Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits: Panther's Pictorial Edition

I had too much going on yesterday and more of the same for today. Hence, I am taking the easy way out with a pictorial honoring our pitiful Panthers, who currently have a perfect losing record.

The pyrotechnics, prior to the game, 
are about the only thing worth watching.

Mr. Sister expresses his extreme displeasure 
at the way our Panthers have been playing this season

This photo was taken just prior 
to one of the many interceptions 
thrown by our 2 quarterbacks this year. 

I do believe they must plan 
for that very play while in the huddle. 

How else could our offense be 
performing so poorly?

(Not that the defense have been of any help at all!)

Win or lose, Bethany and I always have fun 
when we are able to attend a Panther game together. 


Cheryl said...

You guys are just as tough on your teams as Boston fans. Who knew?

Brian Miller said...

at least they are perfect...you know. i would have fun win or lose as well...and my displeasure would not be quite as tame as Mr...lol

Steven Anthony said...

at least you still have fun ;)

Ms. Diva said...

At least you have a team!!! And perfect is perfect!!! I have never been to an NFL game! It's on my bucket list!!!

Willoughby said...

Even if the game wasn't great, it looks like you had fun!

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Glad you both had fun!
Wow, you both look great, Poly, and you have such a beautiful daughter!!

Big hugs!

B xx

Tina said...

The Broncos are schizophrenic at best...so I feel your pain. Our usual formula is start off strong...say 6-0. then lose all the rest. SIGH. I'm loving Orton this year, though. He's really come into his own this season.

Ms Bibi said...

I understand Mr. Sister's pain. It's like hockey in our house....lots of disappointment.

At least you and Bethany are good sports about it.


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