Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Musings: August 9, 2010

Dear Dreams,

I do enough "cleaning" in real life. Can we stop with the theme already? However, the aliens trying to gun me down with sleeping powder guns was an interesting touch. 

A sleep deprived and weary 5th


Dear Seminarians,

I am hoping you are finding your week's stay at the Sister house an enjoyable and pleasant one. Thank you for the gift of your presence and prayers.  I feel God has blessed us immensely and it is a total joy having you with us.

A Grace seeking 5th


Dear Mermaid Manor,

You want my review? I warn you...I am brutally honest. On the positive side, you were a colorful, pet friendly establishment whose location was ideal (right on the beach, within walking distance from activities and restaurants, and close to the boardwalk) The minuses? Well, I didn't realize the house pet was a cockroach. Allowing smoking on the porch and ALL decks made it difficult for us to breathe as we entered and exited the house. And calling that cubby a "kitchenette" was a stretch of the imagination. But in all seriousness...we only used the place for sleeping and showering and we had a terrific time on the beach. So, yeah...thanks for putting us up. 

A sun soaked 5th


Dear Ghost Walk Tour,

Yikes! Catching "orbs" on camera at the haunted Price House in historic Wilmington? Gotta love it. (now whether I believe that they represent paranormal activity, I'll leave that up to debate.) 

A not so frightened 5th

See all the circles of light throughout this photo? Orbs.


Dear Carolina Beach,

No pets allowed? Seriously? Most dog owners are conscientious and clean up after their pets. Thank goodness Fort Fisher allowed dogs (although leashed). I was happy that Daisy got to enjoy the beach at least once during our trip.

A poop scooping 5th. 


Dear Bethany,

I am pleased you had a great time on your vacation to Seabrook Island. Sorry you got stung by the baby jellyfish though. Ouch. I must say, however, it is good to have you back home. You were missed. 

Mommy 5th


Dear Munchie Boy,

I am so sorry I broke your boogie board. The 5 foot wave caught me off guard and I flipped under water. Had I let go of the boogie board it might have had a chance. Maybe this is a sign that nearly 49 year olds need not behave like  teenagers at the beach? Nah. 

A remorseful Mama 5th


That is all I have time to muse about today. As you can see we all really had a good time on our vacations. Feel free to visit my facebook page for more photos. Thanks for dropping by! 


ballast photography said...

I'll have to dig out my boxes of family photos--I seem to remember seeing those little dots in a lot of pictures throughout the years...who knew they were obrs?! Certain events must have been more epic than I originally thought :)

The no dogs on the beach rule is a real pain for those of us who love dogs and live on the in VA we are about a month away from "dog season" September-May--when our furry friends CAN accompany us on our beach treks.

Love the photos, thanks for sharing!

Brian Miller said...

aliens with sleeping powder guns...nice. perhaps you should consider writing them as fiction...

did the orbs make any eeire moaning noises?

smiles. have a wonderful day polly...

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Cool! I always wanted to go on a ghost walk. I'm pretty skeptical, but I think it would be fun anyway. I love ghost stories.
Sorry to hear about the boogie board, better the board than you, though!

Jenny said...

An almost fun vacation. Well...except for the cockroach and the ghost part. Well, yea, and the smoking part.

But other than that, it sounds darned near perfect!

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Sounds like a busy week, and fun times, Polly..

About the sleeping gun powders, may I have some too? Just shoot it my way, won't you?

Unknown said...

I never remember my dreams. I guess that's a good thing.

Nessa said...


Unknown said...

I am LMAO b/c you broke the boogie board. OMG. Sorry, can't help myself! And tell Brittany to use ice on her jellyfish sting---those are nasty and hurt SO BAD! Poor thing.

Love all the photos, but I would've been scared stiff at that house. I'm a big ole fraidy cat!

Raoulysgirl said...

I'm sorry your accomodations weren't everything you were hoping (and more!)...but am glad that you were all able to make the best of it anyway and have a great time!!! Poor Bethany, though...and Munchie Boy, too!!! May she find sting relief...and he a new boogie board before next season!!! LOL!!!! <3


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