Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday-Chrysalis

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The hard shelled pupa
transforming, awaits re-birth
in awe of His Truth.

Aren't we all like that?
Hard hearts changing, longing Love,
Born anew with Faith!

Regardless of base beliefs,
Beauty to behold.

And now a nod to one of my favorite bloggers:

Words woven intricately,
Crafty tales emerge!

Nessa pens fine prose
captivating her readers.
My daily must read!

For more Haiku hijinks, or to participae
Please visit Jen over at You Know...That Blog?
Next week's theme: Metamorphosis 

Join the fun!


Weezer said...

I need to put a note up here on my desk reminding me about Haiku Wednesdays and the up-coming topic. Chrysallis. Reminds me of my walk to Emmaus I did years back. What a wonderful re-birth of my faith!
Happy Wednesday. Off to a doctor appt.

Weezer said...

A faith long sleeping
Brought fresh by love's devotion
Power to stand tall.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it true how we are all just waiting to hear the Truth, like the butterfly waiting to spread its wings! Beautiful poem!

MJ said...

Polly once again you amaze me with your Haiku talent. So insightful & very true.

Brian Miller said...

nessa is great person. the analogy , it fits...sometimes we need those moments in the coccoon, others we need to break out of it in order to fly...

Liz in Virginia said...

Hi, Polly -- loved your haiku; isn't it funny that for some people, the word "chrysalis" just shouts out about faith!

The Cursillo, Emmaus, and Chrysalis retreats are life-changing! My sister and I both attended Emmaus retreats before we were married, and my sister (she of the giant heart) has continued to work within the Chrysalis movement ever since as a volunteer.

Cursillo is almost identical to Emmaus, except in its understanding of what "communion/Eucharist" means -- so it is a good fit for Catholics, Episcopalians, Anglicans, and Orthodox Christians.

-- Liz

Tracy said...

wonderful as usual

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

I love how you jump in wholeheartedly! Very nice work, once again :)

Look at all these haiku-ers in your comments! How come they're not joining us?!

Mumsy said...

That's sensational, Polly!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Polly, your Haikus are so calming, you feel that way when you wrote it?
Just to let you know.

You are awesome!




Jenny said...

Hi Polly. Hi - ku! to you! Hope your day is as sweet as your poetry! Which would be mighty sweet!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Polly you are so hai-cool ;) I always enjoy your haikus!

Julie Schuler said...

I can't stop looking at the chrysalis, what a bizarre looking thing. Beautiful haiku.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Haiku and I love the Hard hearts changing, longing Love. Well done my friend. And the nod to Nessa was brilliant. :) Well done :)

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

I love chrysalis imagery--and actual, real chrysalises--chrysali?--anyway, I have "raised" a few swallowtail caterpillars from hatchling to butterfly, and it is a wonder to behold--I always feel a bittersweet mixture of joy and sadness when they fly off and leave me :)

Thanks for sharing your haiku with us!

Jillien said...

HOW AWESOME! I love love LOVE you first haiku.


Betty said...

What a meaningful poem , Polly.Isn't it true? We all are waiting for our metamorphosis, to become better people!
You are simply awesome!:o)
Betty xx

Willoughby said...

Wonderful! You are so very talented when it comes to writing Haikus.

The Muse said...

this story of transformation...fabulous.

Nessa said...

Excellent haiku. You've captured the concept beautifully. And I love extended haiku.

Then you really made it all about me. Thanks!

Sean the Vampire


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