Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Don't Feel Like It.

That's correct.

I do not feel like blogging today.

It's 5:45 am.

Although I went to bed early last night, sleep was elusive for me.

And when I finally fell asleep I had the strangest dreams:

Mr. Sister and I were performing experiments on teeny tiny flies, moths and butterflies, using complicated mathematic equations that involved X and Y axis and physics to determine velocity rates of drop and bounce. I know, it didn't make sense to me either.

So, in essence, all that math has muddied my mind this morning. Subsequently, I cannot think of a thing to write about.

Oh well, I must get ready to go into work anyway.

Make it a great day, everyone!


Mary said...

Aren't dreams just weird sometimes? If I had had that dream, I would've thought I was a genius!

Jephy's Mom said...

Seams like you can find something to write about even when you don't feel like it.

I looked up the possible meaning of your dream here...

The math in your dream indicates you are evaluating a situation in your life where you need to be more rational.

The experiment indicates a need to be more daring. Take a chance.

The butterfly indicates a transition

Flies indicate filth or dirtiness, guilt, or an irritating or annoying person.

The moth can also indicate irritations, weakness and character flaws.

And finally, the key to the whole dream, to see your husband reveals your unconscious feelings you have towards him. Something you are not addressing in your conscious life.

It's always the husband.

L.B. said...

That sounds like a rough dream. I hate dreams when they are too involved because it makes me feel like I didn't get enough rest since my mind was so stimulated.

That's pretty unique, though, with the x- and y-axis fly experiments. Pretty vivid stuff. My complicated dreams are usually not that intricate, not with mathematical equations and all.

Julie Schuler said...

heh, what kind of geek has math dreams?
Just kidding. I think experiments on butterflies and moths would be an awesome dream. Sorry that it wasn't restful.

Mumsy said...

I like the explanation from Jephy's Mom..I wouldn't like to blog at 5:45 either..

Have a great day at work, Polly!

thamesarino said...

wow- that was a doozy of a dream! especially with the explanations from Jephy's Mom!
It's no great mystery what all my dreams are about right now. They all involve running marathons, climbing mountains, or babies bursting from my body in true Alien type horror fashion... some mornings I wake up feeling less rested than when I went to bed!
I hope you manage to have a good day anyway!

Willoughby said...

That is a weird dream! I don't often remember my dreams for more than 10 minutes after I wake up.

Have a great day at work!

Steven Anthony said...

dreams can baffle the mind. Have a wonderful day my friend;)

Brian Miller said...

ack. math dreams...glad i dont have those! hope you ave a great day at work!

Jackie said...

Thanks , just fluttering by :P

I could be wrong but I think those objects usually have to do with people so , maybe I can be a butterfly ? then again I'm probably wrong .

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Talk about weird.. I was busy learning accounting stuff to help out with hubby's own business and I ended up dreaming about accounting... all those ledgers and numbers and stuff... yikes... scary... and to think that after I woke up, I still had to continue learning accounting... bahhhh....

Happy weekend Polly! :D

Betty said...

Polly,sometimes my dreams seem to me quite weird, but I hardly remember them for more then 5min after I wake up.
Missed you, my friend!:o)

Nessa said...

Math makes it a nightmare, doesn't it?

Weekend Reflections - Green Beer

Lissaloo said...

Moth dreams......shudder, yuck.
I hope you had a good weekend :)


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