Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musings: July 25, 2011

Lately, I've been dreaming of elderly woman in need of some help or assistance. Last night I was carrying a particular lady, suffering from dementia, in order to keep her safe in the mechanics shop. Whenever I set her down, the ink would flow, staining the linoleum.


Dear Bonus Room,

Thank you for complying to my wishes. I am pleased with my private space and hope to finally get serious about my writing and my art.

A grateful 5th


Dear Heat and Humidity,

I have training to do if I'm ever going to be ready for the Primal Challenge in September. You are hindering my efforts and I'm politely asking you to leave now. So long. Bye bye. Adios.

A wilted 5th


I have discovered that the key to unlocking the door to serenity is acceptance. I can accept people and situations for what they are. I have no control over them. What I do have control over is the way in which I respond. Those doormat days are over. And I am stronger because of that.


I have also discovered that, in a pinch, I can cut hair to buy some time until I can get Munchie Boy to the barber. Poor shaggy boy...he couldn't see because his hair was blocking his vision. He couldn't hear because his hair covered his ears.


Dear Harry, Hermione, Ron, et all,

Thank you for the hours of entertainment you brought to my family. The books and the movies were an absolute delight. The classic tale of Good vs. Evil with good triumphing is a welcome escape from the reality of the ugliness, wickedness, corruption, and perversity that can be found in many corners of today's world.

Your muggle friend,

A non-magical 5th


Dear Daisy,

Come on. The morning walk wasn't THAT bad. I pushed your limits. You'll thank me for that later.

Your mama 5th


Oh dear, look at the time. I'm getting off to a very late start today. Gotta go as it is a typical Monday filled with appointments and many chores. Have a terrific week one and all!


blueviolet said...

I think a lot of people are very sad that the Harry Potter series has come to an end. :(

I'm so happy for you with your own special space for writing or whatever you'd like to do!

Brian Miller said...

ha i should have thought of the excuse that the shaggy hair kept me from hearing my mother, though it might have had a similar result.

good job on the door to serenity.

Willoughby said...

I completely agree with your view on serenity. It's similar to my secret of life (I'll have to share that with you one of these days).

I love Munchie's hair cut, it's really cool! You are quite the barber!

Not sure if anyone else is having a problem viewing the last paragraph of your blog, but I can't read any of the Harry Potter paragraph, the letters have run together and are all jumbled.

Raoulysgirl said...

I have the same problem as Su! I don't know what could be causing it, though!!!

I'm trying to apply your view on serenity more often. It's a struggle, I'll admit. I am, however, trying. We'll leave it at that!!!


J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

I wish I could be serene but this heat makes me very prickly and cranky.

Cheryl said...

I love your Monday Musings. The poor child who couldn't hear through his hair? Brilliant.

Something for your meditations:

"I have lived on the lip of insanity. Wanting to know reasons. Knocking on a door, it opens. I have been knocking from the inside!" Rumi

Tina said...

Hello dear Polly! I'll be pondering your serenity comments as I sit here very hurt and disappointed by a (not anymore I guess) long-time friend.
Tina @ Life is Good


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