Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Musings: August 23, 2010

Dear Carolina Panthers,

There are only 3 games that I am able to attend this year due to my work schedule. Could you try just a little harder?  Please, for my sanity's sake?

A fanatic 5th

PS:  These may be the last games I'll be able to attend as Mr. Sister is considering selling our PSL's  (boo hoo)


Dear Matt Moore,

You are NOT all that. I remain quite unimpressed. 

A disappointed 5th


Dear Jake Delhomme,

I miss you!

Your #1 Fan 


Dear Mr. Sister,

Thank you for the wonderful early birthday gift of my new Android. However, your gift has had some unintended consequences, for you see, I have fallen in love. I couldn't help myself.  I keep "Andy" near me at all times. He is always at my beck and call. He provides me with quick and easy access to my emails, Facebook and my blog. Andy is also is so very generous with his apps, constantly piquing my interest and entertaining me.  I am so sorry you had to find out this way. 

Your "two timing" 5th


Dear Sprint,

Thank you for taking such good care of Andy when he fell ill and refused to send texts. Your prompt action to  replace my beloved was greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'll love Andy Jr. just as much, if not more, than Andy the 1st.

A grateful 5th


Dear Dreams,

Not only one apartment but two to clean this time? I know I've had plenty of practice this summer but seriously, I am one that believes sleep should be for rest. Can you give me a break?

A dream weary 5th


Today starts the week that things should be getting back to normal. Bethany starts her choir with a 4 hour retreat this afternoon and then her school begins on Wednesday. Munch begins middle school this Friday. Wow. The 1st time in 5 years that I won't be homeschooling at least one child! Unbelievable. Oh, I won't be living the life of luxury, however, as there is much that I will be doing and working on. Still, it's bittersweet, but the time to cut the apron strings is now. 


I best conclude my musings for the day. I have a meeting to attend to shortly and other things requiring my attention. Make it a happy Monday dear friends. God bless!


Susan Deborah said...

An assortment of thoughts here. Loving it!

I wish you the best for the coming week and always.

Joy always,

Cheryl said...

Good thing you did a brain-dump before heading on out. So much going on up there. Here's hoping the dream world gives you a break really soon.

Mumsy said...

I don't like cleaning, so that dream wouldn't come to me..As for "Andy", don't get too addictive to his apps.

Haven't been able to visit with too many problems going on at the moment, but I want to stop by and wish you a great week..

Nessa said...

I don't know much about baseball (I know it's football) and it took me a mo' to figure out what an Android was (the thoughts I was having) but i do know the exhaustion of dreams. I don't think I've ever had a decent night's sleep. But i sure am entertained (to the point of addiction.)

Tracy said...

I appreciate your love of our home state team, wish I could find it! My heart is still Patriot Red,White and Blue. Can't help it, spent from 11 to 17 years old watching them on Sunday in Foxborough. Hard to cut the ties! But it makes it really hard to get a chance to see them play (other than on the tube). I miss that!

Enjoy the childless time, it is preparation for Empty Nest, which I have to say isn't that bad at all really. Much less than I expected and it has its perks as well.

Anonymous said...

I play on my husband's iPhone all the time...yes, very addictive. I think I need my own!

Have a great Monday!

Pelican Joe said...

Well Hun, I pay Andy to stay around and work for you! Andy is a gigolo! All-in-all, have fun with Andy, because when I stop paying for him, he goes away! By the way, Andy is also not cheap!

Pelican Joe said...

Oh, on the Jake front, give it up! He has a new "front". The Lake-front up in Cleveland. How's a Louisiana Boy going to do with the winters in Cleveland is anybody's guess!

Weezer said...

Now THAT is the Polly I love. Good to have you back. I'm not on the football scene yet. Still rooting on the Braves.
I'm still of the MP3 thingey. Haven't even moved on to the iPod. I know, I know. I need to let go and move on.
Happy week, darlin'.

blueviolet said...

I am just barely into the world of texting, so I just upgraded from Andy's great-grandfather!

Anonymous said...

Im in the middle of replacing my beloved phone, text problems as well :(

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style

Brian Miller said...

nice. my dad is falling in love with a droid as of luck with the panthers...maybe after this week my life will find normal again...smiles.

Ms Bibi said...

My Hormone Boy is dreaming about Android. He keeps telling Mr.Misery that I need one cause that's the closest he gets to one,lol.

Tina said...

Never heard of the Android...but your relationship sounds like me and my beloved mackie jr. (iPhone. My MacBook is mackie). Happy Birthday, Polly!

AJ said...

I am wanting a "Andy" of my own... my hubby was considering it, but is worried he'll become my new obsession... he is a jealous man.

drollgirl said...

bah! your droid letter made me laugh. i recently got an iphone. you would think it was the hope diamond for how much i fondle it, caress it, and check up on it constantly. i think i am more careful with it than i would be with a small child. it is ridiculous. true love, no? :)

purple said...

I agree with you... sleep should be the time to rest and to dream about cleaning during that time is unfair. you should be dreaming that you are relaxing in paradise.

Raoulysgirl said...

I am so sorry to hear that your dreams are still plagued with maid duty!!! I hope the dust bunnies are fewer and farther between!!!

It's funny that you call your Android "Andy." We call Raouly's computer "Karen" because that's the name of Plankton's computer-wife on "Spongebob." I can relate to Mr. Sister!!! LOL!!!

Happy Monday...although it's already early Tuesday here!!! <3


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