Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Parrot Dream

Photo Courtesy of Hideaway Farms Aviary

wasting away
imprisoned within
was he

plumage once
brilliant now dull
quite grey

how could she
have forgotten
glorious he?

morning’s light glints
off metal lock of
rusting cage

she takes note
memories rushing
guilt coursing

trembling she
attempts to make
amends awkwardly

placing wet offering
quenching parched,
aching thirst 

thinking he need
be grateful to she
this act of kindness

Instead he greedily
sucks dry, to his fill, 
and beyond

Horrified, she bears
witness to this
self imploding

this exploding,
bursting from within,
feathers flying

she was either
too late, or
not yet ready

to face fears
locked away
later realizing

what you feed
will grow beyond
all proportion

serenity found
by turning the key...
addiction set free


The above free form poem is from a recently recalled dream I had when I was in my 20's (and in the throes of an eating disorder). I dreamt of a formerly beautiful parrot, locked within a cage. I had forgotten and neglected this bird for far too long. He was terribly emaciated, molting, no food or water to be found anywhere near. I gently placed a bowl of water within its cage. The bird eagerly lapped it up, but it was too much, too soon. It didn't know when to stop and ended up destroying itself. I was horrified. 

Fast forward 25 years. One morning last week I was at the kitchen sink. Something in the backyard caught my eye. It was a parrot! A large bird with green plumage and a crimson head. It looked just like the parrot that was in my dream. Fearing that the bird was lost I went outside to see if I could catch him, but he flew away. I haven't seen him since. 

Do the two things (one a dream/one a real occurrence) have anything to do with each other? I believe so. I feel that my God is telling me that the caged bird is now free...I have nothing to fear, not even surfacing memories. I am no longer on the path to self destruction but rather I am on the right path. I am exactly where I am meant to be as I continue to "trudge the road" towards my happy destiny.


Brian Miller said...

i am glad you have found that freedom 5th...not about those dreams...smiles.

Nezzy said...

Who knows...sometime some strange things happen in real live.

I do so love the poem.

God bless and have a beautiful Christmas sweetie!!! :o)

G-Man said...

Your name is what?...POLLY!!!
Most Parrots are traditionally named what?...Polly?
The answer is simple...
You want to climb a tree in your backyard, and have some Hot Catholic Chick write a poem about you!!!

Your time is up, see you next week, that will be 50 Bucks!

Sue said...

Just wonderful, Polly...every word necessary and meaningful.


Tina said...

Nice to see such beautiful words give evidence of your continued new path. You go girl. And yes, God still speaks to us in dreams, I firmly believe that.
Tina @ Life is Good


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