Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Tuesday and I Am Back!

I am now officially back.
I had a very meaningful trip back home.
The flight was uneventful except for a minor storm delay in Dallas on my return home.
My rental car was kind of cute but not really suited for the Kansas winds.

I got to spend time with mom.

Virgil was in rare form.

I met Mom's pig, hog, dog, Penny.

I spent time with Dad as well.

The sisters and I used this opportunity for a rare weekend get together.

Oh, and I got to meet my blog friend Erin, from The Mother Load! There she is, on the left. She calls herself Amazon Woman but in reality, everyone is tall when standing next to me! And I was wearing heels!

As you can see she is a real beauty. She is terribly sweet as well. She took the afternoon off to cart me around town. Funny story that is. Let's see, 2 navigation systems and a "mapquest" and we still managed to get "lost". Here. take a look.

All being said and done, it is good to be back.


Brian Miller said...

welcome back.
so a good trip eh? your fam looks nice...and getting lost, thats just a reason for adventure.

Tracy said...

okay, I must say, I thought my dogs were big! that is a real porker!

L.B. said...

I'm so happy that you had the chance to spend time back home, and that you got to see your family. That's a real blessing. I take it for granted sometimes to have my parents and two brothers within 10 miles, and the other brother within 30. But I am blessed to have such a strong family unit and all nearby, and my wife's family is the same, all nearby.

And what a treat to meet a fellow blogger!

Anyway, glad to have you back in the blogosphere.

MJ said...

Goodness Gracious Polly, how tall are you!!!???

Glad you had an uneventful trip back home & that you had a chance to reconnect with the family.

xo MJ

Bossy Betty said...

Welcome back.

I am originally from Kansas. I am the fifth sister.

Cool, huh?

Tracie said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good trip!

the domestic mama said...

welcome back!

Steven Anthony said...

what a wonderful trip and awesome looking family :) glad you had a nice time

Julie Schuler said...

Really?! That's a dog!
Welcome home!

Midday Escapades said...

Yay! Welcome back and so glad to hear about your great trip. Enjoyed seeing all the pics, too.


blueviolet said...

Welcome home!!! I'm so glad you had a great time and that you had a chance to meet Erin!

AJ said...

Looks like a loverly trip! Hope you had a relaxing time!

Welcome home!

Erin said...

omg! that video clip---it's a wonder I didn't get in an accident and wreck my car. lol!

love the photos of you w/ your family and am so glad I got to meet you!!!!
when are you coming back?!?!

Jenn Erickson said...

Polly, sounds like a great trip! The rental car may not have been practical, but boy was it cute! That's so neat that you got to meet Erin too! Thanks so much for coming by Rook No. 17 today! I'm so glad we're still in touch. Always a fan, Jenn

Ms Bibi said...

Welcome back. It's so great you had to visit with your parents and your siblings.Bonus for meeting Erin.

Your mom and your sisters sure look like you.

Raoulysgirl said...

I'm glad you made it home safely and that you enjoyed your trip!

One of the things that I hated about living in KC was that I was ALWAYS getting lost! There's a funny story about that...I'll have to tell you about it one day when it won't make a novel in your comment section!

It's great that you and Erin got to meet! I only wish that I still lived close enough to have met with you guys! I'm sure it was a blast!!!

(Oh, and I had to do a double take on the pic of your mom's dog...at first, it really DOES look like a pig!)

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

What a great trip!
I have yet to meet any of my bloggy friends yet in real life. I am glad you and Erin had the chance to get together :)

Kathleen said...

Oh, I pray you had a blessed time and possibly some healing moments with your mom!

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