Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sacred Sunday: Poetry Corner

Things I Never Knew

Whether you like opera
Or a rainy day
While riding in the car
Music or the window down
Watching Earth’s
Contoured cloth
Catching rivulets of Grace.

Or your favorite movie
While thunderstorms
Rage white and black
Through thin blinds

Turned just upward
Through which comes
Peace in crescent shadows.

Would you choose
To live this life again
An eternal recurrence
of dreamless horizons
Or dare to lift
Vinegary hyssop
To Hope’s parched lips?

The above poem was written by fellow blogger, Jim Hawley of It's This or Go Crazy. I found it an especially well written piece. Although there are many layers to this poem, for the sake of the theme of Sacred Sunday, these are the questions that came away with when I read this particular piece:

1.  Are we just passing through life living for gratification of earthly desires or are we focused on the "Rivulets of Grace"  offered before us, freely given by our Savior? 

2.  In times of suffering and chaos, do we open the gifts of the Holy Spirit to aid our needs and those of fellow man?

3.  And despite the Grace we are offered, due to our fallen nature, do we refuse to accept it by repeatedly lifting the hyssop branch up to our thirsty Lord? 

What are your thoughts?

This is but a small example of the body of work available at Jim's blog. I encourage you to go and pay a visit. I do not believe you will be disappointed. 


5thsister said...

I apologize for the dark font! Just highlight the text for easier reading. It's a busy day so no time to fix. I wish everyone a blessed Sunday!

Brian Miller said...

what a great poem and the questions are spot on...will think about them through out the day...hope you hav a great sunday!

Mumsy said...

It's a great poem! Like Brian, I will think about your questions as my Sunday contemplation..

Have a great Sunday!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

The poem is wonderful, thank you for sharing- I'll have to check out the blog soon...

Anonymous said...

wonderfully written, and boy your questions, very thought provoking, they cause you to look inward...,.

Nessa said...

an excellent piece for pondering on this Sunday.

limerick love

Raoulysgirl said...

Beautiful poem!

otin said...

Thank you for the welcome back! The poem was kind of deep for me at this second, lol. I am very tired!

Dreamer said...

Wonderful poem! thanks for sharing this! and the questions you posed... really made me think, not just about the answers, but even about HOW do i answer that.



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