Friday, December 16, 2011

Manifest Destiny: A Flash Friday 55 Post

Destiny made manifest
within darkest night
where dreams, hope, courage
often take flight

Battles with Evil-One
never ending fight
outcome doesn’t matter
victory’s in the plight

Listen carefully inward
‘neath those muffled layers
steel thyself in silence
answers within the prayer

Dreams are who we are
(w/dramatic flair)
destiny made manifest
in images I share


The conversation went like this (paraphrasing):

G-Man: Are you participating this week?
5th Sister: Depends. You have a topic for me?
G: Yes I do.
5th: And?
G: Please explain the concept of Manifest Destiny
5th: Seriously?

Now I know this wasn't what he meant but I am not a History buff but rather lean towards Science and Language Arts. This is the best I could do within the time constraint given (received my topic last night). Hope it makes sense. 


Brian Miller said...

ha. nice...your dreams to carry messages in them...i am still decoding yours though...smiles....the win is in the plight often...

izzy said...

Yup, it always comes back to dreams
and the anchor provided for humans!

Jenny said...

Well, d'oh. I always thought a Manifest was when a whole bunch of guys got together and hung out and talked and stuff.



I hate when the English language becomes so challenging!

G-Man said...

What an INSPIRED post!!!
I Loved your 55!
Much more entertaining than the theory of spreading our ideology and democratic government from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. With the first step being the monumental Louisiana Purchase.
Great Job!
If you have another brain fart next week, feel free to summon me on Facebook once again.
Thanks for playing so magnificently, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.
(Now wasn't that fun?)

Maude Lynn said...

This is really cool!


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