Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Shoes

Mr. Sister has occasional foot "issues". Sometimes bad enough to require assistance from crutches. He was researching shoes the other week and found a pair that had "gravity defying trampoline spring technology". He figured he'd give them a try and ordered himself a pair. I knew they were coming but what I did not expect to see was this:

What's the first thing you notice? 
Go ahead. Be honest. 
Yes! That is correct. A sperm. 
There is no way it can be anything else.
Even the shoe company calls it their "slick seed of life" logo. 
Imagine the look on my face when I saw these shoes for the 1st time. 
Exactly! Just like the look that's on your face right now. 

Besides the ill advised logo, did you also notice the height of the sole? That's a mighty significant platform.  I guess it has to be in order to fit the proven "Versoshock Trampoline Technology system" within the heel. (Not that, at 6'4", my husband needs to be any taller)

Oh well. These are Mr. Sister's shoes and not mine. 
And for that I am grateful. 

And no, this is not a paid endorsement. 
This is not an endorsement at all. 
But maybe Mr. Sister will be gracious enough 
to give his review of these shoes, in the comments section,
after he tries them out at the gym. 
I am eager to hear if anyone there noticed the logo. 

For more on Gravity Defyer (TM) footwear, please visit their website


Cheryl said...

Sorry, I didn't catch the symbolism right away. I thought it was a speech bubble until I looked closer. Did you hear me howling?

I'm a full-time mummy said...

I actually thought it was a tadpole... until you mentioned it... hmmmm...

J. Kwiatkowski said...

He's going to take them to the gym?! Noooooo!

Anonymous said...

it was the first thing I noticed....thank goodness for black sharpie

Pelican Joe said...

I really don't think people will notice the symbol! They are fairly comfortable, but they are a little hard to walk in (I guess it will take time). They are like having two big pillows attached to the bottoms of your feet.

Wait, they ARE tadpoles (plan A)!!! I guess plan b is the sharpie!

Brian Miller said... them...i can just imagine the jokes at the gym...perhaps they will help him get ups on the oh my...

Willoughby said...

Yep, that's the first thing I noticed! That's funny! I just wonder why they would have a sperm as their logo?

I have some troubles with my feet, too. I bought a pair of Nike's that had some sort of flex technology (not quite the same as Mr. Sister's shoes, I don't think) and I found them torturous to wear. The flexing made my feet and legs cramp. I'll be interested to hear what Mr. S says about these shoes after wearing them for a while.

NatureGirl said...

Oh ya. First thing I noticed. And that is no funny!

Tina said...

LOL. I didn't notice sperm, per se, just thought it was a ridiculous attempt at looking LIKE Nike, without stealing the actual swoosh. But now of course, all I see is sperm. Best of luck to Mr. Sister...this girl who also has foot issues wishes him much relief. Or at least that the relief is enough to put up with the inevitable teasing...

Raoulysgirl said...

I will shamefully admit to noting immediately logo of choice. I'm still scratching my head about WHY a company would choose that for their logo...I guess because the "Swoosh" was taken???

Raouly has trouble with his feet, too. I'm not sure, though, that I could convince him that those are, indeed, tadpoles...

Ms Bibi said...

I noticed, but I thought I saw wrong so I had to have another close look,lol.

Mumsy said...

The first thing I notice was the height of the shoes. I burst out laughing when you pointed out the "sperm"..

Well, have fun at gym, Mr. Sister and hope they go light on you..


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