Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday 160: Dream #7-Tough Job

I’m Agent 5th:
your top secret super spy

My job: dispose of
highly poisonous thumbtacks
without luxury of
disposable gloves

I dropped one
in a hospital bed



Monkey Man is host to Sunday 160: where one must write a story or poem in EXACTLY 160 characters (spaces included). Please visit his site to read other entries and complete rules.


Cheryl said...

Serious stuff going down here.

G-Man said...

Just don't step on one!!!!
And you know why...hehehehehe

Brian Miller said...

haha...hopefully not as you were about to lay down...

Heaven said... careful~

happy sunday ~

moondustwriter said...

thumbtacks have a mind of their own in my house...

Monkey Man said...

'Spose I shouldn't laugh, but I find it funny. Thanks for being part of the Sunday 160 and giving me a smile.

Jingle said...


sticky, well played 160.

gautami tripathy said...

Good one!

Here is mine:


Jenny said...

Move over Robin Cook!

Olivia said...


hugs xox


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