Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Centus: The Pumpkin Patch

Way down deep near the wooded dale
Lies a pumpkin patch whose story I’ll tell

Misshapen gourds lie quietly in wait
For children to pass through the garden gate

Playfully they all run and romp
And along the paths they tread and tromp

Inspecting each squash with innocent eyes
Carefully selecting their orange orbed prize

“Oh, pretty please!” they cry out to mother,
“This is the one we want! We want no other!”

Carefully they carry their chosen one
Down the path ablaze by the midday’s sun

For Halloween would not be complete
Without a jack-o-lantern for trick or treat!


One hundred words exactly!

Leave it to Jenny to mix things up! This week's prompt for Saturday Centus (a story or poem in 100 words or less) was a photo rather than words! For other entries for this weekly meme, please visit Ms. Jenny's blog. The stories others come up with are always a delight to read. You won't be sorry. 

Jenny Matlock


Brian Miller said...

nice. we are pumpkin patching it today!

Cheryl said...

Sweet one, Polly.

Deborah said...

Perfect, I just loved it!

Terra said...

5th sister you have done it again. You take the prize from me so far. This was really quite wonderful. Poetic nonetheless and wonderful!

Bookie said...

This is the first Centus I have gotten to read in two weeks, What a fun treat to start my day. This is perky and clever for the picture.

Nessa said...

Your poem captured the fun and wonder of pumpkin picking. I can't wait to go.

Viki said...

So very realistic. Just how children feel about the ones they pick. Great job.

My name is PJ. said...

First of all, kudos on getting such a fun poem to come in at 100 words exactly.

It was the perfect capture. The sequel should be how the mom is forced to carry all the heavy pumpkins to the car and do all the carving because the pumpkin innards are "gross" and the children are "too tired." MWAHAHAHAHA!

Jackie said...

This was a real nice treat and how did you write that so quickly? It's real good, and I agree, halloween would not be complete without a jack-0-lantern.

Anna said...

Lovely poem Polly.
A perfect pumpkin patch poem!
I did not even try to write verse.
I love it!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC Special Challenge Week 22

Sue said...

I could see it all...and I have!


Susannah said...

Great use of the prompt picture, I enjoyed the scene your words painted. :-)

Steven Anthony said...

wonderful write;)

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Beautiful one! Liked the picture you paired with it!

B xx

skinner675 said...

Great poetry! Brilliant post!

Pelican Joe said...

Well Hun, you never cease to amaze me! Your poetry, B-girls singing, and Munchie's well... way with women!

Just happy to be in the running!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You have a great way with words. I'm very impressed!

Judie said...

Now why didn't I think of that??? Great post, sister!

Ames said...

This absolutely awesome!!!!!!!1 This should be a children's book. I can't wait to read it to my grandson!~Ames

Susan Deborah said...

Quite a seasonal poem! And when I read this, I can only imagine. We have nothing called Autumn and no Halloween!

Have fun. Hope the Sunday is rolling well.

Joy always,

Teresa said...

What a wonderful, joyful story! It makes me anxious to get my pumpkin patch going.

Tgoette said...

Well done! I applaud you for such a well-written poem and for keeping it at 100 words. Awesome job!

gayle said...

Great job!! I want to visit a pumpkin patch!!

Tina said...

100 words exactly. go you! what a sweet litte poem

Tina from
Mummy Diaries

cj Schlottman said...

The essence of "Pumpkin Patching!" This is a wonderful little poem.


cj Schlottman said...

The essence of "Pumpkin Patching!" This is a wonderful little poem.


RockiBottom said...

truly awesome work

Kat said...

Beautifully done! What a great use of the prompt. Leave it to Jenny to mix things up. You did a wonderful job with this, love your poem! Kat

Jenny said...

Polly. This was great. I started at the beginning (it's a very good place to start) and I'm surprised at the direction everybody took this picture.

I kept waiting for something gruesome to happen and it was such a surprise when it didn't!

Great read!

Happy Wednesday!

PS. I've been wanting to tell you that whenever I open your blog I see a dinosaur resting his big, old head on his skinny little arm looking at a Mardis Gras mask. Yea. I'm weird. But look and see if you can see that reverse image in your header.

It always startles me!

~Lissa said...

Really fun story! I felt like I was flipping through a children's book and saw all the illustrations while reading this.


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