't wait to do it again!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I was a little worried at the begining. Love your ending!

Brian Miller said...

polly this is so fun...you are tempting me back to FB...haha...

Pelican Joe said...

They were supposed to be zombies! Flesh-craving, brain-sucking, zombies!

Anonymous said...

Grr...how did I miss this?

Pelican Joe said...

BTW, when was Keanu Reeves supposed to show up? ref: the day the earth stood still (the very poor remake of the "most excellent" 1950's SciFi Classic)

Unknown Mami said...

I loved this collaboration. What a great way to use FB!

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

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