Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Musings: June 14, 2010

Dear Weekend,

Could you have been any more hectic?

Still recovering,
A frazzled 5th


Dear Swim Meet Host Facility,

As always, you picked the hottest weekend of the year to host this annual outdoor meet. I am surprised we didn't melt away into unrecognizable puddles!  Oh and thanks for allowing us to set up our tent! Don't know what we would have done if we didn't have shade!

A sweaty and dehydrated 5th


Dear Coaches and Officials,

Please watch more closely the swimmers at the start of the individual heats...especially for swimmers who are out of place and take over heats/lanes that don't belong to them. Unfortunately, because this happened my Munch, who was ready to swim his heat, had to swim in a later heat with swimmers who were more experienced and quite a bit faster than him all because a misinformed swimmer insisted it was his event. Kind of discouraging to a kid, even though he improved his time, to finish in the back of the pack.

Keeping a close watch,
A concerned 5th


Dear Munchie Boy,

We are very proud of your results at this 2 day meet. Despite one disqualified heat (his goggles fell off causing an illegal stroke as he tried to adjust them) you were able to improve your time in every single event! I am most proud of the 20 seconds you shaved off of your 100 meter backstroke. Way to go!

Sleep in this deserve it!

With love,
Mama 5th


Dear Bethany,

You may drive this week. I am tired of  being on the road over 6 hours to and from the Hickory swim meet. Yeah, I thought you'd appreciate this!

What am I thinking?
A travel weary 5th


Dear Cast and Crew of Wicked,

Bravo! It was a wonderful performance! We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Standing O!

In defiance of gravity,
A captivated 5th


Dear Mother Nature,

You can stop with the hot and steamy any time now. Seriously. Don't you think a nice little cool front is called for? Please? Well, at least think about it.

With the utmost respect,
An overheated 5th


I am off to slay the laundry beast...have a wonderful Monday my friends!


Nessa said...

Congratulations Munchie Boy. You did great.

Julie Schuler said...

Yay! for your son. Until you mentioned it, I almost forgot it was Monday! Yikes, I miss school already.

Michelle said...

Congrats to your munchie boy! I plan to start Sarah and Dani in swim team next summer. I swam growing much fun and very good for my developing work ethic and a good outlet for my competitive nature.

You are overheated and we are soggy and wet here in the midwest!

Happy Monday!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

So...the sun isn't concentrating all of its withering rays on Virginia alone...good to know.

Glad you (and Munchie!) survived the swim meet!

Kathleen said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy weekend! But way to go Munchie Boy!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you were mondo busy but got some fun in...wicked sounds cool...and congrats to munchie boy!

Lee said...

Congrats on the swim meet! My daughter says she wants to do swim team. Keep your fingers crossed that this will be a follow through instead of a follow not!

Tortuga said...

If you somehow manage to get MN to knock off the hot n steamy, please send her my way. I am tired of this garbage!

Tina said...

Congrats to munchie boy! I'm sending some of our rain your way. It's barely stopped since we got back.

Steven Anthony said...

sounds like the hectic weekend was going around ;)

Life Laugh Latte said...

I can't even imagine swim meets in other states. The couple of summers we did it here in Northern California almost killed me. I think it is a form of torture to demand parents sweat to death while watching their kids swim! Would it be too much to allow parents to dive in every couple of heats? On the family 10 year old son was baptized on Sunday. A record 92 degrees which just doesn't happen a lot here in CA. A proud and tearful day for all of us. Knew you would be able to relate to those cheerished feelings. What a moment as he proudly professed his faith in Christ in front of dozens of people. Great to check in. Holly:)

mrs. c said...

Congats to our budding swimmer! Glad you didn't melt, I would miss your post! I was Wicked the first year on Broadway, know every line of every song....hubby is so tired of hearing "Popular"!

Mumsy said...

I will trade the heat with you! We had so much rain and chilly weather even it's in the mid of June already..

Miss your Monday musings, and hope things will get back to somewhat less hectic to visit you more..

Raoulysgirl said...

Way to go, Munchie Boy!!!

Way to go, Bethany...although this one makes me nervous for some reason!!!

Now...does Mama 5th get some rest time? I hope so!!!


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