Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dream Debate: An Alphabe-Thursday Post

I stood there, arguing with Evil, 
over whether my hair was thick or thin. 

(Photo courtesy of Google Images.The words are mine.
I wish I could have found a photo with Ninjas
as that is how Evil usually presents himself to me. )

That is what I dreamt last night. It was a silly debate unless, of course, one looks for the deeper meaning of the symbolism involved. So off to Google I went and pulled up interpretations from 3 different sites:

Site #1: "Hair come from our heads so in dreams it can symbolize thoughts or how you think with regards to the subject matter of the dream." Huh? The subject matter of my dream WAS hair and what I think about my hair. In essence, this site is saying that my dream means that I think I have thick hair. Well, duh! I do have thick hair. So this dream symbolism isn't really symbolism after all.

Site #2: "Hair represents sensitivity and the dreamer's thoughts." I have a little issue with this interpretation as well. So does thick hair mean heightened sensitivity? Does thin hair mean insensitivity? And why would I argue with Evil on how sensitive I am? This dreamer's thoughts are that I don't think this is the meaning of this dream at all. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. 

Site #3: "If your hair was luxuriant and you were pleased with its appearance and/or condition it is a sign of good health, progress, and contentment; but if it was thin, falling out, or worrying you in any way, it forecasts difficulties ahead." Cue Twilight Zone music. Too "out there" and too "horoscope-y" for me. This makes me think, then, that the interpreter here has a bias against bald people, is a hair bigot, AND prejudiced against the follicly challenged. Any dream analysis that proclaims any one dream symbol can broadly forecast the future is, in my opinion, bunk. Don't get me wrong, I've had dreams that have come true (where to find a missing cat, Mr. Sister's travel to Australia long before he began working for an Australian company, the death of my brother). But you cannot overgeneralize. It just doesn't work that way, at least for me.

I believe dreams to be very personal things. There are, most definitely, archetypal symbols. An example would be dreaming about a house: the levels of a house correlate with the levels of consciousness from the very deep subconsciousness (basement) to a heightened state of spirituality/self awareness (attic/penthouse/top floor). But the dreamer must determine what the dreams mean for themselves. My silly dream above is actually a recurring theme (the good vs evil part...not the hair). I am usually in some sort of battle with Evil...either a physical fight, a scholarly debate, or simply a schoolyard taunting. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, and sometimes it's a draw. 

Normally, I associate these confrontations as a metaphor to where I am at in my spiritual journey. Although, sometimes, my dreams simply provide pure comic relief for what has become a serious endeavor for the the past year and a half. 

I am glad that I dream.

I am grateful that I can remember my dreams.

I am thankful to be able to use them as guideposts as I trudge my own unique path towards becoming the woman I am meant to be. 


Jenny Matlock


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Brian Miller said...

i think the dream had something to do with what you should have for dinner...


you have hair.

Splendid Little Stars said...

You make me smile! I'm chuckling then I'm deep in philosophical thought. Is this all in fun or some mysterious deeper meaning?
I think you know exactly what the dream means to you and that's all that's important!

I've had plenty of dreams that were just a mish mash. I've also had dreams that have held deep meaning for me.

So dream on!

Tracy said...

Dreams are interestoing I dont want to interpret them but I find that they come true sometimes

anitamombanita said...

interesting. my most colorful vivid dreams always come after sushi or too much chocolate!!

Susan Anderson said...

Clearly, you are a far better dream interpreter than the sites you quoted.

My dreams teach me a lot about myself. They let me know what's going on with me on a level I don't always take time to look in on. They are reminders, and I use them.

Great post!


Steph said...

I love your post. From long ago Alphabe-Thursdays, I'm used to coming here and finding your poetry. But I really appreciate your prose ponderings as well. Your humor and insight are a delight. Some times I wish I remembered my dreams more and then there are some I wish I had forgotten. Great post!

Jenny said...

Oh Polly.

I remember some of my dreams and often they are just disturbing...even without dream sites or analysis.

I always just hear my Grandma's voice in my head saying, "A bad dream is just going to bed hungry. Eat some cereal and you won't have that problem."


Thanks for a delicious link!

You are delightful.


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