Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Musings: June 27, 2010

Dear Sanity,

I kindly look forward to your return. You've been missed.

A crazed 5th


Dear Pizza Man,

Awesome job....outstanding crust, spicy sauce, superb toppings. Too bad there aren't any leftovers.

A stuffed 5th


Dear Heat Wave,

You can go now. Anytime. Thanks and bye bye!

A sweltering 5th


And now....notes to my garden:

Dear Cucumber,

What am I going to do with all your produce? I guess it's going to be cucumber week in the Sister house. Let's see: cucumber salad, tzatziki sauce, and maybe the "fried cucumber" recipe I found on All Recipes. Hmmmm.

An astonished 5th


Dear Zucchini,

I am terribly sorry you are ailing. I do not know what I did or how to save you. I do appreciate the two, teeny tiny zucchini you were able to produce before you became ill. I will do my best to nurse you back to health but I am afraid that your condition may be terminal.

A sorrowful 5th


Dear Cayenne,

Yikes! You are quite the spicy number aren't you? Mr. Sister only used 2 of you in his pizza sauce and let me just say: Bring on the heat!

A fired up 5th


Dear Green Peppers,

Looking good. Just waiting for you to grow a bit more before I pluck you!

A salivating 5th


Dear Tomatoes,

Ah...nice and plump...just need a little more ripening and then you can join your pal cucumber in a tasty Sister salad! Can hardly wait!

A patient 5th


Dear Weeds,

Go away. You are not welcome around here. I'd much rather tend to my veggies than deal with the likes of you!

An angered 5th


Dear Fresh Herbs,

You know I love you. Shhhh. Don't tell the produce but you are my absolute favorite part of the Sister garden! You make everything so fresh and tasty! And now that I know how to "flash dry"*(see below) you, you will play an even bigger role in meal prep! 

Oh pretty basil, sage, rosemary, oregano, chives and thyme! So savory and seductive!

An adoring 5th


*Dear Blog friends,

Here is how I "flash dried" my herbs this weekend: 
Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees. 
Spread herbs out onto a shallow cookie sheet. 
Bake for approximately 10 minutes. 
Remove from oven and allow to cool. 
Now you can crush and place in a sealed jar or baggie for later use. 
How easy is that?

A helpful 5th 


Bye friends! Hope your day is grand and a great start to your week. Happy Monday!


banshezmom said...

Thanks for the flash dry instructions! It's about time I subdued my dill. Have a great day Polly, and I too, hope the heat/humidity go away soon!

Julie Schuler said...

I miss my garden this year! I'm glad I didn't plant one, though, all things considered. I may start a little windowsill herb garden, though. The herbs look yummy.

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Thank you for the flash drying tip! I will use this one, for sure. ironically, I blogged about my herb garden today, as well...great minds, doncha' know :)

I think, at least in VA, that today is the grand finale of the heat wave. I just about lost my spearmint yesterday and had a close call with a hanging basket...

Kathleen said...

When you hear from Sanity, please have her(?), him(?) swing by my house too!

Brian Miller said...

nice peppers...i like it spicy...err...hope the sanity shows up...and you have quite the wonderful garden there...

Tracie said...

It's HOT here, too. So jealous of your garden. We tried container gardening last year and it was a FAIL. I'd like to try raised beds next year.

Anonymous said...

yup, we're having a hot summer here, too! Lots of time at the pool!!

Erin said...

my basil and rosemary are flourishing, but my sage is not. can't figure out what is wrong....

your garden is amazing!!!!

Jenny said...

Super cute post! Thanks for the tip on flash drying. I'm going to try that with my sage, thyme and oregano. Happy Monday!

Pelican Joe said...

Sanity is never questioned by the insane... I know that I never question mine!

Tina said...

Oh, I'm so excited to try flash drying! No more herbs lying about for days...! Perhaps if I talk to my garden, maybe it will hurry up? I'm so anxious, but here in CO we can't safely plant outside until the very end of May. We get a lot of cukes too. Have you tried making a cucumber salsa? Delish. Just add whatever veggies strike your fancy to tiny-diced cucumber, some fresh, ground pepper, a squirt of lemon juice, and if you like it, balsamic vinegar. Jake doesn't care for it, so I only add it to part of the batch.

Anonymous said...

your garden looks amazing! Fried cucumber, that sounds interesting....and did I see a green tomato? those fried are from heaven ;)

Ms Bibi said...

Just a little jealous of your garden.

I just noticed one little tiny pepper on my plant and I was so excited till I saw your garden.

Let me know how the fried cuke turns out.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Polly!

Welcome to my humble blog and thanks for your comment on my durian post earlier! Yeah, I guess many ppl got turned off by its odor, although it smells heavenly to us Malaysians :P

And you were right, it is an acquired taste, if you can somehow stomach the smell (probably you've gotta clip your nose shut or something) and tried one, I think you'll love it! :D

And I'm so happy to read that you like my watermark stamp! :D

( I'm a full-time mummy )

Betty said...

That is a really nice garden.
The photos of veggies are so cool!

~B xx

Joann said...

very cute!!
would love to try your tzatziki!!

AJ said...

Fancy garden my dear! You look like an accomplished gardener!

The herbs look delectable.. I am so tempted to try my hand at growing some! They smell soooo good! :)

blueviolet said...

I didn't know that about flash drying. That's helpful, for sure. Your garden is really putting out this year!!!

Weezer said...

I love the idea of a garden! Maybe I'll give that a try with some of my space next year! But I figure if we didn't have any luck with just tomatoes, well, .....
I'm jealous.
Fried cucumbers are wonderful. A little breading....and poof!
And fried green tomatoes...yum!

Tracy said...

can you come grow me a garden? I have a black thumb.

Mumsy said...

I love your vegetables. You must have very good soil, and I freeze my herbs too.


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