Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Musings-December 7, 2009

Dear Carolina Panthers,

5 interceptions? Seriously? I bet if felt good to be on the receiving end of these turnovers! Great job defense!

Congrats on your win yesterday. I only wish I could have attended what appeared to be a wonderful game. I'm pleased Matt Moore was able to get into a groove as our quarterback but I must insist that I still love Jake...broken finger and all!

Oh, by the way, Mr. Sister was pretty excited about being the winner of the AAA contest during the game. My son also enjoyed his fleeting fame on the "jumbotron". 

Your adoring fan,

Mrs. Sister

Blog Bling

From Lissaloo over at One Step at a Time

Such a sweet award from a sweet bloggy friend! To accept this I am required to tell 10 things about myself that you may or may not know. Here goes

1.  In my youth I could belch the alphabet. 
2.  If I could I would sleep 10-12 hours every night!
3.  I struggled with anorexia and bulimia when I was in my 20's. Sometime I'll blog about that.
4.  My dad immigrated from East Prussia, Germany and my mom was born in Fargo, ND.
5.  My 1st career of choice was marine biology. Unfortunately, living in Kansas kind of hindered that pursuit.
6.  One of my 1st jobs was in retail sales at Musicland. I had a mental block learning the different stereo systems so my commissions were lacking but I accumulated a pretty nice 8 track collection during my tenure.
7.  Michael Symon is my favorite Iron Chef.
8.  I'm a terrible procrastinator. Hopefully my Christmas cards will be sent out before the 25th but you never know.
9.  If I could go back and do it all over again I would have been a fine arts major.
10. When I took a short break from Respiratory Therapy, I sold Ultima II cosmetics at JCPenney.

I'd like to pass the "Sugar" on to the following sweet bloggers:

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Katie from Katie's Korner
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From Erin over at The Mother Load

What a pretty award! All shiny and sparkley! Thank you Erin! I'll wear these diamonds proudly. Now I'm suppose to nominate 10 blogs to receive this bit of bling:

Millennium Housewife
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My Good Babushka
The Domestic Mama
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Tattoos and Teething Rings

Please take the time to visit Lissaloo, Erin and all my nominees. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Baby You Can Drive My Car!

Mr. Sister finally got a new (used) car. I knew he was going to go for this particular model after we test drove one over at CarMax. It was full of all kinds of high tech gadgetry which is right up his alley: push button ignition (no key), rear camera with video feed to the console, touch screen computer, etc. What is the car he decided upon? A 2007 Toyota Prius. A pretty cool hybrid. When I drove it the other day I was able to average 45 mpg! It's a real treat to drive. 


People...the Swine Flu is still hitting people pretty hard. I'm tiring of seeing these young lives interrupted as they struggle to fight the rampages of this insiduous disease. If you haven't done so, please consider this my gentle reminder to get the flu vaccination if it is available in your area.


I now have to tackle the house. I've been MIA these past 3 days while at work. The family seems to think the  house miraculously picks itself up! But to be fair, it has been a busy weekend for the Sister Clan, what with scouting activities, choir performances and the like. Still. I hate the Mondays following my work weekend. Anyone want to swing by and help out? 

On that note, I must bid you all adieu and seize the day! Take care and Happy Monday!


Pelican Joe said...

LOL! Check the year on the Prius! They didn't make a 1997 Toyota Prius.

5thsister said...

I guess I had the Maxima on the brain. I've corrected it! LOL!

Julie Schuler said...

Thank you for the sparkly award. We are still waiting for flu vaccine in our county. I think we called the pediatrician in October.... still waiting for the call. We probably have all had it by now. We've been sick a few times.

Willoughby said...

You are too kind! Thank you for the wonderful award. I am working on an awards post today if it kills me!

I would love to test drive the Prius! 45 mpg? Gotta love that!

My family thinks we have a self cleaning house, too! I'd stop by to help you with your cleaning, but we'd just end up sitting around gabbing and nothing would get done!

Deidra said...

Go Panthers! I'll not mention the adventures of my favorite team... *sigh*

Thanks so much for the award, and congratulations to you, my friend! I think you need to get to work on regaining that long lost skill from your youth (number 1 on your list). That would certainly be a crowd pleaser at this year's holiday parties!

Weezer said...

Thank you, dear blogger friend. These things mean SO SO SO much to me. No, really they do.
I will fulfill the responsibilities of the award in a few days. I'm heading back over to Columbus GEORGIA to get my parents' Christmas decorations up. I've got a post or two ready to go while I'm gone but I'll pretty much be in-com-mu-ni-cado!
Have a great few days.

Millennium Housewife said...

You are a doll! Thankyou so much for my sparkles! xx

L.B. said...

I took the girls to get flu vaccines last week, the H1N1 vaccine (our county's supply of regular flu vaccines has been exhausted and it is not expected to be refilled). We had to wait in line for 90 minutes - yikes - but the girls avoided any major meltdowns. Kennedy was sooo scared once we got up there because she saw how they were sticking stuff up people's noses so she did her "I'm scared out of my mind" sob that she does sometimes at Disneyland but she was brave and let the nurse put the syringe or whatever you call it up her nose and squirt away.

They have to go back for another round after the 2nd.

I had the spray as well. It was a strange feeling to have liquid go up my nose like that. Shudder.

the domestic mama said...

ooo! A shiny one! Thank you! YAY!

Raoulysgirl said...

We were fortunate enough to be able to get the shot. No spray up THIS nose!!! Makes me shudder a little bit to think about it. It's funny how I would rather have a needle stuck in my arm than a little squirt of liquid up my nose...but that's just how I am!!! Anyhow...Tacha and Isi both have to have a second dose. Tacha gets hers on the 17th at school (they did shots at our schools here) and Isi goes after the 4th for hers!

Thank you so much for the bling! Even though I did already receive it, it means so much that you would think of me!!! Thank you!!!

5thsister said...

we can't do the spray because of Bethany's asthma. Too risky so it's needled for all of us!

Tracy said...

At least you are a Panthers fan, hubby never converted from his beloved Redskins when the new cat appeared in the Carolinas. It has a been a rough few years for him.

Kathleen said...

Thank you SO much for the bling!

And a big congrats to Mr. Sister on his new car!!

Lissaloo said...

My Dad is starting week three of being housebound/bedbound with Swine Flu, it hit him pretty hard.

Congrats on the awards and thanks for the shout out :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Congrats on the awards, the new/used car and great reminder about porky!

Ms Bibi said...

Thank you so much for the Diamond award...I will wear it with pride.

Great car choice for Mr. friend has one of those. They are pretty cool.

HB had his H1N1 long time ago as a high risk, but I will be getting one for LP and myself this week. I believe clinic is coming to our town Friday.

Jephy's Mom said...

I really like the rear camera with video feed feature.

kys said...

Congrats! We've all had our H1N1 and seasonal flu shots.

Helen McGinn said...

Thank you for the bling, my lovely bloggy friend! I've had swine flu already and another type of flu so this year has been the pits. Good for you for reminding peeps! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing along the Bling! That is so sweet and I am truly honored.

Have a great Monday!

Erin said...

You are very brave to talk about having struggled with eating disorders. You're not alone. In fact, I read a blog the other day (I read so many I'm ashamed to say I can't remember whose it was) that was about the blogger's struggle with bulemia. It was powerfully written. I always appreciate honesty and being let in to other people's lives that way....and congrats on all of your well-deserved awards!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for sharing the love with me! I do appreciate it!

I also would be in hog heaven if i could sleep 10 hours. people don't believe me, but i need at least 9 to function properly...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations to Mr. sister on the Prius! GREAT card.

Thanks for the reminder on the Swine Flu. We still don't have shots available here but I'm watching for them so I can get it ASAP.

Great job on the MEME. Thanks for sharing.


AJ said...

so sweet! thank you!

I am impressed! :) So much in so little time. You are a sugar pie!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Polly, so much here, I hardly know what to comment on--but Christmas cards by the 25th? I've given up on that. We call them New years cards, now. Takes off some of the pressure and spices up the new Year, which is always in danger of being anti-climatic, anyway.

I really had no idea the swine flu could be so bad--here in VA, doctors are treating it just like ordinary flu. It sounds like you are really on the front lines of this one--I'll bet your patients are glad you didn't stay at the JC Penny cosmetics counter!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Congrats and thank you!

As for the fine arts degree, trust me, they can be a waste of time!

Jenn Erickson said...

I love those "get to know you" awards! Congrats on them all. Loved learning about your childhood "talent" and am interested to know how you overcame your eating disorders. Ah yes, 10-12 hours of sleep a night would be positively dreamy!


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