Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sacred Sunday: August 15, 2010

A Holy High

My family and I just had the most amazing week. It all began last Saturday when 2 seminarians showed up at our door. We had agreed to host these young men as they embarked upon the last week of their summer long journey teaching Totus Tuus *, a Catholic summer youth camp focused on the pillars of our faith.  We provided them with a place to stay and what they gave us in return was so much more.

These devout young men gave witness to us of the beauty of our faith; they gave us a glimpse of the role of the Holy Spirit in one’s spiritual life; they demonstrated the strength, commitment, sacrifice and joy that come from a life devoted to serving others as Christ did.  As we were reminded often this past week, you can NEVER “out-give” God!

One seminarian shared his faith with enthusiasm and zeal while the other was quietly contemplative.  I found it mesmerizing how our Lord calls each and every one of us into service using our own unique personalities and gifts.  

My daughter was able to volunteer with the camp held for the younger kids. She told me that this was one of the best weeks/experiences that she has ever had. That, even though the program she assisted with was aimed for a younger crowd, she was able to glean so much from these wonderful missionaries of the faith.

Because the camp started at about the same time as daily Mass, I decided to attend Mass each and every day.  In essence, counting last Sunday’s Mass…that was 6 in a row!  6 days of receiving the beautiful and precious gift of the body and blood, soul and divinity of our dear Lord Jesus! All I can tell you is that this was life altering for me and that I am truly on a “holy high”.  I pray this feeling lasts and that God’s will for me become discernible as well.  And I pray that others, too, at some point, are able to experience this incredible gift, this renewal, this sanctification of faith.

May God bless you and your families abundantly this day and always and may you forever be bathed in the light of Christ! Amen.

*Totus Tuus is Latin for Totally Yours


Susan Deborah said...

The greatest joy for a child of god is interacting with people of similar disposition. It edifies, strengthens and makes us glow. I am glad you along with your family had this lovely experience.

God bless you abundantly dear Polly.

A nice uplifting Sunday post :)

Joy and peace,

Mumsy said...

I need to bring some spirits back into my life, and your post give me that push to look and search.

I'm glad you are feeling "holy high". It must be wonderful, and love that two words Totus Tuus

Weezer said...

Oh, Polly. It's so good to hear that you are being uplifted. You have been sounding like you needed a shake, a jolt to bring you back to the real you. You sound great and the reasons are awesome. Praise God that He is able to give us what we need, when we need it, whether we know it or not. Blessed Sunday, my sweet friend. This is beautiful and the experience sounds amazing.

Willoughby said...

It's wonderful that you gained so much from hosting these young men. It sounds like it was exactly what you needed.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful post...sounds like you had an amzing week...amny times when i give i find i get so much more...

blueviolet said...

What an unexpected blessing you received this week. Wonderful!

otin said...

Sometimes strangers can bring so much good into our lives!

Raoulysgirl said...

What a wonderful time for this to come upon you and your when you were able to truly immerse yourselves and enjoy the whole experience!!! I am so happy that this was a time when you were able to "fan the flames" of your faith!!! Enjoy your high!!! <3

Ms Bibi said...

That sounds like wonderful week. You never know what lies ahead and to know that there are such a wonderful young people and families like your out there makes me think about what really matters.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy for you that your family got to experience these things. How awesome to be able to feel the Spirit in your lives every day. God's blessings on your family!!


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