Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've Been a Very Busy Woman...

...these past few days designing my own office/studio space. After speaking with Mr. Sister it was decided that I will take over half the bonus room. Up until now, this room had been our catch all room. Munchie Boy's computer is there, my sewing table, a futon for overnight guests, a TV center, along with a gym of sorts to include a treadmill, free weights, and a "total body" system. It was also where I home schooled the kids for several years. So carving out a unique, personal space was difficult at best.

The first thing I did was to move Munch's computer desk perpendicular to the wall in order to segregate his space and the gym area from the rest of the room. Both the treadmill and the home gym fold up for easy storage. There is plenty of storage space for the free weights in the nooks created by the dormer windows.


I then rearranged other furniture in so many different variations until I achieved a workable space. After which I had the best time digging through my treasures to give the room personality and a cozy feel. Let me share with you the result of this undertaking.

First, we shall walk past Master Munch and turn the corner into the entryway of the new space.

See the dresser? I purchased it at a Habitat for Humanity auction. The dresser is from the "Empire" era of the mid 1800's. It is solid mahogany. I spent next to nothing on it and am using it to store my fabrics and art supplies. 

The sunflower pillow on the rocking chair is called "Poet's Song" and is a gift from 4th Sister. The pottery is my own piece when I was into my "clay phase". And I took an antique frog and added some silk flowers I found when I was cleaning out a closet. 

This next photo is of my office/computer/writing corner. I put up art work that makes me happy. The banner is another gift from 4th Sister and is titled "Raven's Song". I adore the sunflowers and the ravens remind me of a particularly poignant dream I had this past spring. 

Moving along the wall you will find my sewing table and the entertainment center. I used another antique frog to hold the Gerbera daisies in place within the pretty blue vase. 

Looking back at Munchie's computer station, I notice that I need to add fabric panels, to the back of his computer desk, for more privacy. Hi Munch...I see you peeking at me!

This is the fabric I plan to use, thanks to the generous donation from 2nd Sister.

I still have lots of work left to do. Eventually I'd like to paint the walls from a "builder's white" to a soft sage, buttery yellow, or toasty brown. 

It feels good to finally have a space of my own. I am tired, sore, and bruised. I think I shall now soak in some epsom salts and call it a night. 

I hope that this new space will give me the boost I need to get back into my writing and art. 

Good night!


mrs. c said...

Sometimes when we have our own little space we are able to accomplish so much more. I like how you organized your area and my very favorite is the dresser! Congratulations on your lovely "nook"!

Brian Miller said...

nice. you have been busy...i hope it is just the thing...

Cheryl said...

This looks like a wonderful place to get your mojo amped up. I love your color choices. Have fun painting (UGH).

BECKY said...

Oh, it's lovely!

Tina said...

Hey Polly!
I so enjoyed reading about your plans and seeing your new creative space. Space is something I've been struggling with lately....I have too much clutter and ideas and not nearly enough space. Sigh.

Jenny said...

I love it! Surrounded by beauty and cool stuff! You are lucky (AND loved!)


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