Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings-March 8, 2010

Dear Jake Delhomme (former QB of the Carolina Panthers),

You are such a class act. I am so sorry that the powers that be felt the need to cut you from the team completely rather than give you the opportunity as back up QB. You've handled this turn of events with grace and style. I do hope that one day you'll be back with the Panthers (maybe as QB coach?). Thank you for all you've done! You'll be sorely missed.

Forever and always your #1 fan,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Julius Peppers (former Panthers Defensive End)

Good riddance. You only played well only when it suited you, not the team. I wish Chicago the best with their choice but have a feeling they'll be disappointed as well.

Not surprised,

Mrs. Sister


Dear Carolina Panthers,

I wish you would have rethought your decision on Jake, but regardless, after reading how you handled it (see HERE) I am impressed by your integrity.

Respectfully yours,

Section 205/Row 8/Seat 5

PS  Good move on your decision regarding Peppers


Our Daily Bread

I had fun with a recipe on one of the blogs I follow. I decided to make garlic rolls from The Domestic Mama. (recipe can be found HERE)

Michelle is a good friend of mine from the days when her blog was in its infancy. Now she's pretty famous and has been featured on several foodie sites. I told her, oh so long ago, there would be a day when I would be able to say "I knew her when...." I think that day is fast approaching (I only hope she remembers me!)

Regardless, I had always used my bread machine in the past but now that Black Beauty has arrived I decided to put her to work. I proofed my own yeast (as per Mama's directions). I had never done this before and what a delight to watch those little buggers transform the starter into a foamy, frothy magical solution! I then followed her recipe to a "T". Poor Black Beauty...the dough was too stiff for her liking and we had to add an additional 3/4 cup of milk. That was the only change I made. And what were my results? Here, have a look:

The prayer group I recently joined was serving a meal at the local Hospice and these were for them. Fortunately, I had enough dough leftover for a small loaf of bread and let me tell was very, very, good.

You may have asked why the dough was "stiff" at first. Mama and I had a good laugh over that. You see, she lives in southern Florida where it's quite humid. She needed quite a bit of flour so her dough wasn't too sticky. Where I live, I didn't need quite so much. But it all worked in the end!


I'd Like to Thank the Academy....

It's Monday so it's awards time again. Both Mummy from I'm a Full Time Mummy and Shakira from You Are Never Alone gave me the Happy 101: Sweet Friends and Beautiful Blogger award. Please go visit both of them. They are absolutely delightful blogs. 

I am now convinced that I must be a very beautiful blog because I have received this nod from several blog friends. There are rules associated with these that involve telling some things about yourself. I think I'm suppose to give you 10 for the BB and 7 for the Happy. I'll give you whatever I can come up with that you may not already know: (fortunately, I just played a similar game on All Recipes)

1.  I played a pretty mean clarinet in my youth and was 1st chair all the way through high school.
2.  I could also belch the alphabet.
3.  I was in a beauty pageant when I was 17. (no, the belching wasn't my talent, the clarinet was!)
4.  When I got married I really didn't know how to cook. Having kids forced me to learn.
5.  I suffered an eating disorder in my 20's. I may blog about that sometime.
6.  I can pick stuff up with my feet.
7.  I can't sing.
8.  I was originally a biology major in college before I switched to Respiratory Therapy.
9.  I've always worked in a hospital: when I was 16 I got a job in the hospital kitchen and worked my way up        to the snack bar.
10. I will no longer be home schooling after this year.

I guess I will follow the rules and choose a few of you to pass these along to. This is always difficult because I adore all the blogs I follow. But in no particular order, I choose:

Shakira also bestowed upon me the following, unique award:

Isn't it delightfully cute? This will go to the men I follow:

(Okay, Christi is not a man but she's got bigger cojones than most)

And my final award from sweet Shakira (you really need to go visit her's pretty amazing)

And since I only follow the best....this is for ALL OF YOU!


Julie Schuler said...

That bread looks yummy! I love to bake bread, I think it has an undeserved reputation of being hard to do, but bread dough is really very forgiving and easy to get along with.

Yay! For a new award!

Erin said...

I am so proud of your rolls! They look yummy and so cute. I don't have a bread machine, but I do make my own challah most Fridays (without a machine). I've never attempted anything else. Yeast intimidates me!

p.s. Hooray for COjones!

L.B. said...

I'm honored to have received your award! Your blog is so vast and enormous and has gathered a large following, and it's really great to be a part of it in this way. Thanks!

As for Julius Peppers, as a Bears fan I'm excited because it shows me that they are committed to doing something and not standing pat. I was disappointed that Lovie Smith came back since I felt three consecutive playoff-less seasons warranted a move for a new coach, but this move (and picking up a solid running back in Chester Taylor) shows me that they aren't just going to sit around go with the same formula as last year. And I've always felt a good defensive line that can pressure the QB is the key to a strong defense, so Peppers should be an instant upgrade in that position. Although, I may too get tired of his act... but hopefully that doesn't happen.

Mumsy said...

Your bread is so delicious looking!

Congrats on all your award, Polly!

the domestic mama said...

Thank you so much, Polly! I promise- If I ever get super famous I will give ya tons of shout-outs! I love ya sooo much! :)

Mary said...

I love Jake Delhomme! We lived in the Carolinas when the Panthers first started up. Bread looks excellent!

Weezer said...

I hadn't heard about Jake! (Over on this side of the state they're pretty much devoted to the Falcons.
I love the look of those rolls. I make sour-dough bread (usually rolls) and have so much fun with them. Yours look wonderful!
I'm looking forward to getting home and catching up with everything and everybody.

Michelle Hoad said...

the rolls look too yummy! I love to make bread, but don't do it near enough.

Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks Polly! I may not put i up today, gotta think on my 10 things y'know, but I will!

That bread looks sooo yummy. Alas, I don't own a bread maker. Hmmm...idea...perhaps for my birthday...

Brian Miller said...

thanks for the bling...julius peppers was a some good bread...a mean clarinet, so when are you going to put an audio file on here? you should write about the eating disorder, i know many who struggle that would probably appreciate your perspective...

Meeko Fabulous said...

Thank you so much! :) What a wonderful way to start my Monday morning! X's and O's! :)

Jingle said...

Hello, how are you?
lots of beautiful awards,
full of love post!

Happy Monday!

Chicago Mom said...

I guess it's a good thing I am not a football fan, much less a Bears fan? :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

The photo of your bread in my side bar made me drool :-)


Have a happy week.

Lissaloo said...

I would never have guessed you had been in a Beauty Pageant :)
The rolls look wonderful!

Joshua said...

I would like to thank the Academy for recognizing the voices in my head and their incessant need to verbalize thoughts and control my fingers by typing them out and posting for all the public to see.

Thank you.

Life Laugh Latte said...

I haven't made bread from scratch in so long. The kids would love to do this with me. I need to make it happen. Except...not today...the maid came...and flour won't be allowed in my kitchen for at least 2 days. A clean floor just makes me happy. HOlly

Raoulysgirl said...

I'm honored that you give me such credit!!! Thank you, friend!!!!! <3

Also, I can pick things up with my feet, too. It's strange because I have a foot aversion...

AJ said...

I am so motivated to try making that bread! :) Thanks!

otin said...

I see that you are a complete Panthers fanatic! :)

Thank you for the award! I am known not to do them anymore, but I appreciate it very much!!!

Willoughby said...

I don't follow the Panthers, but I can sympathize with your feelings. I felt the same way when the Pistons traded Chauncey Billups (our best player). That was a sad day for Detroit. And when they brought back former Piston Ben Wallace. He was my favorite player up until his last season when he became a diva and benched himself and refused to play. After a few seasons in Chicago, we have him back. I could care less, we don't need a diva.

The bread looks awesome!

Your comment about Christi's cajones almost made me do a spit take! So true, so true!! I heart Christi!

Ms Bibi said...

Check out Polly's Buns,lol.

They look so delicious. I think I just might make some fresh bread today.

Congrats on all those well deserved awards.

blueviolet said...

I also suffered from an eating disorder. Anorexia and bulimia at age 30 to well....I'm not ever sure if I'm cured. When I lose weight, I have a hard time moderating and I'm losing weight right now. I worry every time that it's going to go too far.

Congrats on your awards!!!! I think you're just terrific!

Tracy said...

Thank you for the award! And I will actually post it this time and do the 10 things (I am getting the hang of this finally).

And I am the same as you on 4,6, and 7!

Holly said...

Baking bread is on my list of to-do's. It is something I really want to tackle. Yours looks yummy!


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