Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings - March 15, 2010

Dear Cleveland Browns,

Is it true? Did you just sign my beloved Jake Delhomme? I hope he's a great fit for your team and that you all grow to love him as much as I have! Go Browns!

Jake's #1 fan,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Employer,

Will I receive time and a half pay for cramming 18 hours of work into a 12 hour shift?

Just curious,

Respiratory 5th


Dear Bethany,

Great guest blog post, sweetie! You really came through in a pinch. Well done!

Love always,

Mama 5th


Dear March Madness,

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, K.U.!

With anticipation of  being in the Final Four,

A Proud University of Kansas Alumna


Dear Subconscious State of Mind,

Enough with the crazy dreams, please! The "math" dream was bad enough. Over the past few nights you've had me

1.  running across a field of dirt at dusk, with legs like rubber, attempting to avoid fire ants...
2.  aghast as the growling bear in the hatch back escapes and attacks the minister...
3.  being mesmerized by the slew of tornadoes heading our way...
4.  driving down the old country road, near the lake, dodging possum, potholes, wild dogs and cow dung...
5.  being debilitated by a bad case of cellulitis in my left leg.
6.  and changing my name to Elizabeth when Johnny Depp falls in love with me!

Okay, I'm liking #6 and will remember it fondly. But the rest? Keep 'em. I'm too tired to even try to make sense of them. Although, these are strange enough to merit a trip over to that dream interpretation site Jephy's Mom suggested in Saturday's commentary.

Regardless...please settle down before tonight's attempt at slumber. I'd appreciate it.

Tired and exhausted,

A Sleepy 5th



Brian Miller said...

ack. hope you get some rest...may want to lay off the late night snacks as well...

Tracie said...

Oooh. I think I would enjoy #6, too. I need a dream like that to erase his Mad Hatter image from my brain.

Willoughby said...

Re: the dreams. Didn't you say you cut back (or cut out, I don't recall) drinking wine? I wonder if that's what's causing the strange dreams. Maybe your brain misses the relaxing quality of a glass of wine. Just a thought...

Tracy said...

I have been having some mega-strange dreams myself lately. Ready for them to stop, so I can sleep!

Pelican Joe said...

It looks like Bernie Kosar is back in Cleveland!

Tiffany said...

i'm excited to do my picks for march madness--i know of like, 4 college basketball teams and when i do better than the husband he gets a little beside himself. :)

i have weird dreams all the, that all my teeth are falling out one by one. eew.

HeatherLynn said...

Don't you just LOVE Johnny Depp Dreams? I'm more of an Edward Norton dreamer myself, but every so often, Johnny creeps in and steals the spotlight...other guest stars, brad pitt & Robert Downey Jr. I especially liked the dream where Me, Robert, Brad & Johnny were all out the bar...and they weren't my lovers, but they were my best friends...and let me tell you, having those three for bff's make for some good dreams, and good times! :)

Here's to a new week, of peaceful, restful slumber luv!


Betty said...

Hope you get some rest, Poly .
You just need it.
You discribed everything in such a great way using perfect words!.

Steven Anthony said...

I hope thats a big yes from the employer;)

blueviolet said...

Johnny Depp fell in love with you? Press rewind on that dream!

Mumsy said...

I wish to have your dreams since I can never remember mine! Love your Monday Musing..

Raoulysgirl said...

Dreams can be crazily confusing sometimes! Hope you get a better sleep tonight...and overtime! You deserve both!!!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Okay...those are some really weird dreams! And why is weird spelled with ei instead of ie. Isn't it i before e except after c?

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Those are some cool plot lines, Polly! Seems I remember from Psych class that you can't dream unless you're in REM sleep--supposedly the best kind! I wonder why you're exhausted?

I need to hop over to read Bethany's guest post--catching up as I feel a few days behind in my blog reading!

mrs. c said...

Dreams, I sometimes wake up but I am still dreaming in my mind! When in about 5 mintues I forget it all! i just wish I could remember all my dreams because I bet they are amazing, kind alike yours!

gayle said...

Sweet dreams!! Get some rest!!

Tortuga said...

Haha, another Jayhawk fan in my life. That's what I get for living so close to the MO/KS border.

Nessa said...

You can stop telling us about your dreams. After reading your math dream I had a dream where i was attacked by giant numbers from sesame street.

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