Friday, December 2, 2011

The 5th Sister's Holiday Giveaway!

Violet Clouds
Amethyst cluster earrings
Made by the artisan "Tui" of Thailand

Just because I’m in a generous mood and desire to share my love of this very unique website, I am offering this holiday giveaway. To be eligible is simple: no hoops to jump through, no having to follow special rules or perform special stunts. All you need to do is

1.  Be or become a follower of my blog AND
2.  Make a comment that you would like to enter this giveaway
3.  Not required although it would be nice if you ”liked” me on Facebook

That is all. 
Simple and easy.
Why make it complicated?

Winner will be drawn next Friday, December 9, when my “random generators” return home from school. 

Good luck!

Oh, and are eligible to enter too! Think about that special lady in your life be it wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, mother or grandmother. 


Disclaimer: I have received NO compensation for this giveaway or for the promotion of, National Geographic, or any organization associated with them. I am offering this giveaway of my own free will. 


Brian Miller said...

yo i follow

and those would go great with my...
so put me in

Susan Anderson said...

I am a happy follower, and I LOVE those earrings. Count me in!


Joanna Jenkins said...

Yep, I'm a follower and would love to wear those beautiful earrings! Please count me in.

And stop by-- I'm having a giveaway too.

xo jj

Jackie said...

Ok I entered so make sure I win ...jj

Cheryl said...

You know I follow you around like a little puppy. Well, if not little, at least like a puppy.

Love these for my sister.

ballast photography said...

Hey--I'm a follower! And I'd love to be included--AND I already "like" you on fb :)

Thanks for doing this, Polly :)

Jenny said...

Hi. I have no idea who you are, but I just stumbled across your blog and...




Is it you?

Is it really, really you?


Just kiddin'.

You need to keep these earrings girl. You could totally rock this look.

Katie said...

I'm a follower and would love to win these beauts! Thanks for the opportunity Polly!!

SunniAngel said...

Hey Polly,
You know purple is my color right?
Following your blog and already like you
On Facebook hundreds of times over!

Those earrings would look great with my new haircut.

Thanks for always being generous and loving you!


Katie said...

I love reading your blog (faithfully through google reader) ... I so enjoy the light it is for me :)

I would love to be entered into the giveaway!

G-Man said...

They are beautiful Pollyanna...
Just like your heels...:P

S. Susan Deborah said...

Me Me. Am already your follower.

Joy always,

LoveBreezy said...

Just wanted to tell you how nice this is of you to do. I don't think I have any use for the earrings though. However, when you're giving away the Le Creuset be sure to let me know!

BECKY said...

Ooh, ooh...I am a follower and I would love to win those beautiful earrings...either for myself or my son's girlfriend. We both love purple/lilac things!

Elisabeth said...

Hi! I'm now following you!

Thanks so much for giving these away, I love purple! :)


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