Monday, October 25, 2010

Microfiction #54 and Monday Musings

The carnies were not amused when the bearded fat lady suggested they all go skinny dipping after lunch. 

For details on the "rules" of participation, please visit Susan over at Stony River.


I survived my marathon work weekend. It was busy. It was exhausting. And you could definitely tell that there was a full moon. Bare with me while it may take some time to get back in full bloggy mode.


Dear Carolina Panthers,

Unfortunately, I was at work and too busy to sneak a peek at the game. I hear it was a nail biter. Congratulations on your 1st win of the season. You made my daughter very, very happy.

A truly surprised 5th


Dear Pop Tarts,

I really should invest in your company. It's always a major crisis, in the mornings, if we have run out. It is Munchie-Boy's favorite food group, next to mac and cheese. I, however, have yet to eat one myself...I just can't get past that scary ingredient list!

A wary 5th


Dear St. Anthony,

You are amazing! You truly are a favored friend of Jesus! Thank you for your intercessions.

A constantly amazed 5th


Anyone else watch that "hoarding" show on TV? I don't know why I am inexplicably drawn to it. I find it both fascinating and disturbing. But, then again, I also watch Ghost Hunters as well. Maybe I'm the one that's fascinating and disturbing? Hmmmmm. 


I was thinking the other day how life, as I know it, will change in just 3 short months. Bethany gets her driver's license. And I do believe a little bit more "mommy freedom" will be the result! Although I will worry as heck whenever she takes her place behind the wheel, I will also be doing a little "happy dance" in my mind. 


Today is the the Student Council election at Munchie's school. He is such a sweet, gentle natured kid brimming with self confidence. I do hope and pray that, whatever the outcome, his heart is not broken. Go Munch and rock that vote!!!!


It is now time to take on the day. I wish you all a happy Monday with a wonderful week to follow. 


J. Kwiatkowski said...

First of all, I love the top picture of the picnic.
I always give Matthew a hard time when he wants a pop tart, I think they are gross and I let him know it's full of sugar and artificial colors, he eats them anyway, usually after school.
I'm not even going to think about the kids driving, too scary.
and Go Go Munchie Boy!

Diane said...

Yeah.... I wouldn't want to see that either! :O)

izzy said...

Carnies- Hmmm, interesting-
I was thinking the fellow (back right) looks like he is philosophizing !

Willoughby said...

Lots to comment on!

Microfiction - I loved it! Really creative!

Work - I'm glad you survived!

Poptarts - My daughter loves them, too!

Bethany driving - After you get used to it, you'll love it! I don't miss being asked "Mom, can you give me a ride to....."

Election - Go Munchie!!

Happy Monday to you, too!!

hope said...

The bathing suit look is scary enough. :)

~♪~Mumsy~♪~ said...

Your microfiction is fantastic, and I'm totally in agreement with you about pop tart..

Schools, being in the educating field, feed the students pop tarts every morning here..Ironic isn't it?

Peggy said...

A group of carniesn I liked that!
Have a wonderful week ahead.
I always like to start my week with a LOL.

Susan Deborah said...

Picnics are fun. A 'bearded fat lady' seems like a stereotype. Why can't bf ladies be funny and fun-loving. The carnies need lessons in life. Would the carnies be happy if svelte, sexy women asked them for skinny-dipping? I bet.

Thought-provoking microfiction.

Joy alays,

Sylvia K said...

LOL!! I definitely wouldn't want to see that -- or be there!! How fun! Love it! Enjoy your week!


Tina said...

Love your Monday Musings. A peek into your life. Good stuff! Congrats on the Panthers. My boys embarrassed themselves to an unbelievable degree, against the hated Raiders of all teams...Don't know if you've heard, but it was 31-0 with 13:25 to go IN THE SECOND QUARTER. I turned it off. Final damage? 59-14. Shudder.
Go munchie boy!
I lived on poptarts in college. Seriously. One for breakfast every day for four years. I get munchies obsession. And I ignore the ingredient list...

Brian Miller said...

you know my aunt i see...smiles.

way to go panthers!

and munchie!

Steven Anthony said...

skinny dippin carnies.....ya made me snort;)

Fay's Too said...

Oh, well thanks. Now I've got neked carnies running around my imagination!

septembermom said...

You made me laugh with this one! Well done :)

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I agree with what everyone has said.
I definitely wouldn't want to see that too.
Great photo you paired with this post.

Have a wonderful week ahead, Polly!

B xx

Pat said...

You're right...They do NOT look amused at all. Funny and cute...Thanks for the morning laugh!

sylviamorice said...

Now that you mention it--that group does look like they could be part of a carnival crowd! Fun one this week. Cheers!

Jenn Erickson said...

I love, love, love that caption! Brilliant!

Mmmmm...Poptarts! I have a weakness for those artificially flavored little squares of flakey goodness!

Sending all my positive elective vibes Munchie's way! Go Munchie!


Susan Fobes said...

The use of carnies was definitely original. LOL!

Akelamalu said...

Well it's a well known fact that one shouldn't swim on a full stomach! ;)

Strummed Words said...

That was fun!


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