Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polly Needs...

I did this in a note on Facebook a while back. It's a riot! Google your first name and "needs". Then type the 1st 15 headings as your "needs". I can't wait to see your results!

1.   Polly needs a cocktail women's v-neck t-shirt
2.   Polly needs more than just a cracker
3.   Polly needs a bailout
4.   Polly needs a home
5.   Polly needs a tree too
6.   Polly needs a makeover
7.   Polly needs to snap herself out of the blues
8.   Polly needs a foster home
9.   Polly needs a nap more than a toy
10. Polly needs a doctor
11. Polly needs a diet
12. Polly needs your help
13. Polly needs to escape
14. Polly needs to find another $1300/month
15. Polly needs to look back at what she did.

Hmmmm. A very curious need's list indeed.

And as a reminder for tomorrow's Silly Haiku Wednesday: Jen has laid down the gauntlet!


the domestic mama said...

yay! Too funny! Hmmm... I may do that one night when I can't sleep. I am sure it will be funny!

Pelican Joe said...

I did the Polly needs on Bing. To give you a few of the top results:

1) Polly Needs More Than Just A Cracker
2)Polly Needs Crack
3) Polly Needs Prayer

... And you think you know somebody!!!

Jephy's Mom said...

Apparently, number 1 on my needs list is an official web site.

Lissaloo said...

Haha that is too funny! I am going to try this :)

Reanaclaire said...

hello.. im claire from www.reanaclaire.com
coming by for the first time to visit your blog and hope to come by more often..
something new here.. our needs?
wow, i have many needs, thank God for blessing me!

Lee said...

Cool!! I'm going to do it!!

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I did it few weeks ago, but I not only did Bibiana (Bibi is short for Bibiana) Needs and also did Bibiana Wants.

Bibiana Needs
#1. needs a Chef De Partie and a Pastry Assistant (do I ever)
#2. needs some improvement both in the kitchen and with the service
#3.needs money to buy books

Bibiana Wants
#1 wants to work with the textile traditions of Bangladesh
#2 wants to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for her family
#3 wants no other gods before him

Very interesting

L.B. said...

That is too funny!

I've gotta go see my name. I might need a bailout and a home as well, who knows?

Weezer said...

Good morning, Polly. What fun this was. Though I think I found out that I'm a big mess. I've put just the first 5 here and I'll put the whole list at my blog. How do you come up with these things?
(Oh. I used my real name.....Linda. You can just imagine what all I got when I put in 'Weezer'.)
1. Linda needs Mental Help.
2. Linda needs Make-over Magic.
3. Linda needs to memorize words for Korean class. (???)
4. Linda needs your prayers.
5. Linda needs Hulk Hogan in Jail.

Unknown said...

Oh these are funny! Weezer, yeah, you're a bit messed up. I just did a "Polly wants" as suggested by Bibi. Here is a sampling:

Polly wants a popgun
Polly wants revenge
Polly wants a cracker (obvious)
Polly wants a noodle
Polly wants a cocktail

Anonymous said...

a nap would be glorious right now. just glorious

Unknown said...

Yes...a nap is always on my "needs" list! (and "wants" list, too!)

mommakin said...

I googled 'Tammy Wants' and ended up with a bunch of other blogs who had done this same activity!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

OMG, this is hilarious- you need so much!!

Unknown said...

I have never heard of this, but am dying to try it now---maybe for a blog post of my own if you don't mind? I'll link up to you if I do...? Let me know.

Very funny!

Tracie said...

I like it! I think I'll try it.

Lissaloo said...

I have something for you on my blog :)

Kathleen said...

TOO funny!! When I'm not nodding off, I shall plug my name into the google machine!

Kimberly said...

I will have to do this on my Free Friday...not that my Friday is any kind of FREE.

That is going to have to be one of my Needs

Free time
Play time (no, my husband will want to be a part of that)
Nap time

time, time, time

Betty Manousos said...

I love it . I think i try it.
That is too funny!
hugs husg

♥♥ tuğçe♥♥ said...

hahahaa i really loved ur list and i should make one like these but i am afraid that my list will be too long((:
loves and hugs
take care


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