Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Week of Miracles, Birthdays, and Passings

"Mrs. Sister? This is Grace's mom, the one whose car Bethany ran into?"

"We've been expecting your call. My husband isn't home right now but let me get a pen and paper so I can take down the information."

"There'll be no need for that. There's a reason we delayed in calling you back regarding damage repairs. You see, we knew the transmission was about to give out on the car. It finally did and we decided it wasn't worth it to spend the $3200 to replace. We just now traded it in for a new vehicle. I wanted to let you know that you don't owe us a penny."

*Stunned silence*

"I don't even know how to begin to thank you. This is a true blessing. Thank you so much!"

It wasn't until after I hung up that I thought about what a true miracle this was. How many people would have done this very same thing? I don't know but I believe the chances are slim. They could have easily gone out and obtained an estimate for repairs that we would have gladly paid, keeping insurance out of it. They did not need to tell us about the transmission as that had nothing to do with the accident itself. When I relayed this phone call to Mr. Sister he was flabbergasted. But you know...anymore I am not surprised. I see it as Divine Providence at work through the "promises" of the spiritual program that I have adopted. One of the promises is "Fear of economic insecurity will leave us". When the accident 1st happened, instead of dwelling on it, I "let it go". I had to for my own peace of mind and sanity. This result is proof, for me anyways, that my spiritual program is working. 

We plan on thanking these people with a gift (to be determined)


Happy 17th Birthday sweet daughter of mine. You have grown into a lovely young lady and you have made us proud. Enjoy your gift.

You know, I am truly impressed with how quickly she has picked up playing the ukulele. The chords are completely different from the guitar, along with fewer strings. I do believe Mr. Sister and I scored with one of the best gifts ever! The only gift that would have been better would have been a car of her own.


Mr. Sister's Aunt Mary passed away yesterday. She was critically injured in a car accident 2 weeks ago. This woman, often misunderstood, was a saint. She was both an RN and physical therapist (retired). She worked tirelessly caring for her older siblings who are quite ill themselves. She was one of the strong supporters of my homeschooling efforts. She was a true example of her Catholic faith for her faith was in action every single day of her life. We are truly blessed to have had this woman in our lives. God speed, Aunt Mary.



Brian Miller said...

i am sorry for mr sisters loss...

how cool on the miracle though...what cool people....

and i love the ukelele...that is a way cool gift...happy birthday to her as well...

i can not see the video, it is listed as private so i will just close my eyes and pretend...smiles.

Gail Bigelow said...

I am sad for all your Janos family that Mary did not survive that accident. But, that woman is with our Jesus and in paradise. We are the ones who now have just memories. And a grieving process ahead of us. Much love and blessings on this loss. Mary was one of God's best creations.

Willoughby said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

The car accident story is truly amazing. About a year ago, our son's car was hit while parked in front of a friends house. The front quarter panel was smashed and the headlight was destroyed. No one saw the incident happen, but the car in the driveway across the street had a dent in the front end with my son's paint color all over it. There was no note and no attempt to contact us regarding the damage. We called the police to handle the situation. They investigated but said it couldn't be determined who was driving the car at the time they hit my son's car so there was nothing they could do. They happened to be friends of the officer investigating the case so we were stuck with over $1200 worth of damage and no apology while the driver got away with a hit and run. When you live in a small town like this, it's all about who you know.

Sue said...

Sorry about your family's loss. Aunt Mary sounds pretty neat.

So does your daughter on that ukelele, by the way.

And don't you love an honest person? I sure do.


Cheryl said...

So very sorry for your loss, Polly.

(And the balance life brings in the form of small blessings.)


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